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Mobile Meeting Minutes: 2012-04-18

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  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room


  • Next merge is 2012-04-24

Major Topics for This Week

Tree status and approvals

The Mozilla-Inbound and Mozilla-Central trees are in “approval mode” in an effort to minimize risk. Any mobile beta blocker or release blocker is cleared to land. Use “a=blocking-fennec” on the checkin. Soft blockers must get an explicit approval from a driver based on the risk-level of the patch. Too risky? Doesn’t land in Fx14.

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)

  • Last week
    • Worked on solution for bug 702992
  • This week
    • Finishing bug 702992
    • Other Flash bugs (703056, 730890, 738198, 727421)
  • Next week
    • Moar Flash bugs


  • Last week: mostly making things preffable, some misc fixes, working on snap-to-tiles
    • bug 743669 – fix tcheckerboard2 to run on froyo
    • bug 718463 – fix blurry rendering on triple-tap
    • bug 744241 – make display port options configurable via prefs
    • bug 742115 – make panning options configurable via prefs
    • bug 744390 – add a danger zone to the velocity-bias strategy
    • bug 745501 – error trying to read simple string prefs in java
    • bug 744699 – fix error in setting displayport
    • bug 745540 – fix possible concurrent modification exception in gecko listener dispatching
    • bug 741693 – make zoom curve preffable
  • Next week:
    • bug 737510 – snap displayport to tiles
    • bug 741988 – track down regression
    • other optimizations
  • Blockers:
    • none


Last week:

  • Trying to contribute to Bug 745177 Retain and re-use uploaded tiles
  • Bug 742560 Increase Fennec’s disk cache size
  • Patch for discussion on Bug 745340 Improve disk cache smart sizing for mobile
  • Bug 745889 SUT agent: java.lang.NullPointerException in DoCommand.GetProcessInfo
  • Bug 743766 SUT agent: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in RedirOutputThread
  • Bug 744530 SUT agent: do not routinely report expected exceptions

Next week:

  • Bug 745177

Chris Lord (cwiiis)

Chris Peterson

  • Last Week
    • Continuing investigation of missing key down/up events: bug 630576, bug 693338, bug 695626
    • Implementing review feedback for bug 742036 – Convert DOM key codes to Android key codes when passing key events to Flash plugin
  • This Week
    • Fixed (waiting for r+) bug 742036 – Convert DOM key codes to Android key codes when passing key events to Flash plugin
    • Fixed (waiting for r+) bug 687717 –>When writing into tweet box with IME, remaining characters of tweet isn’t decreased
    • Moved core bug to evangelism bug 734305 – Spry autosuggest drop downs do not appear properly
    • Closed content bug bug 733907 – Typing text into a crossword on the Times Crossword does not move across different text boxes


  • Last week:
    • bug 741281 Add a Java interface for sending telemetry data
    • bug 743715 Cannot build Fennec without jemalloc
    • bug 742815 Probing migration status can launch multiple migrations
    • bug 743923 Don’t keep history in memory during Profile Migration
    • bug 721898 Remove history truncation code
    • bug 744644 ProfileMigrator never sets PREFS_MIGRATE_BOOKMARKS_DONE
    • bug 744668 Control URI access NPE if Fennec not yet launched
    • bug 741042 Add telemetry support for timing XUL profile import
    • bug 715550 Migration of Sync settings from XUL Fennec
    • bug 745863 Debug logging is not compiled out in NSSBridge
    • bug 746365 StrictMode violation in checking Profile Migration status
  • Pending review:
    • bug 746362 StrictMode violation in saving Sync migration state
    • bug 746035 Profile migration does not adapt to Places database schema version
    • bug 726379 crash java.util.concurrent.RejectedExecutionException

  • This week:
    • bug 721934 startup hangs at “Setting up Nightly…”
    • Backout for bug 744993 page block as “Reported Attack Site”
    • Holidays
  • Blockers:
    • None

Brian N

  • Done
    • bug 742771 – Browser shows old URL on startup
    • Looked at bug 743736 – Touch event handlers on take a long time to run
    • bug 745075 – Flush disk cache when going into background so we don’t lose the disk cache if Fennec is OOM killed
    • bug 712975 – Tap to activate plugin doesn’t work after flipping pref until you restart
    • Investigated bug 729951 – WebAPI does not refresh as offline when device switches from online to offline
  • Next
    • Blockers


  • Last Week:
    • Experimented (a lot) with ICS Menu button highlight – bug 715278
      • Dropped this for 1.0 as the button would change completely in next version.
    • Avoiding a message to do initialize in GeckoApp – bug 744987
    • Disable SQLite locking in TabsProvider and BrowserProvider – bug 744959
    • Have a lighter shadow for BrowserToolbar – bug 715287
  • This Week:
    • Disable sensors while the application goes to background
    • Add padding to top-sites thumbnails – bug 715272
    • Resolution specific form validation resources – bug 737907
    • Inverting form validation arrow – bug 737922
  • Blockers:
    • Resolution specific resources for doorhangers.


Last week:

  • bug 744816 – Fennec crashes in concurrent access of password db
  • bug 745834 – PasswordProvider needs to set encryption type when it encrypts
  • bug 745381 – We send a lot of touch events during panning
  • bug 745936 – Display port should not override dirtyRect during hit detection
  • bug 745384 – SQLiteBridge doesn’t handle NULL’s in query parameters
  • bug 745383 – Error with the hashtable in GeckoProvider
  • bug 721084 – Don’t move profile to SD Card anymore

This week:

  • bug 741247 – Touch events aren’t consistently triggered especially on the right sides of elements – Have a very hacky patch that fixes this. Cleaning it up for feedback.


Last week

  • Soft blockers:
    • bug 715214 – Allow tab menu page titles to run on up to 4 lines before truncating
    • bug 743627 – The background of the AwsomeBar is a different color after scrolling on Motorola phones
    • (Patch) bug 701330 – Show star on urls that are bookmarks in AwesomeBar screen
  • Patch reviews
  • Gave a talk about Mozilla & Mobile at the University of Évora (Portugal)

Next week

  • Release blockers
  • Blog about talk and experience in Portugal


  • None



  • bug 739038 – window.print fails and leaves Fennec in a weird state
  • bug 735237 – window.showModalDialog fails and leaves Fennec in a weird state
  • bug 721784 – Storage service and addon manager are broken after profile migration


  • bug 707571 – Add support for user-scalable=no in meta viewport tag
  • bug 739393 – New tab opened in background is not set to inactive



  • Fire input event on form autocomplete – bug 735747
  • Tracked down tricky click-to-play click listener/XBL problem – bug 745016
  • Wrote patch to combine duplicate bookmarks in top sites results – bug 741630
    • There might be a perf hit, need to investigate other potential solutions
  • Wrote a patch for getting larger favicons – bug 715263
    • I don’t like this approach, need to discuss more


  • More soft blockers, or helping out where needed!

Scott (jwir3)

Last Week:

This Week:

  • bug 737621 – links temporarily are not inflated


  • dbaron landed bug 706193 (nytimes bug) yesterday.


  • bug 721654 Crash in mozilla::AndroidBridge::HandleGeckoMessage
  • bug 746135 PopLocalFrame won’t be called if an error occurs in AudioRunnable::Run()
  • bug 746139 local JNI frame won’t be popped if init fails
  • bug 746132 Screenshot buffers won’t be freed if tab not found
  • bug 746016 Cache low res version of the page in the java ui for use instead of checkerboarding



  • Landed some blockers (bug 745750, bug 739446 and bug 741471)
  • Reviews
  • Triage (oh god, the triage)
  • Testing builds
  • Planning fx-team work week (next week in Toronto)


  • Reviews, triage and bears! Oh my!
  • Fx-team work week (going to do some hacking to keep my sanity)
  • Assist in flipping Fennec from nightly to aurora


Ian Barlow

Last week

This week

  • Helping out with soft blockers
    • Resolution specific resources for doorhangers.
  • Looking at Scrolling / Zooming performance tweaks with gfx team
  • Lots of meetings
  • Possibly some tablet work

Patryk Adamczyk


Round Table


  • Socorro/Breakpad bugs:
    • bug 726385 Please create skiplist implementation for the Java field
    • bug 726693 Some java crashes are not being mapped correctly to bugs in bugzilla even though the crash signature fields have the “signatures” listed
    • bug 672606 – Aggregate numbers and topcrashes for Nightly and Aurora channels based on build ID date instead of crash date
    • bug 727234 – Crash Report [@ EMPTY: no crashing thread identified; corrupt dump ]
    • bug 727286 – Incorrect messaging when failing to submit a crash report
  • Fixed:
    • bug 740829 – Nightly builds report for android doesn’t have any data


New support documentation architecture is live on, click-thru numbers look good compared to before the migration and bounce rate has improved. Select Firefox 14 in the ‘Article is for’ menu on any article to see the new nativeUI content. Lots of improvements, new security & privacy content, new screencast tutorials, new FAQ and updates for all existing articles. We’re 80% complete for beta, and on track for current plan of record.

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