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Mobile Meeting Minutes: 2012-06-27

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  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room


  • Next merge is 2012-07-16
  • Release
    • Fx14 was release on 2012-06-26 \o/
  • Beta
    • Betas will continue from Fx14.0.1

Major Topics for This Week

Firefox 14

We released! Feedback has been extremely positive. Check out the PR and SUMO sections in the Firefox Coordination meeting for more details. Amazing work!

Firefox 15

We need to start prioritizing features that need to be uplifted from trunk to aurora in preparation for Fx15. We’ll have an etherpad or wiki page with the list of features, the status and the risk assessment.

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)


(Won’t be in today’s meeting; might be on IRC if the conference wifi holds up)

Last week:

  • layout-related things:
    • bug 755971 – landed change to how .scrollHeight works on non-scrollable frames
    • bug 766937 – add scrollLeftMax and scrollTopMax to elements
  • screenshot-related things:
    • bug 766696 – fix message pump to allow executing multiple pieces of idle work in a row
    • bug 766988 – fix NPE and disabling of screenshot partial updates
    • bug 766668 – fix screenshotting of RTL pages
    • bug 765463 – fix crashes caused by bad indexing in screenshot buffer copy
  • testing-related things:
    • bug 767449 – (mostly) make robocop work if /mnt/sdcard is not available
    • bug 767215 – fix intermittent failure in robocop pixel tests
    • bug 746876 – re-enable test for bug 720538 (backed out again)
    • bug 727351 – fix and re-enable testFlingCorrectness
  • other:
    • bug 766576 – fix minor javascript warning
    • attending velocity conf (monday-wednesday)

Next week:

  • finish up any pending screenshot-related things (still have some tab-switching-related things I want to check)
  • figure out why test for bug 720538 still fails on tbpl but works on toronto’s tegra board
  • review bug 750974 (it’s big)
  • long weekend (july 2nd is a holiday in canada, and i’m travelling back to toronto part of friday)
  • (maybe) get into networking stuff for realz this time


  • Last week:
    • bug 746938 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoNetworkManager.getNetworkType
    • bug 756817 Fix and reenable tcheck2 and tcheck3
    • bug 766059 Talos hang with DLBI
    • bug 759792 Robocop: “key dispatching timed out sending to” awesomebar
  • Next week:
    • Complete work on bug 759792/766059
    • Bug 768532 Database located outside of profile, pre-gingerbread
    • bug 735461 Fennec does not interpret -profile argument correctly
    • bug 764478 Talos test to measure CPU usage when the app is in the background

Chris Lord (cwiiis)

  • Last 7 days
    • bug 758620 – Better support for async zooming with fixed position elements (on inbound)
    • bug 582244 – Start looking at private browsing for mobile
    • Cleared e-mail back-log from Silicon Milkroundabout + holiday
  • Next 7 days
    • Tidy up Bugzilla queue
    • bug 582244 – Continue looking at private browsing
    • Deal with fallout from bug 758620?
    • ‘Meet a mentor’ event

Chris Peterson

  • Done
    • Fixed bug 733138 – crash [@ java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: at java.lang.String.substring( ]
    • Fixed bug 758427 – Galaxy Note’s stylus deletes characters when trying to select a word in a text form
  • Next
    • Investigating IME race condition between Gecko thread and UI thread
    • Investigating .N+ bug 755909 – Text is selected when clicking textbox with Swype keyboard


  • Last week:
    • Fiddle with bug 702217 OOM crash in nsUrlClassifierStore::ReadPrefixes for the ESR
    • bug 750753 Add tests for Profile Migration finally landed and found a bug in bookmarks, whoo
    • bug 710330 Implement bookmarks and history import from Android system DBs
    • bug 768871 Provide an option to disable per-client randomization
  • This week:
    • bug 768900 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.AndroidImport.mergeBookmarks
    • bug 762620 Evidence that idle-daily can start misfiring
    • SafeBrowsing debugging & tests
  • Blockers:
    • No

Brian N

  • Done
    • bug 766406 – Implement “Request Desktop Site”
    • bug 767541 – AwesomeScreen Search suggestions not appearing with Swype Beta until space is entered
    • bug 762968 – tapping on search suggestions in awesomescreen takes two taps
    • bug 766867 – java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp$
  • Next



Last week:

  • Webapps polish
  • Helper Apps
  • CoreMob working group meeting

This week:

  • More Webapps polish


Last week:

Next week:

  • Follow-up bugs on Reader Mode
  • Figure out Reading List UX asap


  • Design for Reading List navigation on Reader Mode



  • bug 768613 – Mark Fennec Native as compatible with tablets
  • bug 766865 – java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in TabsTray.addTab
  • bug 764460 – Ask for confirmation before cancelling builds on TBPL
  • Finished Patent Advisory Group report proposal for Touch Events PAG
  • Started a discussion about Bugzilla components


  • Create findbar and viewport tests.
  • bug 744961 – history expiration


  • Trying to land bug 765805 on Aurora, blocked on dependent bugs



  • Lots of text selection follow-ups (see dependencies on bug 695173)
    • Reverse text selection handles when the start handle goes past the end of the selection and vice versa – bug 765057
    • All text is selected when one text selection handle moves over another – bug 765072
    • Text selection should be cleared on page navigation – bug 765390
    • Fire mouse events closer to the tip of the handle image – bug 766789
    • Text selection handles remain after selection is programatically collapsed – bug 767065
    • Disable clipboard.autocopy on Android – bug 767073
    • Text selection in iframes – bug 767600
    • We don’t need to cache selectedText in fennec native – bug 767626
    • RTL text selection – bug 724339
    • Add context menu to selected text – bug 768665
  • A few random bugs
    • Max width for doorhangers on tablets – bug 716095
    • Always disable Find in Page on about:home – bug 767797
    • Crash in LocalBrowserDB.isBookmark – bug 765486


  • Uplift text selection to Aurora
    • Figure out which bugs are required for us to ship the feature
  • PTO this afternoon and Monday

Scott (jwir3)

(Won’t be able to make it to the meeting today, due to a prior commitment).

Last Week:

  • Finished and helped verify bug 763702 : crash in nsFontInflationData. So far, this change seems to fix the crash.

This Week:

  • Finishing up bug 758079 : Ordered list numbers cut off on galaxy nexus
  • Looking into bug 755770 : Scroll position not preserved after relayout due to font inflation. dbaron and I talked about this one yesterday, and it actually could be a pretty significant project, since it will require changes specified in bug 43114 and bug 103279. I’m not sure whether we’re going to fix this right now, but I’m looking to see what I might be able to add to the project.
  • Still finishing font inflation blog post (I will get it done, I promise. :> )


Still working on Flash, an in-progress patch is on Bugzilla:


Last week

This week

  • catch up on bugmail, reviews etc
  • investigate c2dm



  • Press interviews
  • Drank some champagne \o/
  • Read about greatness Firefox 14 for Android


  • Fx15 coordination
  • Drink more champagne


  • Final design review of phone/tablet v15 changes
  • Scoping on new Q3/Q4 work, including some in-product needs from engagement

Ian Barlow

Done: Firefox!

Next: More Firefox!

  • Prioritizing 15 / 16 features
  • Lots of continued visual polish on phone and tablet UI
  • ARMv6
  • Newly on my radar: text selection, making sense of our overflow menu, guest mode, per tab private browsing


Round Table





  • No significant change in Socorro
  • 4,520 crashes out of 123,925 ADU = 3.65%!

Socorro bugs:

  • bug 727286 – Incorrect messaging when failing to submit a crash report
  • bug 672606 – Aggregate numbers and topcrashes for Nightly and Aurora channels based on build ID date instead of crash date


Breakpad Integration bugs:

  • bug 750348 A large number of devices are not showing up with the device identifiers
  • bug 717472 – Can’t retrieve crash report that shows in about:crashes
  • bug 732629 crash report failed to send due to : Not trusted server certificate

Please see Platform Meeting Notes for Stability report


Feedback on release is super positive (4.1 stars overall for v14 as of midnight–literally thousands of 5-star reviews in the first 24 hours!!), some notable quotes:

Now in version 14.0, the competition goes to Firefox outright. The performance is outstanding – it loads quickly and the framerate is better than the stock browser and Opera Mobile. The user interface is intuitive and a pleasure to use.

Very impressed and glad they listened to the feedback. Thanks mozilla and fellow users.

Smoking fast Wow! Well worth the wait. So much faster than the stock browser and sync gives me all my bookmarks and history.

Best android browser This has overtaken Opera as the best browser. Once you install the phony add on it is perfect. The flash support works better than Opera and the stock browser. Overall perfect cant fault it. Well done Mozilla!

Chrome dumped I just updated Firefox and this is so fast I can’t keep up with it and I’m loving it. I just dumped my chrome in favor of this well polished product.

Wow!!! This is the best android app update ever. Smoother than butter scrolling, super fast launch, great UI. Bye Google Chrome , you have been replaced!

Excellent! It’s incredible fast! Love it! Switching from chrome to firefox now 😉

Great Works much better than chrome, dolphin or stock browser. So far….

Flash Enabled !! Thank God that you are Flash enabled now !! The best upgrade ever..

Wow!! I just uninstalled Dolphin on my Evo 4G. I’ve tried FF a few times only to be left with disappointment. Not this time, I decided to try it again after reading about it on Wired/Webmonkey and it is FAST! and *apple* smooth. Thank you!!

Such a massive update!!! Work great!!! this update take me to look back to fitefix on desktop

Simply the best! Amazing update!!! The best browser for Android at the moment. Starts instantly! Very fast. Supports Flash (suck it Chrome). Easy to use. Made it my browser, deleted all other. Keep up good work, Mozilla!!!

Incredible The new firefox is super fast, feature rich, beautiful and just awesome. I have finally found a browser that I will consistently use.

Great experience Since the 14.0 Firefox has improved so much.. I was struggling b/w Chrome Beta and Firefox Beta.. and I guess Firefox will be my primary choice specially due to startup time improvement. I use Firefox on desktop, so this make perfect combination 🙂

Awsom Have been using Firefox for years and just recently switched from iOS to Android, and amazed by the fact that I can continue using Firefox as my primary browser. Love it!!!! Poor iOS users don’t know what they’re missing.

Main issue, representing the largest percentage of low reviews in first 24hrs is lack of tablet support/tablet blockage

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