[May 5, 2008] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

I apologize for the long delay between status updates. It is certainly not due to a low number of bugfixes in recent day. In fact quite a large number of bugs (32) have been fixed within the last 18 days, showing that the developers have been quite active.

Three bugs are particular worth mentioning:

  • Bug 377753: Look and Feel of minimonths should be adapted
    The small monthly overview in the upper left corner has gotten a visual overhaul and is looking much better now in our opinion. Thanks go to Berend for implementing this and to Philipp and Christian for reviewing the changes.
  • Bug 389150: Display Today Pane with Task List in Calendar mode
    A lot of people have asked us to enable the today pane in Lightning’s calendar mode, so that people get a quick overview over their upcoming events and tasks as well. Thanks go to Berend for implementing this and to Philipp and Christian for reviewing the changes.
  • Bug 430430: Consolidate context menus
    Users of Sunbird have long complained about the inadequacy of the context menu in Lightning, e.g. when right-clicking on an event in the views. Now the full glory of the Sunbird context menus is available in Lightning as well. Thanks go to Philipp for implementing this and to Berend and Christian for reviewing the changes.

Here’s the list of all the 32 changes within the last 18 days:

  • Bug 340752:
    Undefined variable error in Makefile from using autoconf syntax for sed replacements
  • Bug 377753:
    Look and Feel of minimonths should be adapted
  • Bug 389150:
    Display Today Pane with Task List in Calendar mode too
  • Bug 390194:
    Event/Recurrence dialog: Width is too small for three minimonths
  • Bug 392855:
    ‘Show Today Pane’ button not available with fresh profile
  • Bug 395928:
    Unify wording in event dialog by renaming Importance to Priority
  • Bug 400278:
    CalDAV provider issues requests to unselected caldav accounts at startup
  • Bug 410898:
    DTSTART/DTEND ignored in FREEBUSY response to scheduling request
  • Bug 413265:
    Some timezones not mapped correctly (both remaining patches)
  • Bug 414565:
    Show relative date string in alarms for tomorrow’s events
  • Bug 414932:
    Change string name imipHtml.Comment to imipHtml.comment
  • Bug 417020:
    UTC and floating are missing in time zone picker
  • Bug 417539:
    Remove obsolete event dialog files and strings
  • Bug 417629:
    Import ICS file to CalDAV server fails to handle recurrence-id correctly
  • Bug 418414:
    Remove obsolete Jan Mayen references
  • Bug 428392:
    Accepting Events not adding event to calender – falsely reporting “not an attendee”
  • Bug 428851:
    Accepting Meeting Invites Does Not Update Google Calendar
  • Bug 429061:
    webcals scheme not supported (i.e., for https)
  • Bug 429497:
    Warning and error nsIInterfaceRequestor in the error console
  • Bug 429908:
    Minimonth broken on Trunk
  • Bug 429911:
    Year Popup in minimonth doesn’t listen to scrollwheel
  • Bug 429912:
    Packaging cleanup for crashreporter.xpt
  • Bug 429927:
    Remove outdated comment from calendar/base/jar.mn
  • Bug 430062:
    Remove some 1.8.0 branch specific code from calManager
  • Bug 430249:
    Storage calendar sends out too many onOperationCompletes
  • Bug 430280:
    bad aOperationType on addItem
  • Bug 430430:
    Consolidate context menus
  • Bug 431031:
    Remove files from resources/content/converters directory
  • Bug 431041:
    Correct tooltip for Print toolbarbutton
  • Bug 431395:
    Remove ununsed files from /calendar/resources/content/
  • Bug 431732:
    Use the createEventFromIcalString helper in unit tests
  • Bug 431733:
    Remove unused images from /calendar/resources/skins/classic

Many thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made and make this possible.


  1. Hello
    I think that Sunbird is really great but I found a few annoying things:
    1) On my wife’s pc it was impossible to add any callendar. After installing there were also no callendars – she uses Vista Home . I Use Vista Ultimate and I had no problems . When my wife installed Lightning everything works fine – the problem was with version 0.8 and also with older version 0.7
    2) When I add tasks which should repeat (for example every week) and change status of this task only in current week as finshed, in the tasks taskbar (on left) this tisk is still visible (marked green). I think it should rather dissapear – option “hide done tasks” doesn’t work properly in that case for tasks which should repeat
    3) When I mark task in tasks taskbar (on left) done and this task repeats every month, all instances of this tasks are marked done (even those which are in next month)
    I think that Sunbird is really great but it should be developed many more options to call it really proffessional callendar.

  2. Hi thank you for your great work !
    I have the following features request list :
    – a search function for tasks
    – syntax highlightinning for tasks and events
    – link on documents for tasks and events with an “explorer”
    – keep a link on document when an email is dragged on task/Event.
    Keep up the good work.