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SeaMonkey Meeting Minutes: 2008-11-04

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SeaMonkey Meeting Details


  • Who’s taking minutes? –> Ratty

Action Items

(who needs to do what that hasn’t been recorded in a bug)

  • KaiRo needs to remind gavin periodically to review bug 407725.

SeaMonkey 2 Alpha 2

Bug Queries

open blockers
all blockers
blocker requests

  • Freeze target is still 18th November 2008, can we make it? Do we have enough new stuff until then to warrant another alpha?
    • bug 428216 (toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control) is down to the last few nits. Waiting for review and should be able to land before the 18th.
    • bug 255834 (port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader) has r+/sr+ so should be able to land ASAP (later today hopefully).
    • bug 36810 (session restore) just needs some review TLC.
    • Vista integration (part of bug 453797).

Longer-Term SeaMonkey 2 Planning

open wanted
wanted requests

Major wanted/needed features:

  • bug 381157 Download manager.
    • Some progress.
  • bug 390025 Kill-wallet (password manager).
    • started work on the backend again (bug 433316).
      • Got some code in place to try and obtain passwords from toolkit password manager before prompting. This fixed some of the unit tests when building with toolkit password manager.
      • Came across and fixed bug bug 461341 – when toolkit password manager migrates usernames it needs to unescape them.
      • Wallet password details haven’t been kept up to date with username/hostname changes – discussions in bug 433316 on how to fix this.
      • bug 461029 POP protocol will now PR_LOG errors it also displays to the user.
      • Noticed than nsMsgMailNewsURL was the only use nsUrlListenerManager and that in turn was effectively an nsTObserverArray – replaced the appropriate code bug 461946.
      • Then noticed possible (small?) perf improvement and filed bug 461951.
    • Work has stalled a little in the second week (due to reviews), hoping to pick up again this week.
  • bug 382187 Places history.
    • still waiting for first round of review comments from Neil.
  • bug 36810 Session restore.
    • waiting for review.
    • Patch for turning to error page also ready (bug 413385). Needs help with css/ui for error page patch.
  • bug 394288 / bug 413385 Toolbar customization.
    • bug 428216 (toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control) is down to the last few nits. Waiting for review and should be able to land before the 18th.
    • Toolkit bug 407725 is still waiting for reviews from gavin.
  • bug 456757 Modern theme update
    • No progress to date. Ratty will poke Kuden about this.
  • bug 460699 Make the default theme look better on mac
    • status/progress?
  • bug 454847 Fishcam update
  • bug 410613 OpenSearch.
    • No progress.
    • Kairo: Our search sidebar won’t work with it, but I’m not sure if we need/want to keep that one.
    • Ratty: We can port the advanced search sidebar extension for Firefox worse comes to the worse.
  • bug 453797 SeaMonkey installer improvements.
    • Patch is ready. mcsmurf will do some testing before submitting for review.
  • Handling bug 420506 (Thunderbird kill-rdf).
    • bug 460952 Ensure Thunderbird kill-rdf doesn’t break SeaMonkey.
      • status/progress?
    • bug 460953 Port jminta’s kill-rdf to SeaMonkey where applicable.
      • status/progress?
  • bug 313822 (Make Lightning work on SeaMonkey) (helpwanted).
    • Hard dependency on bug 460960 (Port Thunderbird tabbed interface to MailNews). The current tabbed interface code is much better than previous iterations and we are going ahead with this.
  • bug 248970 Do we want to port private browsing?
    • Ratty: This is more complicated for SeaMonkey since we also have a mail/news component, not to mention chatzilla, composer, etc.
  • bug 255834 (port Thunderbird RSS/Atom reader).
    • Help still needs to be provided for RSS reader though bug 286975 (helpwanted) once bug 255834 has landed.
    • We need to hook up Feed preview bug 415372 at some point.


Status Updates from developers – what are you working on, what’s the progress, any other comments? (feel free to add yourself to the list if your name is missing and you have interesting status).


  • My desktop died (so nye went away), but seems healthy again so nye is back.




  • Attended EU MozCamp in Barcelona.
  • Been working on porting / moving RSS to SeaMonkey bug 255834, further work on fixing existing issues to be done.


  • Attended EU MozCamp in Barcelona.
  • bug 459413 Geolocation prompt – landed from Barcelona.
  • Did some build system sync with mozilla-central.
  • Started discussion on long-term project goals.
  • Removed typeaheadfind from the build as bustage fix, hopefully starting a switch to a toolkit-based implementation.
  • Started the Release_Process for 1.1.13, release target is Nov 12.
  • As always, my blog has more detailed status about my work.


  • Got review on one patch in bug 453797 Port Bug 392303 (Simplify installer changes) to SeaMonkey installer.
  • Will test a few things with the installer on Vista, then request review on the other patch.
  • Worked on bug 461957 SeaMonkey en-US installer files and disagree about variable usage.
  • Took a look at old roaming code and Thunderbird roaming code in a bug, but no real progress.


  • bug 36810 (session restore).
  • bug 459550 (Port Bug 448976 (turn the Session Restore prompt into an error page) to SeaMonkey).
  • bug 425480 (non-ASCII characters should be decoded in the urlbar).
  • bug 455877 (port Bug 254714 to SeaMonkey).
  • Bug reporting and bug triage.





  • bug 428216 (toolbarbutton iconsize/mode control) is down to the last few nits. Waiting for review and should be able to land before the 18th.
  • Fixed some minor/trivial bugs: bug 388349, bug 459769, bug 462997
  • Track and respond to posts in the Mozillazine SeaMonkey forums. Encourage people to file bugs (and even patches!).





  • Last weekend I played a bit with the ‘obsolete strings finder’ script used by TB guys recently. Rough estimation of what we can remove: -100 strings in /editor, -600 in /suite. This probably won’t make SeaMonkey 2.0a2.

Any other business?

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