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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2008-12-23

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Thunderbird Meeting Details


  • Who’s taking minutes? –> standard8
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to davida for schedule changes/additions.

Calls For Help

Action Items



  • dmose – Draw up straw man schedule for shipping one month after Firefox.
  • dmose – Suggest to drivers about a new flag for potential post-TB3 blockers.


Thunderbird 3 Beta 2

  • Drivers meeting last Thursday.
  • Probably not much would be done in the next week or two — Christmas / New Year.
  • Dates below may get pushed back.
  • dmose notes about Gecko’s code freeze dates in Jan.
  • For reference, Gecko 1.9.1b3: Jan 13 Code Freeze, Jan 15 QA, Jan 26 Release according to their plan.
  • clarkbw is release driver
  • gozer is build engineer
  • Proposed: Slushy string freeze from: Monday 2nd February 23:59 PST
  • Proposed: Firm string freeze and slushy Code freeze from: Thursday 5th February 23:59 PST

Thunderbird 3

QA Updates

  • topcrashes
    • bug 422907 nsMsgLocalMailFolder::GetTrashFolder (rootFolder is null)
    • bug 470804 NS_GetInnermostURI (CAPS?) (TB2) (no “owner”)
    • bug 470808 nsProxyEventObject::CallMethod (imap)
    • bug 470835 nsMsgLocalMailFolder::AddMessage (should be fixed in 12-23 nightly)


Status Updates



  • bug 459719 has good progress, we can use getMail3PaneController() and getAddrbkController() in mozmill scripts to bring up the mail 3 pane window and the address book window.
    • getMsgComposeController() and getAcctSettingsController() are implemented in that bug but currently don’t work.
  • Will probably be out the few days after Christmas to celebrate. 🙂


  • Reviews
  • Password Manager
    • bug 469977 Tidy up and provide unit test for mailbox protocol handler (= pop).
    • bug 470410 Implement basic protocol handler tests for IMAP and News Protocols
    • bug 470439 Fixed up news password migration for password manager.
  • Mozmill in Leak & Bloat
    • Situation improving, still have one issue that where jsbridge isn’t working for us.
  • Misc
    • bug 466530 Create new string for What’s New tab
    • bug 470112 Remove old mail.toolbars.showbutton.* prefs from about:config (aka mailnews.js).
    • Finally drove bug 399227 into the mozilla-central tree and fixed some bustage relating to it.

Two week goals (Start of week 2):

  • Complete Password Manager migration
  • Complete moving Leak and Bloat to Mozmill
  • Lead Address Book discussions
  • Investigate fixing LDAP Issues with threads and shutdown.
  • Look at Performance tests
    • Get some rough ideas of what & how.
    • See if we can get a Ts structure in place (or something else)
      • This would be useful for jemalloc and assessing implementing a packages-static file for unix.


  • Reviews
  • Made forward inline not include the references headers for mail messages, bug 464782
  • Made updating news counts not leave all the .msf files open, bug 470219
  • Made addsubfolder notify for new imap folders, make sure root folder has hierarchy delimiter cached, bug 470151
  • Fixed one possible cause of biff not firing for imap, bug 459487

Two week goals (end of week 2):

  • Turn autoconfig branch into a reviewable patch for trunk
    • Deferred rest of work until I’ve finished the folder archiving work
    • Got autoconfig working again on the branch, made all the strings localizable, and added code to prevent creation of duplicate accounts.
  • Finish folder compaction changes and unit tests.
    • patch up for review
  • Reduce review queue backlog
    • Review queue in reasonable shape.

Two week goals (week 2)

  • Finish folder archiving work. bug 451995
    • several dependent bugs fixed or awaiting review
    • rest of work will probably have to wait until next week

Two week goals (week 1)

  • Try to knock off some beta 2 blockers between the holiday festivities

  • Two week goals
    • Finalizing activity manager and activity manager integration of core components.
    • Implementing a two level auto-sync model for TB-Idle cases.

  • Build
    • Got Linux, Win32 and OS X bloat builders following mozilla-central
    • Upgraded OS X dep/nightly builder to XCode 2.5
    • crash symbols generation closer to being stable
  • Web
    • SpreadThunderbird updates
    • Tested Sumo vs. vanilla TikiWiki
    • Looked at Bouncer and alternatives
  • Personnal
    • Sickness++
    • Will be working thru christmas and new year
    • On vacation: Jan 9th – Jan 16th (on call)

  • More work on exptoolbar.
  • Various bug comments/updates.
  • Working most of the time apart from Christmas Day, Eve & New Year.

  • filed new topcrashers
  • bugday
  • Please land big patches asap so the nightly testers can try them out.



Almost finished with next beta. Will release after holidays are over.

  • bug 466046 MsgOpenNewTabForMessage() broken when specifying a message
  • bug 435567 would like to open new tabs with middle-click
  • bug 464110 Toolbar Customization dialog only opens once per session
  • bug 429440 Preview pane must be visible for tabs to render
  • bug 468704 Option to autohide tab bar
  • bug 466107 Alt + Click Activates Menu
  • bug 469782 Toolbar transfer does not work; right-mouse does
  • bug 378543 Toolbar: Option should invert Open/Transfer behavior
  • bug 470194 Save/restore thread pane scroll position in tabs
  • bug 417081 Send Later toolbar button mapped incorrectly



The last few weeks I’ve been preparing and releasing extensions that use features from the backend work I’ve been doing for the last year. Details are available at Now I’m working on the last one, TaQuilla, which will implement soft tags (automatic tagging using the Bayesian filter.)

After that, there are some bugs that still affect me and my extensions that I’d like to squash. For example, I still regularly have my message DB blown away on some folders, plus there are some known cases where the app still blows it away, such as in certain message copies. There will also be some additional backend work needed by my extensions, such as separating the Bayesian filter a little from junk processing, and adding support for direct playing of ogg vorbis files from XPCOM. I would love to improve the support of extensions in TB by supporting installing of extensions directly from a TB browser. I also want to think about how to expand the scope of existing message filter search criteria – for example by adding support for custom search criteria.


Two week goals (end of week 2):

  • Support documentation, audit (see what we have on .org and .com) and plan for what we need for beta 2 and final release.
  • Web site production hand-off to silver orange and global teams.
  • Update SpreadThunderbird with analytics module, events module and printed materials.




standard8, bienvenu, emre, gozer, clarbw, wsmwk, beckley.

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