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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2008-10-28

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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who’s taking minutes? –> Standard8
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.

Calls For Help

  • davida would appreciate assistance on the autoconfiguration branch. (The awesome create-a-new-account screen where you just enter your e-mail address and it figures out most/all of the details for you.) One particular area that could use assistance is handling certificates in the connection detection logic.

Action Items



  • dmose: drive JS-in-mail discussion
  • davida: will escalate issue of separate messaging crash-stats server
    • Crash-stats is looking reasonable at the moment. Do we still want to do this?
  • davida: needs to identify the major work items for thunderbird 3 and break them down by the beta/release they will be in.
  • From the Alpha 3 post-mortem (individuals should take your own items and go through them):
    • sipaq: Document details on what should happen before, during and after the string freeze, and the effects on developers at the relevant times.
    • wsmwk: Put up tracking bug for issues from releases during litmus tests.
    • wsmwk: Need to define what tests (e.g. smoketests/basic functional/unit tests etc) should go where and where they are filed.
    • standard8: Generate some gristmill example scripts, and encourage others to use gristmill and file bugs to help improve it.
    • tb-drivers: Go through current MailNews/TB relnote bugs and work out what is really necessary.


  • bienvenu: Pick an intermediate milestone for landing most of the big items. Thunderbird:Thunderbird_3.0b1
  • davida: Major items for beta 1 to be nailed down asap
  • standard8: Send mail to release-drivers, do we need some overall cleanup of relnote bugs?
    • Response from release-drivers is that relnote is pretty much an author set flag, and therefore is used as a guide.
    • The thought is that we do the same for now as well. See how it goes through betas.

Thunderbird 3 Beta 1

  • bienvenu is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Proposed String freeze date: 2008-11-13
  • Code Freeze date: 2008-11-18
  • davida will identify the must-absolutely-have items for beta 1 (part of the new action item planning what must happen by when)
    • Proposed intermediate target (to prevent everything either landing at the end or missing) for major items: Friday, October 31
      • Gloda
        • Definitely land with the pref turning it off for Friday
        • dmose progressing reviews.
      • AutoConfig
        • Definitely land as an additional menu item, not yet replacing account wizard
        • depends on how much time bienvenu has as to if this will make it or not.
      • Kill-RDF
        • SeaMonkey note: need to land ASAP as it may cause problems
        • Currently going through reviews. May or may not make it by the date.
      • Cross-folder views
        • Currently going through reviews, should make it.
  • pre-release testday(s)
    • purpose: solidify functionality & stability for big features/changes
    • testday 1 – pre-freeze – if wanted on Friday Nov 7, and want publicity via about:mozilla, then need good info by Oct 30
    • testday 2 wanted during bake time / post-freeze, but before release candidate is available? For example ~ Nov 20 (code freeze target is Nov 18). (And might help draw draw more people to QA b1.)

Thunderbird 3

  • Draft Thunderbird:Thunderbird3:DevRoadmap identifies major work items on the plate for Tb3 — much of it needs scheduling, owning, breakdown.
    • folks interested in helping with front-end stuff, some simple, should ask in #maildev

QA Updates


  • IMAP fake server has now landed.
    • All major protocols now covered to some extent.
    • If you have problems with the fake server support structure, or unit test support structure, please speak to Standard8 or jcranmer.
  • Philosophy on fixing crashes.
    • If you can reproduce them, then try to fix the actual problem.
    • If you can’t reproduce it and/or see what the error is, then worst case, add an assertion and do the appropriate check to fix it. The assertion can then be picked up later.
    • Crashes will be looked at more later, typically closer to release time, to minimise as far as possible.
    • Firefox has a wiki page tracking crashes and their bugs (crash-stats can’t currently do that).

Status Updates


  • attended FSOSS conference; spoke about Thunderbird community with David Eaves
  • wrote collapsed message header patch
  • started bootstrapping a new addressbook provider
  • reviews
  • message view strategy session with clarkbw
  • website design review meeting
  • ab UUID arch brainstorming/discussion



  • Reviews
  • Password Manager – started work on the backend again (bug 433316)
    • Got some code in place to try and obtain passwords from toolkit password manager before prompting. This fixed some of the unit tests when building with toolkit password manager.
    • Came across and fixed bug bug 461341 – when toolkit password manager migrates usernames it needs to unescape them.
    • Wallet password details haven’t been kept up to date with username/hostname changes – discussions in bug 433316 on how to fix this.
    • bug 461029 POP protocol will now PR_LOG errors it also displays to the user.
    • Noticed than nsMsgMailNewsURL was the only use nsUrlListenerManager and that in turn was effectively an nsTObserverArray – replaced the appropriate code bug 461946
      • Then noticed possible (small?) perf improvement and filed bug 461951
  • Performance
    • More work on bloat tests to try and stabilise Mac box.
  • More work on bug 326809 modernize nsIMsgHeaderParser

  • gloda re-factoring debugged and happy with exptoolbar!
  • exptoolbar brought up to speed!
  • many mozStorage related things dealt with. those should land soon and then nothing will block us from landing gloda apart from dmose’s many thousand action items. I do kid, but I still need to do a pass on what got mooted by my refactoring and try and close out as many as possible, etc.
  • tags!
    • tag notifications…
    • tag searching for exptoolbar!
  • other features!
  • libmime/mimemsg changed up to properly grok body parts and be able to produce just the plain or HTML parts
  • in-progress body understanding code for simple quoting analysis and bugzilla body analysis. the exptoolbar search view is useless for bugmail without this, and arguably not so hot even with normal messages without this.
  • then review close-out stuff, I swear

I am going to be in sunnier Orlando next week. Internet will likely be via internet cafe, probably during east coast business hours.

  • Reviews and Driving
  • Cross-folder threading/grouping going through review process. Some preparatory work has landed. bug 379806
  • Made SeaMonkey work in kill-rdf repository. Some preparatory changes have landed; In review process for others bug 414038
  • Working on getting autoconfig repo in shape to land.
  • Fixed problem where saving message was leaving the dest file locked bug 461256
  • Fixed toggling imap message read state in cross-folder saved search, bug 461584
  • Landed fix for bug 455966 – IMAP threadsafety assertions when retrying url.
  • Building and running Lightning with Google calendar – tracking major usability bugs I find.

  • bug 457452: Leaking on shutdown problem: landed.
  • bug 456839: Started to experiment.
  • bug 383489: Work in progress, expected to land a patch sometime this week, or early next week latest.
  • bug 257942: A demo showing auto-sync and activity manager in action has submitted last Sunday. Activity grouping by context has been implemented. Starting to work on error handling.
    • will note the about the APIs on mda.thunderbird to get feedback.

  • Web
    • SpreadThunderbird
      • More setup work for
      • Work completed from my POV, it’s in the hands of the designers for now
  • Build
    • Leak testing looking better, got Linux, OS X & Win32 builders up on MozillaTest
      • Ready to move them to the Thunderbird tinderbox tree? (osx still flapping)
      • Graph Server support is possible, bug 61041
    • still breaking from time to time (like just now)
      • is feasible (tested)
        • HgPollers would need some work
    • Sunbird/Calendar
      • Tinderbox is all green, but low on disk space bug 461337
      • l10n repacks are hapenning, except for OS X bug 459402
      • Nightlies should be updating themselves, but don’t seem to be (ause just fixed it)
  • Systems
    • Mozilla Messaging top-level svn area on
      • Will be moving the corporate site content over there soon, you’ll have to svn switch your checkouts


  • bugday
  • triage – focused on crashers
  • AI – need to remove NS 4.x import/migrate from litmus
  • obtained second volunteer to work outlook import bugs


  • Have final builds of Eudora 8 beta 4/Penelope 0.5 alpha 1, awaiting final testing
    • Made mailbox font pref changing live
    • Changed it so that we display the Eudora version in Mac Info rather than the Thunderbird version
    • Some reconfiguration to get Eudora version from branding version.txt file
    • .DS_Store file changes for the Mac dmg to get the background image to show up on all machines
    • Fixed a problem where the 2-pane Mailboxes window wasn’t fully initializing
    • Fixed a number of Eudora branding issues
    • Improved the About Eudora dialog box a little making it more like Thunderbird’s, which contains the copyright and user agent string (which is good because it shows the Thunderbird version)
  • Select first filter patch submitted and awaiting review: bug 461252


  • Bayesian filters: bug 453885 the second patch for generalized bayes has passed review. The next patch bug 461479 is mostly done, needs a little cleanup after review. After that patch, all of the backend work to support bayesian-driven soft tags will be done. They could be implemented either through an extension, or on the main product if desired.
  • Database: I’m still waiting for review on bug 449768 “Reindexing should save message metadata” There will be several similar bugs to fix other holes in metadata maintenance. I’ve also been exploring a plugable backend database architecture, with the goal to select database technology (Mork, SQLite, mysql) on a per-folder basis. Still not sure if that will be feasible though.
  • Message filters: Custom filter actions bug 419456 has initial review but no approvals. I’d like to do something similar for custom search criteria.
  • Misc: did some crash fixes, but I still don’t understand the philosophy about stupid crash fixes as asked in m.d.a.t

  • SpreadThunderbird is shaping up, almost ready to launch. New affiliate module uploaded and putting together final touches.
  • Finalizing web site redesign color options. Please send any feedback to as we’re nearing the end of design concept phase and going into design production.



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