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Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2009-12-01

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Thunderbird Meeting Details :


Action Items



  • Planning for a dry-run security firedrill build


Friends of the Tree

Thunderbird 3 Developer Update

RC 1

  • Released last Tuesday (24th Nov).
  • Never got unthrottled, so uptake might have suffered as a result

RC 2

  • Picks up a small list of bugs
  • Hoping to release today.
  • Still a few website issues need fixing up


  • Blockers are mainly web site updates.
  • Remaining blockers are either trackers, or test-only/build changes to support the security & stability releases.

Thunderbird 3.0.1

  • No concrete plan as of yet
  • Already can mark bugs as blocking 3.0.1


QA Updates

  • Testing Thunderbird RC1 Build3
  • Spot-checking Thunderbird RC2
  • Plan to get back to regular QA activities post 3.0 release.

3.0rc1/rc2 topcrashes – Crash or sorted by rank.




# of crash
Issue with Enigmail

bug 531339

nsRefPtr<nsDOMWorkerMessageHandler>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsDOMWorkerMessageHandler*) | nsRefPtr<nsScreen>::assign_with_AddRef(nsScreen*) | nsMsgComposeAndSend::InitCompositionFields(nsMsgCompFields*, nsACString_internal const&, int)

781 30%

bug 505717

EscapeFromSpaceLine(nsIOutputStream*, char*, char const*)

79 3%

bug 513543


75 3%

bug 505016

_purecall | nsXPCWrappedJS::QueryInterface(nsID const&, void**)

69 3%

bug 519962

_purecall | nsPrefBranch::freeObserverList() | nsPrefBranch::Observe(nsISupports*, char const*, unsigned short const*)

67 3%

3.0b4 topcrashes – slight update, see previous meeting

Marketing Updates

IT update

  • Upgraded our Jabber servers to eJabberd 2.1.0
  • Pushed 3.0rc1 content live to
  • Thunderbird 3.0 RC1/RC2
  • Calendar 1.0 Beta 1 : In Progress



  • message tabs article for support knowledge base
  • update how-to status and markers
  • call for doc help (blog and TB mailing list)
  • link / cross-linking to RC1 release notes
  • edit Content Tab docs
  • More docs is needed
    • Ludovic suggested a Doc Day, like Test Days
    • Jen suggested a first try in 2 weeks

TODO / In Progress

  • blog Content Tab docs after response to questions (Standard8)
  • edit and link up gloda docs; clean up crufty old stuff
  • blog content tabs when finalized
  • support doc locations ([ 521665])
  • folders ([ ])
  • Mission control / autoconfig: MDC
  • msg headers ([ 466025], [ 480623])
  • new bug for debugging issues? (and close [ 420317]?)


  1. Top 5 GS Thunderbird 2 Support Topics (code in progress: ) basically the same as last week
    1. Cannot send email
    2. Cannot receive email
    3. migration to Vista and Windows 7 from XP including email and address books and from Outlook and Outlook Express
    4. attachments not working
  2. Thunderbird 3 RC1 Top Support Issues (starting to monitor to see what we can improve for post 3.0)
    1. change tls if available on 2.0 to START TLS in tb3, needs to be done manually in rc1, in rc2 will be done automatically
    2. people looking for addons for lightning and google calendar sync
  3. SUMO for MoMo tracker ticket:
    1. Goal is to get initial content and theming done at the end of the week – GS branding is done except for last bit of testing and MoMo footer menu tweaks
    2. SuMoMo call for writers blog post
  4. Key Support stats from the following graphic:
    1. approximately 29/ day (204/7, slightly higher than last week if we subtract the Raindrop topics)
    2. total new topics:204 total replies: 372 (Ruby Code)
      1. date:20091124 #new support topics:18 resolved:30
      2. date:20091125 #new support topics:33 resolved:15
      3. date:20091126 #new support topics:36 resolved:14
      4. date:20091127 #new support topics:26 resolved:5
      5. date:20091128 #new support topics:19 resolved:7
      6. date:20091129 #new support topics:20 resolved:2
      7. date:20091130 #new support topics:21 resolved:3
    3. #replies from non MoMo folks: 5 from tanstaafl (thanks and welcome!), 108 from pasa (thanks), 1 from TMZ (thanks) MoMo folks: 1 from Wayne Mery (thanks) 79 from Roland, Bienvenu 30 (thanks!), 2 from Tom (thanks!) 6 from Kent James (thanks) 6 from Lightning team (thanks!), 4 from Andreas (thanks!), 8 from Standard8 (thanks), 1 from asuth (thanks!)
    4. happiness metric: API doesn’t have happiness emotitags, , code in progress:, manual happiness metric = 123 – 79 = 44 (30 last week), 40 Hendrix messages (generally Hendrix messages are unhappy but this week we had 1 happy messages) – [ bug to track down Hendrix for Thunderbird 3 and get rid of it as much as possible]


Status Updates






  • Reviews and Driving
  • Fixed bug 516950 autoconfig pop3 accounts should be configured to download new mail, put in RC2
  • Found an other fix for imap hang on shutdown, with use tls if available set, bug 494014, and put in RC2
  • Removed unused aol pfc code, bug 530618
  • Did a lot of trouble shooting of bugs and Get Satisfaction issues.

  • trunk content about 3.0rc1 live
  • make package-compare on try server
  • staging buildbot gets its mozconfigs from a clone of buildbot-configs
    • Testing gcc-4.3.3
  • Upgraded jabber cluster to ejabberd-2.1.0 – bug 531287
  • Split up Ganglia graphing per VLAN

  • ui-reviews and driving
  • looked into bug 531317 but no ideas yet
  • connected with Add-on Collections developers
    • got collections add-on for thunderbird
  • investigating a thunderbird made specifically for netbooks (via add-ons)
    • looked into space requirements
    • andreas investigating minimal ui elements

  • yet more audit and clean up of crash & hang bugs
  • duping of enigmail bugs
  • triage
  • filed crash & hang bugs:
    • bug 530845 [@ nsWindowWatcher::OpenWindowJSInternal(nsIDOMWindow*, char const*, char const*, char const*, int, nsIArray*, int, nsIDOMWindow**)] (not startup)
    • bug 531294 crash sending message [@ nsRefPtr<nsCSSFontFaceRule>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsCSSFontFaceRule*)] due to incompatible version of enigmail
    • bug 531339 enigmail [@ nsRefPtr<nsDOMWorkerMessageHandler>::assign_assuming_AddRef(nsDOMWorkerMessageHandler*) | nsRefPtr<nsScreen>::assign_with_AddRef(nsScreen*) | nsMsgComposeAndSend::InitCompositionFields(nsMsgCompFields*, nsACString_internal const&, int)]
    • bug 531716 crash [@ nsAbMDBCard::Equals(nsIAbCard*, int*)]
    • bug 531568 topcrash [@ nsImapMailCopyState::`vector deleting destructor(unsigned int)]
    • bug 531794 regression [@ nsNntpCacheStreamListener::OnDataAvailable(nsIRequest*, nsISupports*, nsIInputStream*, unsigned int, unsigned int)]
    • bug 531792 crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::UpdateImapMailboxInfo]
  • [ bugzilla whine in bmo is fixed] thanks to justdave, and very handy indeed for timely summary notification of bugs I might care about]. Sample query is 1 day resolution … longer and shorter resolution (eg 1hr) are possible.


  • Still wrangling with gloda in Search Message window and FUMLUB issues
  • Eudora/Penelope Beta still on hold

  • Back from vacation, working backlog from last 3 weeks
  • SeaMonkey 2.0.1 planned for release two weeks from now, in sync with Gecko (not everything landed on our side that we would have liked, but this already has 93 fixes, including ones for grave security issues, over SeaMonkey 2.0 final)


  • Working on:
  • Supporting pr team for reviews.
  • RC 2 work.
  • Web site l10n work, looking at about 49 locales for final release.

  • Been working slowly on making tags mozmill tests


Last week:

  • Lightning icons for Linux and Windows bug 494598
  • Thunderbird netbook extension mockups
  • Reviewed bug 525971

This week:

  • Finish Lightning icons for Windows bug 494598
  • Look into Vista theme feedback and polish bug 532048
  • More netbook mockups and ideas
  • Look into online/offline experience bug 468006




  • Continue working on the extension for bug 525070.
  • Drive forward the ISPDB patches.
  • Take Thursday off to attend the iPhone Tech Talks.
  • Maybe add permalinks to the weekly updates so that I don’t need to type this all in twice.


  • Fixed MailNews Core bugs:
    • bug 271841 Show full newsgroup name as tooltip for abbreviated newsgroup names


  • working on 1.0b1rc1, lots of build related complications
  • gozer is doing a great job helping us get the release running.
  • future releases will be much easier, working on having buildbot auto-create also localized release lightning builds
  • can’t make the meeting today, sorry!

  • Will not be at meeting, but want to mention:
  • My biased opinions on extensibility
  • Still working on the extend-C++-in-JS bug, but school is eating up most of my free time right now


Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2009-12-01

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From MozillaWiki

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox 3.0.16 / Firefox 3.5.6

  • builds made, on track for mid-December release

Firefox 3.0.17 / Firefox 3.5.7

  • proposed schedule online
  • tree is open!
  • please work on your blockers

Firefox 3.6 Beta

  • 500,000 active daily users (though only 50% are on the latest beta)
  • need to get to 650,000 to be able to map stability data onto the general population

Firefox 3.6 Release Candidate

  • there are 18 code blockers remaining
  • goal is to get to RC build this week, long poles appear to be
    • GFX kerning bug required by Fennec
    • JS new bugs reported from beta 3 rollout, need to wait for beta 4 data to come in

Blocker Report

See more Firefox 3.6 related blocker queries, or learn about the new status and blocker flags

Browser / Front End

(Progress reports every weekend on Planet Firefox)

  • see our active projects and get involved / propose others
  • Namoroka/mozilla-1.9.2 front end development:
    • 0 blockers left, though there are some crashkill nominations to deal with
  • mozilla-1.9.3 front end development:
    • Unfocused has tryserver builds up with tab match in awsomebar
    • David Dahl has a new Places query API
    • Mossop is updating the extension manager API and Boriss is looking at the UI
    • Faaborg and the Places team are starting into the UI changes they proposed and discussed earlier
    • Rob Strong is analysing several potential updater fixes
    • Limi is looking at the resource packages issue
    • Paul is updating the tab opening order heuristic
    • Marco is moving Places expiry I/O off the main thread
    • Drew is making asynchronous containers for Places operations
    • Horlander is driving forward the theme change work

GFX Update

  • 3 blockers.
    • The long pole continues to be Stuart’s subpixel positioning/kerning bug (latest ETA: “later this week”).
  • 0 noms.
  • Jim Mathies’ out-of-process windowless plugins on Windows patch is undergoing review, as is Bas Schouten’s Direct2D Cairo backend.
  • Bas has had quite a number of downloads of his Direct2D build of Minefield, providing a lot of great feedback and bug reports. Unfortunately some of the bug reports are of the sort we feared, driver- or hardware-dependent. We’re hoping to get Direct2D into mozilla-central as soon as possible, preffed off, for wider-spread testing.
  • Bas also posted a great writeup on measuring performance of his Direct2D builds: how to do it, how not to do it, and when it’s useful.
  • Chris Jones’ Electrolysis shared memory support is undergoing review, for future use in Fennec+Electrolysis. Work for shared memory tilebrowser is waiting on this.
  • The WebGL standard goes to Khronos review this week. More public information will be forthcoming once the Khronos board approves it.
  • Topcrashes and blockers are consuming the rest of our time.

Layout Update

  • 0 noms
  • 2 new blockers
  • bug 527280 looks like it could be Flash video randomly corrupting browser memory … very difficult to reproduce/analyze, could use some help trying to reproduce on Windows
  • SMIL syncbase timing patch submitted [birtles]

Content Update

  • 1.9.2:
    • 3 blockers, all crashers
    • 1 nomination, needs more information
    • bug 520639 has a likely fix, the rest are being investigated.
  • bnewman demoed JPW’s talking across processes.
  • peterv fixed a cycle collector top crash for 3.6.
  • Jonas has been investigating crashkill bugs and evaluating what dll’s to block etc.
  • hsivonen was able to land the fix for a HTML5 parser crash fix, and continues to work on the off main thread parser.
  • jduell has primitive HTTP working over IPC.

Platform-specific Support Update


  • 7 blockers left needing patches.

Startup Performance



  • Rob Strong put up a detailed post about his startup improvements to the update service, the effect on mobile, and points out some other front-end services that could benefit from the same treatment.
  • Joel’s static Firefox (sans nspr and nss) is working (bug 525013), and is showing ~10% improvement in startup time on Mac. He’s moved on to improving code locality (bug 531406). However, time-ordering of symbols doesn’t seem to improve the sequentiality of the page-ins by much, so maybe more improvements there. More data on the bug.
  • Ben is making progress on the fastload replacement in bug 520309. Some fastload/invalidation discussion in this dev.platform thread.
  • Taras has patches up for service caching (bug 516085, needs review bsmedberg.
  • Super-fast-path-ing of Components.* needs some JS team help: (bug 512584).
  • bug 519445, for reducing Mac startup time spent in font system initialization, is ready to land when the tree re-opens.




  • Plugins: landing preffed-off in mozilla-central as soon as practical. Two potential blockers:
    • need mochitest-ipcplugins enabled on mozilla-central, bug 530522 (catlee)
    • Tp4 test intermittently hanging, possibly tab-related and doesn’t need to block (smaug)
  • blockers for turning OOPP on by default, especially note
    • Talos process tracking, bug 529137… needs review by Alice and then landing (will require downtime)
    • bug 531860: .drawWindow with OOPP fails, needs owner
    • bug 519541: need to collect crash statistics from the plugin process; don’t necessarily need the final UI, but stability statistics will be very important… ted do you have time?
    • Would like to get this turned on and an alpha/beta out by mid-December, though workweek activities may delay that.
  • Networking: jduell has channels working in a primitive way (not yet landed): beginning to ramp up other help (fred) to help hook up loadgroups and get fennec working. Honza posted initial patches for async redirect handling in necko: bug 513086

Tree Management

  • Help with making debug tests green on mac and windows bug 523385
  • 3rd try: this week will reset try repo.
  • Thanks to all those who traded in their old minis. We added a bunch more to Try Talos, and have enough left over to start work on Talos on 64-bit Linux.
  • 40 new n810s added, bringing our total to 80.


  • Firebug – 2 open blockers, one with a fix in place.
  • Blocklist reminder – channel all blocklist requests through the existing component. We prefer to block things at the plugin/addon level instead of the DLL level, so let’s have everything go through the same channel for the time being.


Places Meeting Minutes: 2009-11-30

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Places/Status Meetings/2009-11-30

From MozillaWiki

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Places Team Meeting Details

  • Mondays at 9:00am Pacific
  • #places

Work Priorities

3.7 Projects

  • bug 523523 folders in the awesomebar (marco)
    • mockup: [1]
    • we need to show containers in the awesomebar
    • impl?: expose place: protocol handler
    • show ancestors of a container for display (“restaurants > japanese > sushi”)
    • need to create frecency algo for containers/queries (“visits” to a folder)
    • do we want a common Home breadcrumb wrapping history and bookmarks?
  • bug 523524 awesomebar results in a content page (drew)
    • mockup: [2]
    • security policy: places api in a content page
    • thumbnail service
    • static or liveupdate (static fine for 3.7)
    • no editing, context menu
    • click to open, that is all
    • We want async containers to avoid locking up everything
    • Can split into 2 steps: first step static view with no user interaction, second step allow D&D, edit, etc. For first part we can use the same ideas Curtis is evaluating for RSS, we call content, but not viceversa.
  • bug 524050 breadcrumb trail in awesomebar (mano)
    • show ancestor trail instead of uri
    • optionally click on crumbs to navigate to them
    • see locationbar2 for impl ideas
  • bug 524071 detachable and resizable bookmark dialog (marco)

QA Issues

From last week, the following things had open action items:

Status updates

From last week, the following things had open action items:


Mozilla Project Meeting Minutes: 2009-11-30

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From MozillaWiki

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Friends of the Tree

  • Suneel wrote in with these nominations:
    • Chris Beard, Myk Melez, and Tomcat for developing and testing Personas extension 1.4 with a better look, and lots of cool new functionality.
    • Ryan Doherty and Stephen Donner for pushing version 1.9 of the Personas website and their diligence for readying a redesign for 3.6.
    • Seth Bindernagel and Stas Malolepszy for their flexibility and hard work in helping make Personas as accessible in as many languages as possible.
  • Harvey and the legal team asked that we recognize Eckhart Wörner as a friend of the tree for his generous donation of several “mozilla” and “firefox” .de domain names.
  • Tony wrote, “I’d like to nominate Henrik Skupin (aka whimboo) for FotT this week. He’s been thoroughly testing the DLL blocklisting and component whitelisting functionality that has landed in Fx3.6beta 4. This feature is critical to protect users from malware and unwanted dll installations which has led to top crashing issues. A very detailed testplan and results is tracked here, which includes a tedious list of checking top 100 software downloads, manually observing all the .js and .dll files are behaving as expected.”
  • Marco gives a big shout out for Mick and Jamie from the NVDA project. “NVDA, an open-source screen reader for the blind for Windows, was released last week as version 2009.1 with strong support for Firefox 3.0 through 3.6, and much of this is due to MoFo funding and the great work of Mick and Jamie whose bug reports have lead to good improvements in our accessibility API, strengthening our over-all platform support.”

Development Updates


( Projects | Status | Goals | People )

Firefox 3.6 (Namoroka)

  • Released Firefox 3.6 Beta 4 on Thursday, Nov 26th in the morning
  • if you’re working on an add-on that integrates with the new lightweight theme technology, please take note of this late change to the observers/notifications structure
  • latest metrics show half of our 400,000+ beta users are running beta 4
  • data from these users is helping us ensure a very stable Firefox 3.6 release
  • closing on blockers in order to deliver a release candidate build this week
    • still aiming to be ready to ship in late December
  • mozilla-central will remain restricted to 1.9.2 blockers and approved patches only

Firefox Future

  • Blair has posted builds that implement tab matches in the awesomebar
  • when the mozilla-central tree re-opens, bsmedberg and the E10s team will be landing out of process plugin work
  • Vlad has created an Android Project Wiki for those looking to get involved with porting Firefox to Android using the Android NDK
  • Rob Strong is looking at updater fixes for Firefox 3.7 and wants input and feedback

Team News


  • We killed and added blockers over the holiday. 38 remaining blockers for 1.9.2. Watching and fixing regressions & crashes based on beta feedback.
  • News from the CrashKill front:
    • These numbers are being updated as we get more data from the beta 4 testers. It’s really hard to tell if this beta crashes more than beta 3. We’ll know more in a few days.
    • Reminder: We now have the ability to block specific DLLs from loading. For the list of DLLs we intend to block, see bug 525103.
  • Blockers:
    • P1: 2
    • P2: 11
    • P3: 0
    • Other: 25
  • Team blocker numbers:
    • Layout: 4
    • Content: 1
    • GFX: 3
    • JS: 21

Branch work: Firefox 3.0.x / Firefox 3.5.x / Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

  • Firefox 3.0.16 / Firefox 3.5.6
    • builds started today
    • planning to go to beta this week, after QA spot checks
    • on track for mid-December ship date
  • Firefox 3.0.15 -> 3.5.5 Prompted Major Update (PMU)
    • overall crashes in 3.5.5 are down from 3.5.3 and 3.5.4 thanks to CrashKill
    • some crashes were fixes in our code, others were blocklisted add-ons
    • even more fixes coming in 3.5.6
    • as a result, we’d like to resume pushing users from 3.0.x to 3.5.x
    • planning to go live with a PMU tomorrow morning


  • 3.0rc1 released
  • 1 POP3 bug is causing us to consider a 3.0RC2, we hope to have that decided and (ideally) spun today.
  • Planning for 3.1 and onward is underway in dev-apps-thunderbird.




  • Trying to hit kernel updates this week
    • Working around release schedule, off-schedule downtimes

Release Engineering

  • releases for 3.0.16 and 3.5.6 in progress
  • another super-quick turnaround for 3.6b4 last week


Test Execution

  • Shipped and Tested Fx3.6b4 to Beta
  • Major Update testing this week: Fx3.0.15 -> Fx3.6.x & Fx3.5.5 -> Fx3.6.x
  • Completed DLL Blocklisting testing, pending a major update test on linux. (henrik)
  • Ongoing crashkill analysis. See list of issues that QA is investigating.

Web Dev Testing

  • AMO – Testing AMO 5.4 is in progress.Release is scheduled for Dec 8th. Added 6 test cases to developer profile.
  • SUMO – Testing of SUMO 1.5 is in progress. Release is scheduled for Dec 3rd.

Metrics, Accessibility, Localization, Community

  • Accessibility
    • NVDA 2009.1 released! Big shout out to Mick and Jamie for this release. They have been collaborating with the Mozilla Foundation and the A11y team for a long team. They are a MoFo grantee. Their strong efforts have lead to good improvements in our accessibility API, strengthening our over-all platform support.
    • Submitted, investigated, reviewed, and verified a number of crashes and regressions. See bug 529442, bug 529371, bug 528311.
  • Community
  • Localization
    • Started the Firefox 3.6 locales testing cycle for 16 key locales.
    • Coordinating a testing event with es-MX

Test Development

  • We have automated crash testing worker scripts up and running on mac. Linux and Windows are next.
  • Electrolysis Talos patches are all in, awaiting review
  • Ironing out the last bugs in a unified Fennec/Firefox Historical Log Viewer to help diagnose [orange] bugs (and known failures in Fennec’s case) and trends surrounding such failures


  • No updates.



Five Years of Firefox

  • Mozilla Creative Collective Challenge closing on Dec. 9th. Please get your designs in and vote!
  • Last call for “Light the world with Firefox” pictures. Get them in by end of week!


  • Please join us for the community marketing call this week on Wednesday, Dec 2nd at 10 a.m. PDT/18:00 UTC! Please send Mary (mary at mozilla dot com) any other agenda items. Will start testing Air Mozilla at 9:30 a.m.
    • Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391#
    • Or you can use our toll-free number: +1.800.707.2533, followed by 369# and then 7391#. If you’re outside the US, use Skype to call in with our toll-free number.
    • You can also watch the meeting live in Open Video at air mozilla
    • For those that can’t make the call or want to participate online, join us in #marketing on IRC (
  • Notes from the last call here.



  • No updates this week.


  • Today is Cyber Monday. Historically we’ve seen a usage spike on this day… we’ll publish some numbers if we see something similar today.
  • User Outreach
    • Published findings based on user comments from the Firefox Update/Whatsnew page. Top comment was “Firefox is great”.
    • But we also saw two points of frustration from users: (1) crashiness, and (2) Firefox not saving a user’s settings. We previously saw this latter issue and a fix will be shipped in the next release of Fx.


  • New hacks post on CSS gradients
  • Lots of other posts coming up as well this week – help with spreading the word if you can!


Developer Tools

  • No updates this week.


  • Firefox 3.6 compatibility up to 59%
  • AMO 5.4 launches next Tuesday with support for release channels, better localization support when browsing, and GetSatisfaction integration
  • Add-on-Con is next Friday, with a pre-conference workshop the night before at Mozilla HQ


“Updates are in the wiki” 🙂



  • Firefox presently has 72 “green” locales and we are still accepting changes to those green locales
    • Missing locales are Mongolian, Occitan, and Kurdish
  • Fennec presently has 32 “green” locales” and we are accepting any changes until code freeze, which is scheduled for 11:59 PM PST on December 1.
    • Opt-in for Fennec requires localizers to check the search plugin patch in each locale that Stas provided for last week. Please approve and land.

Web l10n


  • Get Personas website should be ready for l10n this week
  • Weave Sync is getting closer to needing l10n, drivers will work with Weave Sync team to coordinate
  • Pike and Gandalf’s sign-off application is in progress

Foundation Updates

  • Over 1,000 people have contacted us about contributing to Mozilla through the new Get Involved page over the last month. If you’re interested in bringing new people into your project, please contact david at mozillafoundation dot org.


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