Jun 07

Finally!! Lightning 0.5 & Sunbird 0.5 release is out

Finally, the 0.5 release has been completed.

About two months after our initial scheduled release date, Lightning 0.5 and Sunbird 0.5 bring us a huge step closer to our 1.0 release, which is scheduled for the first half of 2008.

Notable improvements of this release are:

  • Much more polished user interface in the calendar views
  • Event invitations can be sent and received via iMIP/iTIP (Lightning only)
  • Working hours are back
  • Automatic migration of data in Sunbird 0.2, iCal.app, and Evolution
  • Much improved printing functionality
  • Better integration of Lightning into Mozilla Thunderbird (Printing, Undo/redo, Copy/paste)
  • Support for Google Calendar (via the Google Calendar Provider extension)
  • and much more. A full list of changes that have gone into this release can be found on The Rumbling Edge weblog.

Lightning 0.5 and Sunbird 0.5 are available for Windows, Mac OS X (universal builds) and Linux in 22 different languages including English.

Please use the following links to download the release:

Please read the release notes for Lightning 0.5 and Sunbird 0.5 before downloading.

Thank you again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. We would not be able to do this without your assistance!

Jun 07

Lightning & Sunbird 0.5 RC2 have landed!!

Hi everyone!
As some of you have already found out by watching the mozilla.org ftp server, Lightning 0.5 RC2 and Sunbird 0.5 RC2 have been released.

We have the Sunbird RC’s for all our supported locales as well as the Lightning RC’s for all our supported locales, but unfortunately Lightning 0.5 RC2 is not yet available for the Mac. We will offer a universal Mac build of Lightning as soon as possible.

Here’s where to get your hands on the RC:

Please hammer on those builds as much as you can. If no serious issues are identified in the next few days, these builds will become the official Lightning and Sunbird 0.5 release.

Jun 07

0.5 release – status update (June 5)

Hi everyone,
first of all thanks for staying with us and for testing the 0.5 RC1 release builds. As these have been out for nearly a week, I wanted to give you an update on our plans regarding the 0.5 release.

First of all, the feedback has been really good. I think everyone will agree that 0.5 will be so much better than 0.3 and 0.3.1, even though probably not all your favourite bugs could be fixed in time.

But there have been some issues that prevent us from making the RC1 our real 0.5 release. These issues are:

  • Bug 375873:
    Bugfixes and corrections in many of our supported localizations
  • Bug 382840:
    Alarms in ics files don’t fire when scheduled – but do fire after editing
  • Bug 383124:
    Bump version number for lightning-wcap to 0.5
  • Bug 383163:
    Missing file sun-lightning.dtd in localized lightning.xpi
  • Bug 383263:
    Wrong install.rdf in lightning-wcap.xpi and wcap-enabler.xpi – not installable on Linux/Mac

All these issues taken together make a 2nd release candidate (RC2) necessary. We hope to prepare it soon, since all those bugs either have patches or can be easily fixed during the release preparation process.

After Lightning & Sunbird 0.5 RC2 is released, we hope that after a few more days of testing, this will become the final 0.5 release.

Jun 07

Lightning 0.5 RC 1 builds with WCAP support are now available

The 0.5 RC1 release builds were released about two days ago and the immediate feedback is looking pretty good at the moment. If it stays that way, we’ll release the final 0.5 bits pretty soon.

Some of you have asked for RC1 builds of WCAP-enabled Lightning. We heard you, prepared some builds during yesterday and here they are:

As the original Lightning 0.5 RC1 builds, those builds carry all the currently supported languages with them. So installing them into a localized Thunderbird should also give a localized Lightning environment.