Mar 06

Windows tinderbox is back

As of a few hours ago, we were informed that the Windows tinderbox (solaria) had finally come back online. As of the writing of this entry, it had successfully built and dropped a fresh copy of Sunbird with all of the changes mentioned in the previous Status Update, and a few others that have landed since then. Expect a Lightning build to drop soon as well. Huge thanks go out to everyone who put in time on this!

Given that we’ve had a smaller number of eyes on the builds lately, I’d like to ask everyone to test these Windows builds a bit more thoroughly than usual and to please file good bugs if you notice any problems.

Now for the bad news: The Mac tinderbox (hilo) is now on fire and needs to be upgraded. :-(

Mar 06

Status Update (27 March)

Apologies for not putting out a Status Update in awhile. I was on vacation the previous week and have spent most of this past week playing catch-up. Without further ado, these are the bugs that have had patches checked in for them since the last update. You’ll notice a higher concentration of Sunbird bugs, given the current push towards releasing 0.3a2.

  • Bug 325068: (Sunbird) Improve UI for selecting print options. Make printing pluggable
  • Bug 328073: (Both) Monthly recurrence doesn’t work well.
  • Bug 330020: (Both) Regression fix: View navigation buttons don’t work
  • Bug 328986: (Lightning) Update maxVersion to handle new TB/FF version numbers
  • Bug 325519: (Both) Give names to error codes when reporting them to users.
  • Bug 330244: (Both) Replace deprecated preventBubble() calls with stopPropagation().
  • Bug 325726: (Both) Update several internal observers that are missing needed methods.
  • Bug 325068: (Sunbird) Improve UI for selecting print options. Make printing pluggable
  • Bug 329347: (Lightning) Remove extra debugging code
  • Bug 321608: (Both) First day of the week setting not honored in Multiweek/Month views
  • Bug 321560: (Sunbird) Wrong day selected in views when using the minimonth or Go To Day, for some timezones
  • Bug 327662: (Sunbird) ‘Currently Selected Day’ filter in the unifinder doens’t update when a new day is selected
  • Bug 329415: (Both) Disable the ‘Remove exception’ button when no exception is selected in the dialog.
  • Bug 329360: (Both) Fixes for javascript strict warnings
  • Bug 266241: (Both) use system time format in the views as well
  • Bug 329654: (Both) calDateTimeFormatter always uses selfmade long formatted date string hack
  • Bug 330140: (Both) Disable going back after the calendar was really created.
  • Bug 321693: (Sunbird) Listen for changes to the multiweek weeks-in-view preference and update the view accordingly
  • Bug 330103: (Both) Removed hard-coded strings to allow for localization
  • Bug 327805: (Both) Use calendar name as initial filename during calendar export.
  • Bug 325519: (Both) Add specific errors for most common failures, along with brief strings describing them
  • Bug 329855: (Lightning) Add support for default alarm options in new events/tasks
  • Bug 322958: (Both) caldav time-range needs to be UTC datetimes, not dates
  • Bug 327832: (Both) ‘To’ date and time no longer linked to ‘From’ date/time, in new event dialog
  • Bug 321380: (Sunbird) Can’t remove days off from multiweek/month views
  • Bug 329226: (Both) Highlight ‘today’ in the views and the minimonth
  • Bug 331698: (Both) Minor view fix to allow for easier theming
  • Bug 329581: (Sunbird) (Mac only) hiddenWindow throws errors about obsolete overlays
  • Bug 331022: (Both) Shared use of ‘none’ for both Status and Priority causes localization trouble in some languages
  • Bug 331737: (Sunbird) (Mac only) ‘About’ menu-option should only be available under Window, not Help
  • Bug 323696: (Both) Dragging events that span multiple days results in unexpected behavior
  • Bug 329975: (Both) Edit Task dialog always shows 0% complete
  • Bug 263479: (Both) Tasks aren’t removed from month/multiweek views when deleted
  • Bug 331701: (Sunbird) Events created by drag’n’drop should be placed in the selected calendar, not always the 1st calendar
  • Bug 331485: (Both) When creating tasks with default alarms, the task is always set to today, not the selected day
  • Bug 324676: (Both) Day/week view don’t refresh correctly when default start/end hour preference is changed

There are also several other bugs that will likely land in the next few hours, but I’ll just report those in the next status update. As usual, thanks go out to the entire calendar team for there hard work, and of course to the entire community for testing and filing good bugs!

Mar 06

Sunbird 0.3 alpha-2 plans

Now that Lightning 0.1 has been released, there have been a fair number of people asking about plans to release a Sunbird 0.3a2 as well. We are indeed planning to make such a release as soon as possible to have a Sunbird release similar to Lightning 0.1. Today we reached 205 bugs fixed since Sunbird 0.3a1 was released and we definitely want our users to have these fixes available in a stable release (as opposed to a nightly build).

Currently, we have a rather short list of bugs that are blocking the release. These are listed in the tracking bug. Keep in mind this list may grow or shrink, depending on various discussions concerning the goals of 0.3a2 and the best way to strike a balance between more bug-fixes and a quicker release.

Mar 06

Windows tinderbox issues

As many people have reported, the tinderbox that was in charge of making the Windows nightly builds of both Sunbird and Lightning (named ‘solaria’) has gone Missing In Action, meaning that no nightly builds for Windows have been uploaded since 13 March. Unfortunately, all that we can say at this stage is that the build engineers are aware of the problem and are working as quickly as possible to rectify the situation. The timing of this problem could not have been worse, however, given that release cycles are currently in process or finishing for both Bon Echo Alpha 1 and Firefox/Thunderbird 1.0.x. Development is still continuing in spite of this obstacle, including moving towards Sunbird 0.3a2, so please be patient and nightly builds will hopefully be restored soon.

Update: A build made by ssitter is now online here. This is not a regular tinderbox build, so it is less official. But it is the best we can do at the moment. Happy testing!

Mar 06

Lightning 0.1 Released

Lightning 0.1 has been released. See the Release_Notes for details and download instructions. In addition we have created a first draft of a official Lightning homepage which you can point your friends to.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with coding, testing, documenting, etc. For those who have been trying out the release candidates, this is the same as RC2, so if you already have that, there’s no need to re-download.

Mar 06

Status update (12 March)

With this status update, I thought I’d try to give you some insight into what went on in preparation for the Lightning 0,1 release candidates.

As the blocking list grew smaller, it appeared that March 4 could be the date for Lightning 0.1RC1. (As you know, this didn’t happen, see below.) In the week prior to that, many small, low risk bugs were identified and patched. Examining these bugs you’ll notice that a majority of the patches were just a few lines long. There were also a fair number of changes to recurring events, to enable individual elements of recurring series to be edited.

  • Bug 323093: (Both) Week/Day view should expand when events fall outside the default hours
  • Bug 328084: (Both) Errors/unexpected behavior when mixing ‘Modify this occurrence’ and ‘Modify all occurrences’
  • Bug 328653: (Both) Alarms set for 15 or 30 min after an event show up as 15/30 minutes before.
  • Bug 328761: (Both) Alarms greater than 9 hours in advance end up at random times.
  • Bug 328763: (Both) Alarms for all day events rounded up to the nearest midnight
  • Bug 328508: (Both) JavaScript error when dismissing the last alarm.
  • Bug 328632: (Both) Times displayed in alarms are ugly and include useless timezone information
  • Bug 328483: (Lightning) ‘Play sound’ preference when alarms are fired does not work
  • Bug 328510: (Both) Deleted exceptions to recurring events remain in data-storage, but should be purged
  • Bug 328011: (Both) Create easier method for determining whether 2 occurrences are equal
  • Bug 325786: (Both) No way to add exceptions to events in the event dialog
  • Bug 328011: (Both) Audit code for proper use of identify testing of XPCOM objects and fix violations
  • Bug 329240: (Both) Fix regression from Bug 328011
  • Bug 327845: (Both) Error writing items with attendees to local (storage) calendars
  • Bug 327877: (Both) Multiple entries for same task are created in agenda when editing task.
  • Bug 328754: (Sunbird) Cannot create new events if default alarm for events is ‘On’
  • Bug 326352: (Lightning) Bump version number to 0.1

At this point, we thought we had it. Testing the next nightly, however, revealed fallout from some checkins to the MozStorage implementation (Bug 329518). While that bug was being fixed, a few other checkins went in as well:

  • Bug 328597: (Lightning) Calendars are not removed from the list immediately upon delete
  • Bug 329373: (Lightning) Creating an ICS (webdav) calendar with a file:// url can fail.
  • Bug 326116: (Both) Don’t download an ICS (webdav) calendar if eTags are present and indicate the file has not changed
  • Bug 315511: (Both) New ICS (webdav) calendars are sometimes marked read-only on creation
  • Bug 329486: (Lightning) Agenda view’s displayed times aren’t always in the correct timezone.

At this point, the MozStorage problems were fixed and when things tested nicely with the next set of nightly builds, we had Lightning 0.1RC1

It didn’t take long before we found at least one more bug that we wanted to fix before releasing the final version of Lightning 0.1. In the end, 2 bugs were fixed between RC1 and RC2.

  • Bug 329647: (Lightning) Agenda view sorts events based on their time in Los Angeles, should work off local time.
  • Bug 329800: (Lightning) Agenda view puts events starting at Midnight, and all day events, in the wrong day

And that brought us to the current state, Lightning 0.1RC2. At the time of this writing, there have yet to be any bugs filed that would stop RC2 from becoming the final Lightning 0.1. Again, immense thanks goes out to everyone who has helped us test and provided feedback concerning these release candidates.

Mar 06

Lightning 0.1 release candidate 2 is here

Thanks to everyone who helped us find and fix bugs in 0.1RC1.  We’ve fixed a couple of bugs in the agenda and release noted a bunch more problems that were found, and 0.1RC2 is now ready.

Lightning 0.1RC2 identifies itself as 0.1, but has a build ID of
20060310xx with various values of xx.  The build ID is visible from the
extension manager.   If we’re lucky, this will be our last release candidate!

As before, Calendar:Lightning:0.1:Release Notes – wiki.mozilla.org contains the release notes and download information.

Mar 06

Lightning 0.1 release candidate 1 has arrived

We’ve got release candidate bits that are close to final for Lightning 0.1 (a Mozilla calendar embedding for Thunderbird 1.5), and we’re looking for help shaking out any final showstoppers.

Check out Calendar:Lightning:0.1:Release Notes – wiki.mozilla.org for details and download instructions.

Lightning 0.1RC1 identifies itself as 0.1, but has a build ID of 20060307xx for some values of xx.  The build ID is visible from the extension manager.  Chances are good that there will be at least one more release candidate before we declare ourselves done.

A huge thanks to the entire Mozilla Calendar team and everyone who has contributed to making Lightning’s first real release happen!