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Mobile Meeting Minutes: 2012-07-04

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  • Wednesdays – 9:30am Pacific, 12:30pm Eastern, 16:30 UTC
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • #mobile for backchannel
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room


Major Topics for This Week

  • July 2nd (holiday for Canadians)
  • July 4th (holiday for US)

Stand ups

Suggested format:

  • What did you do last week?
  • What are working on this week?
  • Anything blocking you?

Please keep your update to under 2 minutes!

James W. (snorp)



Chris Lord (cwiiis)

  • Was doing
    • bug 769467 – Add a PrivateBrowsingUtils module with a helper for determining whether a content window is in private browsing mode
    • bug 722976 – ConsoleAPIStorage uses global Private Browsing status to make decisions
    • bug 758620 – Better support for zooming (including asynchronous rendering) with fixed position layers (small follow-up)
    • Reviews
  • Am doing
    • Continuing private browsing work (currently, bug 722977)
    • Possibly looking at bug 769541 depending on what the plans are for DLBI

Chris Peterson


Brian N






Scott (jwir3)






Ian Barlow


Round Table





Socorro bugs:

  • bug 727286 – Incorrect messaging when failing to submit a crash report
  • bug 672606 – Aggregate numbers and topcrashes for Nightly and Aurora channels based on build ID date instead of crash date


Breakpad Integration bugs:

  • bug 750348 A large number of devices are not showing up with the device identifiers
  • bug 717472 – Can’t retrieve crash report that shows in about:crashes
  • bug 732629 crash report failed to send due to : Not trusted server certificate

Please see Platform Meeting Notes for Stability report


Thunderbird Meeting Minutes: 2012-07-03

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Thunderbird Meeting Details :

Remember to use headphones and mute yourself when not talking

Feel free to ask questions in the meeting either by speaking up or by asking them in #maildev on IRC.

Other ways to get in touch with us can be found on our communications page


  • Who’s taking minutes? –> Andreasn
  • Minute taking Schedule. Talk to Standard8 for schedule changes/additions.
  • Note: this meeting is for interactive discussion. Feel free to ask questions!

Action Items

Friends of the Tree

Thanks to our Friend of the Tree. When adding someone to this section, please get their T-Shirt size, phone number (needed for shipping!) and send it to that she can send them a shirt!

Thunderbird Development

Feature Work

Test Pilot
Filelink (Big Files)
Instant Messaging

Google Summer of Code Projects

App Tabs for Thunderbird

– Basic UI done, images available in my blog. (Although some things are on progress, like the close button issue)
– Persistence: on progress.

Improving GMail Integration
Get ISPDB into Production
‘No reply’ reminder for Thunderbird

Schedule and Progress

Beta Version

One more beta this week. Will be testing out not having a what’s new page, and doing it server-side.
One beta next week.


Extension of the week

  • Cleanest Addon Manager 2.0 makes the extension tab more compact. Useful on small screen or/and when you have a lot of add-ons installed.

QA Updates

  • Wrote a release testing quick how-to
    • looking for some feedback on these “mini instructions”
  • Looking for someone to do Release testing while I’m getting married in Mongolia
    • contact me a if interested

Marketing Updates

  • Preparing for Mozcamp.
  • New start page design landing on 16th.

Build / Release Update

One patch just got in that sets the screen resolution allowing us to run tests on Windows 7 on Mozmill. This gives us more platform coverage.

Web Update

  • restyled getsatisfaction to match current style
  • copied/fixed up ESR pages to work in French
  • reviewed a pile of amo-validator patches and updated my patch



(If you support Thunderbird or write or translate documentation to help support Thunderbird, please subscribe to the tb-support-crew mailing list and briefly introduce yourself to the list)

  1. 1285 new support topics (1548 one week ago ) – Media:25June-1July2012-GS-TB-1of2-Community_stats_for_Mozilla_Messaging.png ; Media:25June-1July2012-GS-TB-2of2-Community_stats_for_Mozilla_Messaging.png
  2. Thunderbird 13 Support IssuesLightning 1.5.2 fixed the Invite Attendees issue
  3. See this week’s Support Appendix for full Get Satisfaction metrics and other support details

Lightning Updates

Status Updates

See the Mozilla Status Board for status updates specific to developers.

Roundtable Highlights


Mozilla Platform Meeting Minutes: 2012-07-03

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Platform Meeting Details

  • Tuesday 2012-07-0311:00 am Pacific
  • Dial-in: conference# 95312
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 95312
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 95312
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 95312
  • Warp Core Vidyo Room / SFO-Boardroom
  • join #planning for back channel



Notices / Schedule

  • bug 769048 – Attach to and report on crashes in FlashPlayerPlugin_*.exe processes which are children of our plugin container
    • Landing on Nightly and uplifted to Aurora shortly
  • bug 769721 – Change the pref name of IPC plugins to flip it back on for all users
    • In discussions to not honor IPC plugins pref with Flash 11.3 or possibly at all
    • Final solution (if any) will land all the way up to Beta
  • bug 686335 – Bad plugin search order prevents upgrading Flash without an OS restart
    • Backing out the behavioral change due to fallout and Adobe’s uptake rate
  • B2G release plan is currently being drafted
    • priorities over the next 3 weeks
    • more finalized schedule

Firefox Development

Firefox Developer Tools

Add-on SDK





Notable Patches:

  • bug 539356 – 28 patches for this one! DisplayList-based Invalidation (mwoodrow)
  • bug 666041 – nsCSSFrameConstructor patches for flexbox (dholbert)
  • bug 767936 – Use Element* as the cache key for CanvasImageCache (bz)
  • bug 766843 – Exempt inner table frames from optimized dynamic position change handling, as the required handling is performed for outer table frames (ehsan)
  • bug 770144 – Restrict ThebesLayer invalidations to the visible region. (mwoodrow)
  • bug 770058 – InvalidateFrame doesn’t need flags, we can just avoid calling ScheduleRepaint if we find any ancestor frame with a descendant that needs invalidation. (roc)
  • bug 769922 – Add nsDisplayAltFeedback so that alt feedback images get invalidated correclty. (mwoodrow)
  • bug 770041 – Revert GetRootPresContext to pre-DLBI behaviour and add GetDisplayRootPresContext for DLBI. (mwoodrow)
  • {{bug|770001. When comparing clips in the ThebesLayer coordinate system, changes in clips outside the bounds of the clipped display item don’t matter. (roc)
  • bug 745523 – Unprefix CSS transforms (ms2ger)
  • bug 767790 – Remove nsIHTMLDocument::{Get,Set}IsFrameset; (ms2ger)
  • bug 767169 – part 1 — Partial cleanup of Selection::selectFrames; (aryehgregor)
  • bug 769902 – Avoid unnecessary precision issues in nsSVGUtils::ObjectSpace (jwatt)
  • bug 248239 – Change standards mode height calculations for table cells to use content-box sizing rather than border-box sizing by default (tal.aloni)
  • bug 767734 – Give GetCanvasTM knowledge of what the request is for so it can do the right thing when SVG display lists are enabled. (jwatt)
  • bug 769194 – support src:local(…) in @font-face rules on Android/FT2FontList. (jkew)
  • bug 769103 – Get SVG masks working for HTML elements under CSS transforms (jwatt)


  • Plan to flip build pref for webrtc, and then land mozGetUserMedia() shortly (hopefully this week).


  • New hire introduction, Josh Matthews (jdm) started today!



(No audible)

  • Q3 2012 Goals
  • Heavily focused on main thread i/o issues (DNS, disk cache)



  • on mozilla-central we are now attempting to collect crash minidumps from protected-mode Flash player processes. Please keep an eye out for issues. If there are no serious issues, this will move to aurora tomorrow. See bug 769048 for the patches and followup.


  • We shipped last week!
  • Next release is 14.0.1 scheduled in line with the desktop 14 release.


Tree Management



For updates to meetings please see the Security Review Calendar

Bugs marked sec-review-needed that need to be scheduled

ID Summary Status Priority
744967 Add plugincheck functionality to Add-on Manager NEW
748945 Review iframe auto-height feature (part of seemless iframes) NEW
748949 Review changes to Cache-Control: no-cache on https pages NEW
749235 Security Review of Enable HTTP pipelining by default NEW
749337 SecReview: Thunderbird should (semi-)automatically improve the security-related server configuration settings when it knows an improvement could be made NEW
749339 SecReview: Thunderbird auto-configuration database should be expanded & updated by regularly spidering every domain on the internet ( NEW
749341 SecReview: Teach FileSaver to take URIs as well NEW
749344 SecReview: WebUSB NEW
749362 SecReview: WebBluetooth NEW
749363 SecReview: Preffing out CSS should be easier NEW
749364 SecReview: WebPrint (or WebIPP) NEW
749368 SecReview: Use a pref to determine whether we auto-launch downloaded files NEW
749379 SecReview: [WebAPI] Proper WebAPI permissions manager NEW
749625 SecReview: (camera) camera support for desktop NEW
749372 SecReview: Relax same-origin XHR restrictions for privileged applications NEW
749378 SecReview: Network manager API NEW
749221 Security Review of Media Plugin API (MPAPI) ASSIGNED
749233 Security Review of turn on “don’t load tabs until selected” by default / Tabs on Demand ASSIGNED
749355 SecReview: WebContacts (or Contacts+) ASSIGNED P1

Stability Report


  • Shipping a fix for bug 770245 today (Fennec Native product name in BMO changing to Firefox for Android. Please update link in “File a Bug”)
  • Also planning on shipping bug 770078 this week (Display new metadata “FlashProcessDump” in webapp)
  • WebRT support shipped but no ADUs. Tracking bug 765084



Trunk Top Crashers

  • bug 770424 crash in PresShell::Paint
  • bug 770580 nsRange::GetCommonAncestor
  • bug 770582 crash in mozilla::layers::ContainerLayerProperties::ComputeChangeInternal (64bit Windows/Linux)

Aurora Top Crashers

Beta Top Crashers

  • B10 is now up over 1 million ADUs. No new crashes have appeared so far.

13.0.1 Top Crashers

  • bug 763237 [adbe 3221904] Firefox crash in F1398665248_____________________________ continues to be the top crash. This signatures encompasses a bunch of different crashes. Work is ongoing on our side and Adobe’s to improve the crash situation.


  • Highlights
    • IT issues last week
    • Nightly crashes have gone down due to some fixes in the top crashers, but still have some ways to go.
      • fixed :
        1. bug 765712, bug 765463 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Bad limit (capacity 2097152): -1024 at java.
        2. bug 765463 java.nio.Buffer.limit(
    • Aurora top crash fixed, just need risk assessment and push
      • Needs assessment/push:
        1. bug 760955 – crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannel::InstallOfflineCacheListener
    • Top Release crash seems fixed in nightly, aurora, beta, need them to go into next release.
      • already pushed to beta:
        1. bug 763702 – crash in nsFontInflationData::FindFontInflationDataFor at crash address 0x28 (((nsIFrame*)0)->GetStateBits())
        2. bug 749186 – crash in nsFontInflationData::FindFontInflationDataFor at crash address 0x28 (((nsIFrame*)0)->GetStateBits())

  • 14.0 Release top crashes
    1. bug 749186 – crash in nsFontInflationData::FindFontInflationDataFor at crash address 0x28 (((nsIFrame*)0)->GetStateBits())
    2. bug 767713 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu(
    3. bug 763173 – Startup crash in AndroidGLController::ProvideEGLSurface during LayerManagerOGL::CreateContext
  • 14.0b10 Beta top crashes
    1. bug 767713 java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu(
    2. bug 769893 – java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot draw recycled bitmaps at android.view.GLES20Canvas.drawBitmap( on Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7 with Jelly Bean
    3. bug 756140 – Crash when quitting fennec native on Cyanogenmod 9
  • Aurora top crashes
    1. bug 760955 – crash in mozilla::net::nsHttpChannel::InstallOfflineCacheListener
    2. bug 767713 org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu(
    3. bug 761929 – java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the childs parent first. at android.view.ViewGroup.addViewInner( at on ICS
  • Nightly top crashes
    1. bug 761929 java.lang.IllegalStateException: The specified child already has a parent. You must call removeView() on the childs parent first. at android.view.ViewGroup.addViewInner(
    2. bug 763166 – crash in mozilla::AndroidGeckoLayerClient::SetFirstPaintViewport
    3. bug 766861 – java.lang.NullPointerException: at org.mozilla.gecko.BrowserApp.onPrepareOptionsMenu( at



Mozilla Project Meeting Minutes: 2012-07-02

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  • Dial-in: conference# 8600
    • US/International: +1 650 903 0800 x92 Conf# 8600
    • US toll free: +1 800 707 2533 (pin 369) Conf# 8600
    • Canada: +1 416 848 3114 x92 Conf# 8600


All-hands Status Meeting Agenda

Items in this section will be shared during the live all-hand status meeting.

Friends of the Tree

Upcoming Events

This Week

Monday, 02 July

Tuesday, 03 July

  • Brownbag, Tues 12-1pm PT, Ten Forward, Mountain View: Template Tools for Apps (POSTPONED from today, Monday, July 2)
    • Two awesome DEMOS
    • James Long from the Dev Ecosystem team will show Mortar
    • Dan Mosedale, Gladius team, will show the brand new release of WebGameStub 0.1.
    • All Mozillians are invited to attend. If you’re planning to hack on Apps this weekend, you won’t want to miss this!

Wednesday, 04 July

Thursday, 05 July

Friday, 06 July

Saturday & Next Week

  •  Mozilla Apps Hack Day for Mozilla Interns, Mozillians & Friends
    • Saturday, July 7: Apps Hack Day at Mozilla HQ
    • 10 Forward, 8:30am – 6:00pm PT
    • Create HTML 5 web apps at a day-long hack day at Mozilla’s Mountain View headquarters. The focus is on building apps for Mozilla Marketplace and presenting a working prototype at the end of the day. Food will be served. Demos and judging start at 5:00pm. Prizes will be awarded for the best apps built by interns.
    • Sign up here (for headcount for food):

Product Status Updates (voice updates)

Firefox Desktop

Speaker Location:

Firefox Mobile

Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:

Older Branch Work

Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:


Speaker Location:


The limit is 3 minutes per speaker. It’s like a lightning talk, but don’t feel that you have to have slides in order to make a presentation.

Title Presenter Topic Media More Details
Your Title Here Your Name Here What are you going to talk about? Links to slides or images you want displayed on screen Link to where audience can find out more information

Introducing New Hires

New Hire Introduced by Speaker location Will be working on
Who is the new hire? Who will be introducing that person? From which office will that introduction be transmitted? What will the new person be working on?
Thomas Elin Susan Chen Mountain View Business Development Account
Michal Purzynski Joe Stevensen Mountain View Software Engineer

Introducing New Interns

New Intern Introduced by Speaker location Will be working on
Mihnea Balaur Dobrescu Clint Talbert Mountain View, CA Tools and Automation
Zhijia Zhao Dave Herman Mountain View, CA Research
Liviu Stancu Dave Herman Mountain View, CA Research



Notes and non-voice status updates that aren’t part of the live meeting go here.

Status Updates By Team (*non-voice* updates)


  • Sunday 7/1 at 00:00 UTC we experienced a leap second that caused problems with any of our RHEL6 servers that were running java applications. This affected Zimbra, Elastic Search for many websites, HBase for crash-stats, and unrelated to java some mysql servers were also affected. Downtime to any single service was minimal as the servers were just experiencing high load and slowed down. This was covered in the following bugs, 769971 769973 769972 and in this IT blog post.
    • huge thanks to the individuals who were up working this issue late Saturday night: aj, bear, cshields, cyliang, deinspanjer, ericz, fox2mike, gcox, justdave, lars, laura, lerxst, pedro, phong, sheeri, solarce, tmary
    • we pushed out a ‘fix’ to the entire infrastructure to catch any issues we were unaware of. That said, if there are any issues that you notice that may be related, please file an IT bug.






Release Engineering


Test Execution


  • Affiliates
    • No updates
  • AMO
    • Release is scheduled to go live 06/28
  • Marketplace
    • Testday last Thursday!
    • Release is scheduled to go live 06/28
  • Input
    • unplanned release last week to land a patch for a XSS vulnerability
  • Jetpack Builder (aka FlightDeck)
    • Fennec GA last Tuesday
  • Mozillians
  • MDN
    • next release on 06/29
  • Socorro
  • SUMO
    • Continuous deployment, no updates

QA Community

Automation & Tools





Creative Team

Community Marketing






Developer Tools




People Team


Foundation Updates

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