May 08

[May 30, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Another eight days have gone by and lots of fixes have happened since the last installment of the status update. Thanks to our developers and reviewers 16 bugs have been fixed.

Here’s the list of all the 16 changes within the last three days:

  • Bug 323952:
    no progress indicator when reloading remote calendars
  • Bug 338527:
    Load of remote calendar fails if ‘Automatic proxy configuration URL’ is set (regression)
  • Bug 428496:
    Editing event or dismissing alarm collapses Today/Tomorrow/Soon section in Agenda
  • Bug 429938:
    no cancelation message is send to attendees if event is deleted
  • Bug 431811:
    Context menu of tasks in today pane causes error
  • Bug 431980:
    Tasks marked as completed disappear from tasks list in task mode
  • Bug 433753:
    Add Romanian localization
  • Bug 434092:
    Allow disabling calendars completely (i.e on an outage)
  • Bug 435083:
    Day/week view: Event boxes don’t show color but are transparent
  • Bug 435268:
    Double-clicking an event in the Today pane opens *two* editing windows
  • Bug 435634:
    Missing ids in calendar-calendars-list.xul
  • Bug 435795:
    Can’t open Edit Task dialog via Return key for first entry in task list
  • Bug 435877:
    UTF-8 decoding problem breaks wcap calendar
  • Bug 435904:
    untitled tasks generate an exception when sorting
  • Bug 435934:
    No chrome package registered for chrome://calendar/widgets/calendar-widget-bindings.css
  • Bug 436030:
    Calendar services should specify nsIClassInfo::SINGLETON

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.

May 08

[May 22, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Two weeks have gone by and lots of fixes have happened since the last installment of the status update. Thanks to our developers and reviewers 41 bugs have been fixed in the last two weeks, which is really amazing. Nothing is really noteworthy. The fixes contain mostly backend fixes, cleanup work and (unfortunately) regression fixes.

Here’s the list of all the 41 changes within the last three days:

  • Bug 248342:
    Alarm goes off for completed tasks
  • Bug 273600:
    Task Progress bar
  • Bug 309081:
    Sync xpfe autocomplete attributes with toolkit ones
  • Bug 357706:
    Alarms fired too late (alarm timer stopped while hibernating)
  • Bug 363932:
    Delete Warning should be redesigned
  • Bug 392561:
    Need to revise provider error notifications, enhancing onError
  • Bug 392572:
    Correct comments in calIDateTime.idl
  • Bug 400835:
    CalDAV provider should display errors
  • Bug 413101:
    Calendar view missing background
  • Bug 417457:
    Remove XPInstall leftovers from packages files
  • Bug 421886:
    iTIP/iMIP doesn’t handle REPLY and CANCEL methods
  • Bug 428236:
    Selecting snooze times from alarm popup always causes the first entry to be highlighted
  • Bug 431039:
    Move only string from sun-lightning.dtd and remove file
  • Bug 431218:
    Multiple install: targets missing in calendar/ tree
  • Bug 431852:
    Move calendarProperties.xul/js from resources to base
  • Bug 432224:
    Remove more obsolete event dialog files
  • Bug 432653:
    All events in all views take the color of the last calendar in my calendars list (regression)
  • Bug 432877:
    Custom recurrence description is broken (regression)
  • Bug 432956:
    calIcsSerializer code bug
  • Bug 432985:
    Category colors are not displayed (regression)
  • Bug 432992:
    Replace getService() with createInstance() calls for nsIConverterOutputStream
  • Bug 432998:
    Creating event ignores selected date and creates event for today
  • Bug 433229:
    Remove empty /calendar/base/content/calendar-alarm-widget.css
  • Bug 433250:
    Add Norwegian (Nynorsk) localization
  • Bug 433352:
    Day/week view: category color is used for the entire event box (regression) – fixes also Bug 416604 and Bug 432957
  • Bug 433462:
    Correct calGetString() callers
  • Bug 433500:
    IMIP bar does not display anymore
  • Bug 433604:
    Error: hideElement is not defined
  • Bug 433839:
    Uncaught exception in dnd code
  • Bug 433843:
    Revise or remove getFloatingDate
  • Bug 433889:
    Fix regressions from Bug 430254 (regression)
  • Bug 433892:
    Specialize calendar list tree style
  • Bug 433906:
    Cannot dismiss alarm on Kerio server
  • Bug 433937:
    All-day items in Agenda have no styling and can’t be selected via mouse click
  • Bug 433947:
    Move goToDateDialog.js/xul from resources/content to sunbird/base/content
  • Bug 434188:
    calIDatetime::icalString should enforce timezone
  • Bug 434291:
    Fix calendar-ui-utils’ addMenuItem
  • Bug 434371:
    Error on deleting item from Zimbra server
  • Bug 434735:
    Consolidate auth prompts
  • Bug 434736:
    calWcapRequest: use nsIStreamLoader instead of nsiUnicharStreamLoader
  • Bug 434985:
    Remove unused entities and properties

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that make this possible.

May 08

[May 8, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Only three days after the last status update, it’s already time for another as the developers have fixed lots of bugs (19) in the last three days.

The most notable fixes are in the area of iMIP/iTIP (sending and receiving e-mail invites) with the fixes for bug 377761 (better compatibility with earlier Outlook releases) and bug 429938 (support for meeting cancellation).

Here’s the list of all the 19 changes within the last three days:

  • Bug 202360:
    Color Coding of Tasks and Events (multiple classification)
  • Bug 322979:
    Views should not scroll the labelling columns along the non-scrolling axis
  • Bug 368976:
    Cannot undefine alarm for an exception
  • Bug 377761:
    Outlook 200x does not recognize iTIP/iMIP invitation because of MIME type issues
  • Bug 397896:
    Sync default snooze between Sunbird and Lightning
  • Bug 397913:
    Add tooltips to the miniday buttons
  • Bug 401693:
    Today pane not updated on Mac OS X after hibernation
  • Bug 426746:
    Consolidate startup code
  • Bug 427006:
    Timezone offset incorrectly calculated for negative half hour timezones
  • Bug 428715:
    Between 23:00 and 00:00, the default event start date is 00:00 of the next day
  • Bug 429938:
    No cancel message is send to attendees if event is deleted
  • Bug 430254:
    Add interfaces to GData for UI code
  • Bug 430805:
    Permit to change the default free/busy attribute policy for all-day events
  • Bug 431829:
    Moving Today Pane button on Task toolbar removes it from Calendar toolbar
  • Bug 432218:
    Remove TB 1.5 specific code in getMailBar() function
  • Bug 432499:
    Duplicate id in calendar.xul
  • Bug 432703:
    Changing month with scroll wheel throws error
  • Bug 432793:
    Get rid of “move” transaction type
  • Bug 432794:
    Allow loading chrome scripts in test cases

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made and make this possible.

May 08

[May 5, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

I apologize for the long delay between status updates. It is certainly not due to a low number of bugfixes in recent day. In fact quite a large number of bugs (32) have been fixed within the last 18 days, showing that the developers have been quite active.

Three bugs are particular worth mentioning:

  • Bug 377753: Look and Feel of minimonths should be adapted
    The small monthly overview in the upper left corner has gotten a visual overhaul and is looking much better now in our opinion. Thanks go to Berend for implementing this and to Philipp and Christian for reviewing the changes.
  • Bug 389150: Display Today Pane with Task List in Calendar mode
    A lot of people have asked us to enable the today pane in Lightning’s calendar mode, so that people get a quick overview over their upcoming events and tasks as well. Thanks go to Berend for implementing this and to Philipp and Christian for reviewing the changes.
  • Bug 430430: Consolidate context menus
    Users of Sunbird have long complained about the inadequacy of the context menu in Lightning, e.g. when right-clicking on an event in the views. Now the full glory of the Sunbird context menus is available in Lightning as well. Thanks go to Philipp for implementing this and to Berend and Christian for reviewing the changes.

Here’s the list of all the 32 changes within the last 18 days:

  • Bug 340752:
    Undefined variable error in Makefile from using autoconf syntax for sed replacements
  • Bug 377753:
    Look and Feel of minimonths should be adapted
  • Bug 389150:
    Display Today Pane with Task List in Calendar mode too
  • Bug 390194:
    Event/Recurrence dialog: Width is too small for three minimonths
  • Bug 392855:
    ‘Show Today Pane’ button not available with fresh profile
  • Bug 395928:
    Unify wording in event dialog by renaming Importance to Priority
  • Bug 400278:
    CalDAV provider issues requests to unselected caldav accounts at startup
  • Bug 410898:
    DTSTART/DTEND ignored in FREEBUSY response to scheduling request
  • Bug 413265:
    Some timezones not mapped correctly (both remaining patches)
  • Bug 414565:
    Show relative date string in alarms for tomorrow’s events
  • Bug 414932:
    Change string name imipHtml.Comment to imipHtml.comment
  • Bug 417020:
    UTC and floating are missing in time zone picker
  • Bug 417539:
    Remove obsolete event dialog files and strings
  • Bug 417629:
    Import ICS file to CalDAV server fails to handle recurrence-id correctly
  • Bug 418414:
    Remove obsolete Jan Mayen references
  • Bug 428392:
    Accepting Events not adding event to calender – falsely reporting “not an attendee”
  • Bug 428851:
    Accepting Meeting Invites Does Not Update Google Calendar
  • Bug 429061:
    webcals scheme not supported (i.e., for https)
  • Bug 429497:
    Warning and error nsIInterfaceRequestor in the error console
  • Bug 429908:
    Minimonth broken on Trunk
  • Bug 429911:
    Year Popup in minimonth doesn’t listen to scrollwheel
  • Bug 429912:
    Packaging cleanup for crashreporter.xpt
  • Bug 429927:
    Remove outdated comment from calendar/base/jar.mn
  • Bug 430062:
    Remove some 1.8.0 branch specific code from calManager
  • Bug 430249:
    Storage calendar sends out too many onOperationCompletes
  • Bug 430280:
    bad aOperationType on addItem
  • Bug 430430:
    Consolidate context menus
  • Bug 431031:
    Remove files from resources/content/converters directory
  • Bug 431041:
    Correct tooltip for Print toolbarbutton
  • Bug 431395:
    Remove ununsed files from /calendar/resources/content/
  • Bug 431732:
    Use the createEventFromIcalString helper in unit tests
  • Bug 431733:
    Remove unused images from /calendar/resources/skins/classic

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made and make this possible.

May 08

Next release (0.9) and beyond

Two weeks ago, we had a great face-2-face meeting, which only now I am able to post about. Among the many interesting talks and discussions particular question we’ve discussed was “How do we proceed with Thunderbird 3 and trunk?”. I’ll try to sum up the outcome of this discussion here.

There are a ton of good reasons to move on to the trunk ASAP and help Thunderbird 3 get into shape: calendar will be a core feature of it, trunk has a couple of platform improvements that make our live easier and it will lessen the load on developers and localizers, that we no longer have to think about both the 1.8 branch and the trunk.

On the other hand, we have existing users on Thunderbird 2 waiting for fixes and features. Looking at our resource situation, it was pretty clear to everyone that we can’t support and develop both branch and trunk longer term in a reasonable fashion. So where and when do we make the cut?

We’ve agreed to do one further release on branch in the coming 4 months, namely 0.9. We will focus on the following topics:

  • Usability (our UI gurus have a lot of ideas here)</li
  • Performance (we will put more focus on improving our story with large remote calendars)</li
  • Interoperability (better iMIP/iTIP support comes to my mind here)

More details can be found on http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:Lightning09.

We hope that this release will be sufficient to be used for a longer period of time until the next Thunderbird releaseis out. There will definitely be usable betas (perhaps even alphas) of Thunderbird with integrated calendar, but we also know that some users reject to use those and stay on Thunderbird 2.

We had some further discussion about whether the naming of this last branch release shouldn’t be 1.0, rounding up our development for Thunderbird 2. This seems obvious from a marketing POV, but doesn’t fit into the mozilla way of promoting major releases. So we agreed that we have a thorough look at what we’ve reached both w.r.t. features and quality when 0.9 is almost done, postponing that decision.

To answer some obvious questions:

  • Does this imply changes on Sunbird’s development?
    No, we will do parallel releases of Sunbird with the Lightning releases. So Sunbird 0.9 will come out at the same time as Lightning 0.9 and we’ll move Sunbird development over to the trunk after that, too. This means we will be doing a Sunbird 1.0 release in parallel to the Thunderbird 3 release.
  • What happens if Thunderbird 3 gets delayed?
    We certainly do not hope that this will be the case, but we can react flexibly to that. This means that we might put out another release between 0.9 and TB3 (probably called something like 0.9.5) if it turns out that TB3 will take significantly longer (more than 3-4 months) than anticipated.
  • When are you planning to release 0.9? What is the release date of TB3?
    We are currently planning to release Lightning and Sunbird 0.9 in August 2008. As with all release dates, this release date is subject to change, if it turns out that we need additional time to put out a great release.
    TB3 is currently slated for December 2008/early 2009. The same caveats as said above apply here.