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Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2011-06-07

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Notices / Schedule

Firefox Development



  • Benoit Girard landed async drawing for Core Graphics and Core Animation plugins on Mac OS X. (bug 598425)
    • Should provide a big perceived performance improvement when you have plugins on a page.
    • Brings OS X up to platform parity with Windows and Linux.
    • Please look for plugin drawing/performance regressions on OS X!



  • new API for finding the actual fonts used by a chunk of content (after font selection etc) nearly ready to land (jfkthame)
    • If you might want to use such an API, see bug 467669
  • Zzzzz


  • Josh working on moving plugins to content, will allow display:none instances and re-parenting without restarting instances.


  • nothing to add this week.


  • Should have Nick Hurley’s standalone network test suite for Linux ready by next week. Will allow for adjusting latency, random packet loss, and “reproducible random” packet loss while replaying a browsing session.
  • Tomorrow (June 8) is IPv6 test day. (It technically begins 6 hours after this meeting, at Midnight GMT.) Test, report bugs!


  • bsmedberg posted to dev.planning regarding plans about extension (and Firefox frontend) compatibility
  • Felipe working on getting a running browser ifdef-ing off non-essential code

Tree Management

  • migration from tp4 –> tp5 (bug 658392 and threads in dev.tree-management, dev.planning).
    • Rollout plan is still being worked out. Need to be careful to avoid increasing load on slaves, or disrupting faster release cadence (FF5.0, FF6.0…).

Stability Report


  • Security bug triage is changing, the responsibility for suggesting security ratings for bugs is being shifted towards developers rather than the security group. (jst)
  • MemShrink effort (initiated by Nicholas Nethercote and Rob Sayrer) starting up on Tuesday next week (6/14) at 1pm pacific. Meeting details TBD. (jst)


Mozilla Project Meeting Minutes: 2011-06-06

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Video for today’s meeting

<video controls=”controls”><source src=”” type=”video/ogg; codecs=”theora, vorbis””/></video>

Friends of the Tree

  • Alex Rodionov for his contributions to WebQA Automation from the test day and on going!

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 6 June

Tuesday, 7 June

Wednesday, 8 June

  • Community Engagement Call, 10 a.m. PDT/17:00 UTC/19:00 CET Dial-in Info: +1.650.903.0800, followed by 92# and then 7391# You can also join us on Air Mozilla and via irc in #mozillians or #marketing. Agenda can be found here.

Thursday, 9 June

  • Contribute Group at 10 AM PDT — forum for discussing helping people get involved with Mozilla

Friday, 10 June

Next Week

Product Status Updates

Firefox Future (5, 6, 7)

  • Firefox 5 is getting very close
    • If we’re shipping Jun 21, then we need to be making that call this week
    • Watching addon compat closely
    • Likewise reports from our 1M+ beta users
  • Firefox 6 moving through Aurora now, a few backouts but mostly we just need more people on Aurora – tell your friends!
  • 4 weeks left on the Firefox 7 train!

Remember to watch the Channels Blog for updates on the process.

Firefox Current (3.5, 3.6, 4.0)

Mobile Firefox


Older Branch Work


  • No voice update this week.
    • Successful Hackasaurus TEDx Kids event in Brussels last week. 60 10-year-olds learning HTML and webmaking. (Blog post coming this aft.)


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It’s like a lightning talk, but don’t feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.





More Details
Your Title Here

Your Name Here

What are you going to talk about?

Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen

Link to where audience can find out more information

Status Updates By Team






Release Engineering


Test Execution
  • Fx5 Beta 4 Testing: Sign-off ETA, Monday.
  • Developer Tools Testday: Friday, June 10.
  • Fennec 5 Beta 4 Testing. bug 656782 is the main fix
  • Python ap/sreg/reg server went live
QA Community
Test Dev
Friends of QA

Automation & Tools

  • Continuing with special powers work – wrote a mini-specialpowers plugin to replace the enable privilege calls in our PGO profiler test
  • Bug Hunter UI starting in earnest, now that the migration to a MySQL backed database is complete – throughput is unchanged, still finding crashes
  • Some visual enhancements landed to the War on Orange Site
    • Working on new APIs to determine orange history for a specific failure (bug 661372) and another to investigate correlations between instances of orange occurrence.
  • More notes here



  • Reviewed / Triaged 14 items for FX5


  • 34 items “in flight” for FX6 / FX7
    • 21 items already completed

Reminder: Please engage the security team (Curtis Koenig [curtisk] specifically) so that security discussions can occur at appropriate times for features and patches. Engaging the security team early on can help us ensure that we are landing things with high quality as quickly as possible. Patch reviewers / landers should also please engage the team when security could be at issue even if the chance of problems are remote.

More Information


  • Launch of Mark Up is scheduled for June 8th, 9 am PST.

Contributor Engagement

  • Last update can be seen in video here.
  • REMO:
    • Sign ups have relaunched.
    • 50+ applicants being mentored so far
    • aiming for 100 Mozilla reps signed up by end of June
    • ReMo council workshop set for July 8-11 to plan for phase 2



Creative Team

Community Marketing





Developer Tools




Introducing New Hires

  • Ali Juma, for Platform/Gfx
  • JB Piacentino, Managing Director for Thunderbird
  • Eddy Bruël, Software Engineer for Jetpack
  • Matteo Ferretti, Software Engineer for Jetpack
  • Maya Barrow, Executive Assistant to Jim Cook & Debbie Cohen
  • Mihca Degele, People Partner
  • Kimber Schlegelmilch — College Recruiting Coordinator
  • Rob Hawkes, Developer Evangelist
  • Michael Kelly, Web Developer

Interns from last week (5/31)

  • Andrew Scheff — Platform (JS team)
  • Arzhel Younsi — returning intern (IT)
  • Diyang Tang — Metrics/Data Analysis
  • Riccardo Pelizzi — Security
  • Lilian Weng — User Research (Test Pilot)
  • Josh Matthews – Platform (returning intern, all-about awesome)

Interns who started today

  • Sinchan Banerjee — UX
  • Jezreel Ng — Firefox
  • Haoqi Li — Web Security

Foundation Updates



Mobile Meeting Minutes: 2011-06-01

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  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #mobile for backchannel


  • Fennec 7 (nightly)
    • This is the active development trunk
  • Fennec 6 (aurora)
    • Some bugs will keep trickling into Fx6 over the next week, but the door is closing
    • Mostly gingerbread theme bugs
  • Fennec 5 Beta 3 (beta)
    • QA is verifying Beta 3
    • Mobile and Desktop are planning a Beta 4
    • We are tracking at least 1 mobile bug for Beta 4

Major Topics for This Week

  • Fennec 5 Beta 3



  • Work for Fx6 -> We have Features, Bugs and Testing
    • Approval for a few theme bugs will happen this week. Bug flags will be updated.
  • Work for Fx7 -> We have Features, Bugs and Testing
    • Look at larger list of Features to add a few to the release.
    • We could use a meeting to make the list more concrete (or as concrete as the list is these days)
  • Front-end is following the ABC method (Always Be Coding)
    • If you get stuck on something, have a backup project to fallback.
    • Keep patches and reviews moving forward.

UX design

  • V6
    • slight revisions/fixes on gingerbread theme – pretty much locked down now
    • have to make decision about whether to use gingerbread or froyo theme on Honeycomb, for the moment (probably gingerbread)
  • V7 and beyond!
    • finishing up, with dev
      • first-run: language selection
      • text selection handles over to dev
      • error page revisions ready to go
    • ongoing work on
      • honeycomb theme and structure
      • sync improvements
      • readability discussion scheduling
  • ongoing longer-term tablet concept work and Firefox Home design work with that team

Platform Support






Beta 5 Sign off at the end of the meeting

Aurora 6 test plan finalized

Nightly 7

  • reviewing theme work for issues

Test Suites

Test Automation

Release Engineering

Priorities page

  • bug 659042 – Fennec 5.0b3 – ready to push
  • [DONE] bug 557260 – mobile builds -> MercurialBuildFactory
    • Let us know if there’s any fallout we’ve missed.
    • [FIXED] bug 592078 – android-r7 -> android
    • [FIXED] bug 648399 – put mobile builds on firefox tinderbox page (tests moving soon)
    • [FIXED] bug 592082 – refactor mobile mozconfigs
  • tegras
    • [FIXED] bug 655046 – android tests should now trigger when using trychooser
    • [FIXED] bug 656371 – remove org.mozilla.fennec hardcodes
    • [IN STAGING] bug 660365 – org.mozilla.fennec_unofficial
    • [FIXED] bug 660182 – reset hardReset count after tegra dials back
    • [FIXED] bug 659195 – adjust installApp step to return infra error only for pre-install
  • Switch macosx mobile desktop builds to 10.6 build slaves?


Firefox/Gecko Delivery Meeting Minutes: 2011-06-01

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Planning Meeting Details

  • Wednesdays – 11:00am PDT, 18:00 UTC
  • Mountain View Offices: Warp Core Conference Room
  • Toronto Offices: Fin du Monde Conference Room
  • 650-903-0800 or 650-215-1282 x92 Conf# 8605 (US/INTL)
  • 1-800-707-2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8605 (US)
  • #planning for backchannel
  • (the developer meeting takes place on Tuesdays)

These notes are read by people who weren’t able to attend the meeting. Please make sure to include links and context so they can be understood.

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Actions from Last Week

  • Johnathan to add Firefox 7 section to meeting agenda
    • DONE!

Schedule & Progress on Upcoming Releases

Firefox 3.6.x/3.5.x/4.0.x

  • Google homepage snippets for 3.5 EOL will be live soon
  • We’re still triaging and approving bugs for 3.6.18, which will ship with Firefox 5
  • No plans to do a 4.0.2 currently
    • The next “point release” for Firefox 4 is Firefox 5

Firefox 5 (Desktop)

  • Currently on the beta channel
  • Refreshed the build on the channel today (was going to be yesterday but got late in the day)
  • Currently parsing feedback data but looks pretty decent
  • Channel switching UI likely to be removed (in favour of separate downloads for various channels) bug 659972
  • Add-on Compatibility

Firefox 6 (Desktop)

  • Currently on the aurora channel
  • Getting decent uptake, have about ~34k users on a 6.0a2 build
  • Two issues we’re watching:
    1. Overall size of the aurora channel population
      • Product Marketing and Christian have a short-term plan to try to grow the overall population…will be written up today
    2. Stratification of aurora channel population across Aurora builds
      • Will be asking metrics for uptake data within a channel
      • May need to instrument product more (such as what % of users see the add-on compatibility dialog, etc) if we don’t have this data already
  • Add-on Compatibility
    • Automatic bump should take place tomorrow
    • Many more changes than Firefox 4->5

Firefox 7 (Desktop)

  • Currently on the nightly channel
  • Always difficult to know what’s coming down the pipe but items of note MAY include:
    • Interesting new developer tools including an inspector/highlighter
    • Opt-in on third-party installed addons

Firefox 4.0.x (Mobile)

  • No plans to do a 4.0.2 currently

Firefox 5 (Mobile)

  • Currently on the beta channel
  • Beta 3 getting prepped for release today

Firefox 6 (Mobile)

  • Currently on the aurora channel
  • Prepping any aurora approval requests, mainly for gingerbread theme changes currently in nightly

Firefox 7 (Mobile)

  • Currently on the nightly channel
  • New gingerbread theme
  • Getting good traction on many code projects
  • Need to update the flight tracking page with updated estimates

Firefox Sync

Add-on Builder 0.9.5

  • 0.9.5 release testing is almost complete, should be set to push to live @ 4pm PST
  • We have a queue of polish, tweak, and readiness bugs for the beta release.
  • Freeze for the beta will be June 15th – only regression fixes will be allowed after that time.
  • The beta release will occur on June 22nd in tandem with the Add-on SDK release and Firefox 5.

Add-on SDK 1.0

  • RC1 planned for last Wednesday, but delayed for important late landings and to fix recently-identified bugs
  • expect to bounce off zarro blooker boogs and ship RC1 today or tomorrow
  • release remains on track (nominal release date was June 8, actual date delayed to line up with Firefox 5 release on June 21)

Input 4.1

Other Notes:

  • Releasing 4.0.1 today that includes 7.0a1 and 6.0a2 versions to Firefox and Mobile Firefox version lists

Feedback Summary

  • New top support issue: “ uses an invalid security certificate” This is because they had a certificate that expired May 30th that they haven’t renewed. 900+ people in the last two days.

Press & Public Reactions

Questions and Concerns

What amount of extension incompatibility will we be willing to live with for the unadvertised minor update 4.0.1 to 5?

  • The gap we have now we will live with. Users will still get notices about incompatible extensions. We’ll review this post 5.0 release to see how this works in practice, but the plan of record is not to do 4.0.2 barring chemspill.

Where can I find the Add-on Builder?

Actions this week

  • Cheng/Fligtar to come back next week with a plan and update for the Fast Video Downloader error messages

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