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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2008-12-16

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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who’s taking minutes? –> asuth nth10sd (Gary!)
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.

Calls For Help

Action Items


  • dmose – Strong mandates of shipping one month after Firefox.
  • dmose – Suggest to drivers about a new flag for potential post-TB3 blockers.



  • dmose: Add simon and gozer to drivers list

Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • Drivers meeting last Thursday.
  • Probably not much would be done in the next week or two — Christmas / New Year.
  • Dates below may get pushed back.
  • dmose notes about Gecko’s code freeze dates in Jan.
    • Standard8: Jan 13 Code Freeze, Jan 15 QA, Jan 26 Release according to their plan.
  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • (Slushy?) Proposed String freeze from: Monday 26th January 23:59 PST
  • (Slushy?) Proposed Code freeze from: Thursday 29th January 23:59 PST
  • We need to make decisions as we triage blocking bugs below – will they eventually make it into TB3?
  • i.e. get them assigned or push them off..
    • Those that get pushed out beyond TB3 should have a flag to track them – dmose to suggest this to drivers.
  • Sidenote – SeaMonkey probably will release an Alpha in line with TB3b1, a Beta in line with TB3rc, and a final a couple of weeks after TB3.

Thunderbird 3

QA Updates

  • Past bugdays
    • Since bugdays started, we have commented in or closed ALL Thunderbird UNCO bugs (excl. enhancements) that haven’t had a comment since TB 2.0 release! (2007-04-07 to be exact)
    • So far bugday has touched over 4,700 bugs, of which over 1,600 resolutions changed, accounting for one third of all (non-FIXED) resolution changes since bugday started (4,800)
  • Next bugdays
    • Will be whacking at the corresponding NEW bugs (excl. enhancements). Queries are at the bugday wiki pages.
    • One last bugday this year — Christmas and New Year both happen to fall on a Thursday, so no bugday after 12/18 until 1/8/2009.
  • Crashes


  • Standard8 would like to propose we add an “Account Manager” component under the “MailNews Core” product – the code is shared, and I don’t see it needing to be split. Would probably make bug management easier.

Status Updates


  • this past week
    • partial week due to vacation/sick day
    • met with Ubuntu folks re Thunderbird collaboration
    • SF office-space related prep work
    • various code, strategy & architectural discussions
  • upcoming week
    • on vacation Monday 12/22 through Friday 12/26
    • goals (by friday, 12/19)
      • land JS-in-mailnews patches
      • make significant gloda review progress
      • catch up on momo board meeting stuff
      • progress on review backlog




Two week goals (End of week 2):

  • Move to toolkit password manager (in progress)
    • Made the decision to not migrate the password manager list to reflect up to date passwords – too many issues, not good enough solutions at the moment. Probably revisit post TB 3. This makes the task easier.
    • Submitted patch and tests for SMTP protocol handlers bug 469807
      • Required so that toolkit password manager can use IOService.newURI.
    • LDAP already submitted bug 419595
    • Now looking at POP/IMAP/News handlers.
  • Move Leak and Bloat tests to be controlled by MozMill
    • Made some good progress, now have a basic script and a good idea of how to refine it for the mozmill in leak & bloat.
    • tracked down a number of mozmill/jsbridge/mozrunner integration issues.
    • Currently blocked by the mentioned mozmill issues – mainly that when using mozrunner/jsbridge the APIs are limited such that we can’t actually choose to run Thunderbird.
      • MozMill team is working on improving APIs, hoping to get an updated version this week.
  • Write down extended roadmap overview for the address book (based on discussion during MoMo work week).
    • Started this, need to arrange meeting to discuss.

Other work:

  • Reviews
  • Unit tests
    • Added some debugging to try and work out why we get an intermittent failure removing files 462269 bug Bug 462269 (need to follow that up).
  • Build Config
    • bug 469392 Let MOZILLA_1_9_1_BRANCH define work in c++ code.
    • bug 469396 Don’t re-read version.txt when we don’t need to in our own tree.
    • bug 469655 Drop intermediate makefiles in mail/themes
    • bug 469835 Wrote patch for having different version numbers on comm-central + mozilla-central builds (versus comm-central + mozilla-1.9.1 builds)
  • Misc
    • bug 469090 Edit vcard in Account Manager broken.
    • bug 469797 Hopefully fix nsUserInfoUnix so that displaying the User’s name in the account wizard will work correctly for non-ascii names.
    • Finished bug 462147 – allow TB to migrate SeaMonkey 2.x profiles.

Two week goals (Start of week 1):

  • Complete Password Manager migration
  • Complete moving Leak and Bloat to Mozmill
  • Lead Address Book discussions
  • Investigate fixing LDAP Issues with threads and shutdown.
  • Look at Performance tests
    • Get some rough ideas of what & how.
    • See if we can get a Ts structure in place (or something else)
      • This would be useful for jemalloc and assessing implementing a packages-static file for unix.


  • Reviews and driving
  • Took Friday off
  • Worked on fixing the open db bloat
  • Beta 1 Post Mortem scheduled for Thursday, 9:30AM PST

Two week goals (week 2):

  • Turn autoconfig branch into a reviewable patch for trunk
    • Brought auto config repo up to date with trunk changes. Deferring rest of work until I’ve finished the folder archiving work
  • Finish folder compaction changes and unit tests.
    • Code written; need to test
  • Reduce review queue backlog
    • Making progress on review queue

Two week goals (week 1)


  • Build
    • Buildbot
      • Great cleaning up starting this week
    • Signinig
      • Initial conversation with John
      • Our process will have to be different
    • Bouncer
      • We should get our own, keep the existing mirror network
      • How many downloads for Thunderbird 3 Final ?
  • Web
    • SpreadThunderbird moving along
      • Drupal Security patches
    • Google Analytics
      • Done
      • Staging
    • Cleaned up Webalizer for some Beta 1 Graphs (Blogged)
  • Infrastructure
    • Qualys security audit was a nice surprise
    • Working on getting us more hardware
    • More/Better monitoring/trending

  • Driving and Bug Reviews
  • exptoolbar toolbar changes, not ready for push yet
    • Blog about better searching for mail, due out this week
  • Two Week Goals (end of week 2):
    • Push new iteration of Conversation List into exptoolbar
      • Already pushed last week
    • Review Conversation Reader and continue to iterate on
      • Latest changes already pushed into reader

  • Possible suggested new Component for new bugs?



  • My “pretty package name” fixup for directory names inside packages made 1.9.1 now (bug 453840)


  • Press round-up for Thunderbird 3 Beta 1. Press was positive.
  • Web site is wrapping up design phase for hand-off to silver orange. current files See files dated December 11.
  • Google Analytics on will be getting it on as well.
  • Workaround fix for What’s New page.

Two week goals (week 2):

  • Support documentation, audit (see what we have on .org and .com) and plan for what we need for beta 2 and final release.
  • Web site production hand-off to silver orange and global teams.
  • Update SpreadThunderbird with analytics module, events module and printed materials.




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