Sunbird 0.3 alpha-2 plans

Now that Lightning 0.1 has been released, there have been a fair number of people asking about plans to release a Sunbird 0.3a2 as well. We are indeed planning to make such a release as soon as possible to have a Sunbird release similar to Lightning 0.1. Today we reached 205 bugs fixed since Sunbird 0.3a1 was released and we definitely want our users to have these fixes available in a stable release (as opposed to a nightly build).

Currently, we have a rather short list of bugs that are blocking the release. These are listed in the tracking bug. Keep in mind this list may grow or shrink, depending on various discussions concerning the goals of 0.3a2 and the best way to strike a balance between more bug-fixes and a quicker release.


  1. I am looking forward to the next milestone release. I am grateful to your hard work.

  2. And what about function: minimize Sunbird into system tray?

  3. Please coordinate with the AMO folks so that there’s no minVersion/maxVersion debacle like there has been in the past. Thanks.

  4. Looking forward to the next alpha with the new views in place, good work as always. Thanks for all your hard work believe me it’s much appreciated!

  5. With regard to Lightning – please make it store its calendars in iCal format (.ics) by default, the way the Calendar extension does. This is essential for me as it enables me to use FinchSync to synchronise with my PDA. Without this, Lightning is less use to me than the Calendar extension for TB!

  6. @Tasadar: There are extensions out there that allow for minimize-to-tray functionality. Google for them or look in the FAQ and/or forum.
    @David Russell: Simply tell Lightning to create a ‘Remote’ webdav calendar, but give it a file:// address and you will have the data in iCalendar format. Alternatively, use the ‘Export Calendar’ or ‘Publish Calendar’ functions.

  7. Looking forward to the noew release, Sunbird is my favorite of all the Mozilla products- thanks to all of you!