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Mobile Meeting Minutes: 2012-01-25

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  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room


  • String freeze: 2012-01-17 (Aurora)
    • Missed! We still have several patches that need to land on m-c and/or m-a
    • Need a bug list of what needs string changes
    • add ‘late-l10n’ keyword to bugs that need strings.
  • Next merge: 2012-01-31
    • This will put Native on Beta
    • We will be discussing whether Native is ready for Beta during this week

Major Topics for This Week

  • Crashes are still too high
  • UI Responsiveness got worse (and is getting better)


Native Front-end

Android Platform

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to 120 seconds!

James W. (snorp)


  • Last week
    • fixed bug 703347 (void beneath the web needs background)
    • fixed bug 713780 (performance regression from JSONStringer)
    • fixed bug 717085 (bad viewport on background tabs during session restore)
    • fixed bug 716863 (can end up in overscroll after panning a subdocument)
    • fixed bug 719954 (testBookmark hangs and also doesn’t actually test bookmarks)
    • fixed bug 718961 (regression in visited history link coloring)
    • patch pending review for bug 712065 (SVG pages were cropped)
    • worked on bug 720144 (pan/zoom tests) – got a little stuck trying to get a bitmap of what’s displayed on-screen but have some possible options i’m trying
  • Next week
    • keep working on more bugs
  • Blockers
    • none right now


Last week:

Next week:

  • Finish bug 696095.
  • Bug 705192 – cannot execute xpcshell via SUT agent
  • Bug 716948 – LinkedIn buttons are blank when viewing invitation


Last week

  • bug 711648 – Pre-commit underline is not shown for the composing text
    • Finished composition events fixes
    • Pushed the patch
  • bug 712972 – Can’t type into awesome bar
    • Discussed the bug with Madhava, confirmed the workaround and pushed the patch
    • Filed a follow-up bug 719527 – Enable input suggestions for the AwesomeBar when it’s in Search mode
  • IndexOutOfBoundsException in SpannableStringBuilder.getChars() – bugs 717932, 720085, 720092.
    • Started looking at the crashes – could not reproduce yet, trying to add more checks for range boundaries
  • bug 708280 – delay checking for update
    • Investigated possible solutions
    • Implemented a fix

This week

  • Work on the assigned bugs

Chris Lord (cwiiis)

  • Last week:
    • bug 717283 – On-demand tile usage
    • bug 718388 – Use viewport ‘prediction’ to reduce checkerboarding
    • Reviews
  • This week:
    • Finally landed bug 717283
    • Fixed bug 720663 – devicemanagerADB pushDir fallback doesn’t always work
    • Looking at bug 717349 – Telemetry to measure checkerboarding
    • Looking at reducing resolution based on checkerboarding (depends on above)
    • Hopefully help with bug 716581 (Investigate tile-by-tile rendering to reduce checkerboarding)
    • More reviews

Chris Peterson

  • Last Week
    • DONE bug 714874 – Fixed Java warnings for Fennec and Sync
    • Investigating non-Java compositor path
    • Continuing Socorro and ProGuard investigation
  • This Week
    • DONE bug 701002 – Fixed Fennec crash reporting for Socorro
    • DONE bug 709170 – Don’t build Java debug when we don’t have to. Shrinks apk by a whole *50KB*! 😉
    • SOLVED bug 715298 – Fennec Java builds succeed on “linux-ix-slave” builders, but fail on “try-linux-slave” builders
      • bug 709230 – Preparing ProGuard optimizer patches for review
  • Blockers
    • None.


  • Last week:
    • bug 702217 OOM crash in nsUrlClassifierStore::ReadPrefixes or nsUrlClassifierPrefixSet::SetPrefixes is fixed but begot:
      • bug 719531 FallibleTArray can cause OOM aborts
      • bug 716638 mozalloc_handle_oom should propogate the failed allocation size into crash reports
      • bug 720444 Add more available memory reporting to crash reports
    • bug 713228 SQLiteDatabaseCorruptException: database disk image is malformed: PRAGMA synchronous=1;
    • bug 719125 Profile Migration does not preserve frequency count.
    • bug 713283 Profile migration takes forever
    • bug 710331 UX for bookmarks and history import
    • bug 720461 Crash in profile migration NumberFormatException [@ PlacesTask.migrateHistory]
  • This week:
    • bug 673470 Replace the sqlite safeb store with a flat file (m-c landing)
    • bug 715550 Migration of Sync settings from XUL Fennec
  • Blockers:
    • Potentially dependencies between bugs for m-c -> m-a (see patch queue)

Brian N

  • Done
    • bug 716906 – Add “Firefox Sync” item to settings
    • bug 701092 – Limit session restore attempts
    • bug 719662 – Use nsIPrefLocalizedString for getComplexValue
    • bug 715225 – Clean up menu contents
    • Investigated bug 716681 – Tabs are being duplicated when going back into Fennec
  • Next
    • bug 719900 – Remove blank favicon images from awesomebar lists
    • bug 710845 – Search engine disabled in Add-ons Manager still appears in Awesome Screen search results
    • bug 717428 – Reuse favicons in DB


  • Last Week
    • Vacation – slurping coffee – 4 times a day 😀
  • This Week
    • Completed restricting height of tabs menu
    • Working on autocomplete popup list related bugs
    • WIP on URL bar with a tail – waiting for newer resources from Ian
      • This fixes a lot of polish bugs on URL bar
  • Blockers
    • Newer set of resources from Ian to complete URL bar


Last week:

  • Landed touch events! Disabled touch events! A few issues left to sort out
    • bug 721079 – preventDefault on touchmove isn’t handled quickly enough
    • bug 721076 – ACTION_UP (Android event) issues
    • bug 721080 – Make pages release panning
  • Password Sync
    • bug 704682 – Password provider – has r+
    • bug 718817 – Deleted passwords database – waiting for r
  • A slew of other bugs, mostly dealing with select elements

This week:

  • bug 718760 – Java crypto. Had some meetings about a range of options. Hope to have a patch up soon.


Last week

  • Invite users to setup sync on about:home
  • Frequent crash on local DB
  • Version and icons on addons in about:home
  • Organizing focused effort to fix UX for tabs and startup

Next week

  • More P1/P2 bugs
  • Startup-related bugs
  • Start preparing FOSDEM talk about Firefox Mobile


  • None



  • bug 718296 – Can’t navigate to host without a .tld
  • bug 719795 – Crash when GeckoSmsManager.init is called more than once
  • bug 717283 – Fix Android build bustage
  • bug 719271 – Site-specific zoom level shouldn’t apply to media documents
  • Ported Full Screen add-on to native Fennec, found some problems (bug 719557).
  • Interviewed an Android developer for BrowserID position.


  • bug 715179 – Custom UI for font inflation prefs. (Not for Aurora?)
  • Bug fixing and UI polish.




  • Continue looking into UI responsiveness pain points
  • More random bugs

Scott (jwir3)


  • triage, reviews, meetings
  • built an AOSP image for panda boards and got tests running on it
  • broke up screenshots to make them not block the message loop
  • made screenshots cancelable


  • Triaging, patch review, mentoring…
  • Investigating topcrash crashes.



  • Gave a “Firefox Mobile: After the Reboot” preso at Mozilla Vision (Tokyo)
  • Made a “Firefox Mobile: After the Reboot” blog post as well
  • Did some digging into TouchBadMemory crash to help split out issues
  • Reviews


  • Reviews
  • More work on add-ons options (bug 696533)
  • Work on planning for Beta


Things it would be great to have done for beta:

  • Experience of startup / page load
    • Cut down the amount of checkerboarding – bug 716581
    • Handful of startup weirdness bugs: tracked in bug 721008
  • Fix the p1/p2 font inflation bugs — we want this to be as right as possible for beta; bug 706193, bug 706198
  • Get frecency / top sites as right as we can: bug 704977
  • Get the in-browser Sync UI pieces in, so people can find and set up sync
    • bug 708414, bug 716906 – looks like they’re in!
  • Get the tab menu not covering the whole screen — may seem minor, but I want people to get the right idea of how it works as of beta – bug 712526
  • Some thumbnail tweaks around differences in tab menu / start page, scaling where we shouldn’t be (bug #)
  • UI responsiveness (opening a tab; aweseomescreen top sites list coming in; settings screen entries becoming enabled)

Ian Barlow

Last Week

  • Kicked off designs for tablet UI refresh

This Week

  • Startup UX
  • Visual consistency throughout the app
    • Thumbnail size / style: Bug 721032
  • Continuing tablet visual design exploration, with a focus on
    • Start Page
    • Awesomebar interaction
    • Sign in to browser

Patryk Adamczyk

Last Week
+ Working on Bug Fixing

This Week
+ Working with Sriram on UI Polish bugs.
+ Compiling Firefox 12 design spec.

Round Table

  • End game! Go review your bugs. If you don’t think you can fix in the next month (don’t under estimate), talk to someone. P1/P2 only. If you aren’t working on one, please talk to someone. We need to load balance.

Android 2.1 crashers

  • bug 705874 – xperia x10 (QA has one in MV)
  • bug 720712 – Samsung SCH-i400 (Continuum) (deviceanywhere)
  • bug 699301 – Huawei Ideos S7 (QA has one in MV) blassy had mentioned filesystem issue?


  • Documentation sprint to update all mobile articles for FF11–need to complete article updates in three weeks to support NativeUI release in six weeks, (localizers ideally need three weeks to translate).
  • Firefox mobile meetup in SF next Wednesday evening

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