May 09

[May 29, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Sorry for the long hiatus here in the blog. We haven’t forgotten you. Here are the 37 bugs that we fixed since the last status update in mid-April:

  • Bug 238632: Dates become 1 day earlier after leap day in non-millenial century years
  • Bug 258551: Alarm should not fire for cancelled event
  • Bug 343268: Uncaught exception if Drag and Drop is aborted with Escape key
  • Bug 388399: China holiday file by Mr. Fu Yang Yong – reloaded
  • Bug 396819: Event Summary Dialog doesn’t show important information to user
  • Bug 427617: ics import fails if event has RDATE property with value type PERIOD
  • Bug 450933: Today Pane doesn’t remember state between restarts
  • Bug 455939: Offline cache should synchronize in the background (hang every 4 minutes)
  • Bug 459352: No progress bar in ‘% complete’ column
  • Bug 466535: Sunbird/Lightning should get RTL compatible theme
  • Bug 470934: Better handling of server-side deleted calendars when getting the ctag
  • Bug 479973: Agenda List Box Item in Today Pane is always white
  • Bug 482460: Recurrence summary in Edit Event dialog can’t be correctly translated
  • Bug 483189: Armenia Holidays
  • Bug 484877: Update internal timezone database to version 2009f
  • Bug 486186: Reminder based on end/due date changes to start date after restart
  • Bug 486678: Calendar summary dialog is borked
  • Bug 487008: Wrong rendering of event invitation
  • Bug 487400: Preference ‘calendar.alarms.indicator.show’ doesn’t work anymore.
  • Bug 488720: Recurrence dialog doesn’t work well when editing an event with monthly rule
  • Bug 489590: Make views more extensible
  • Bug 489966: Bogus registry keys added
  • Bug 490240: reference to undefined property this.mData[aName]
  • Bug 490243: reference to undefined property this.mExceptionMap
  • Bug 490309: Implement asynchronous ical parsing
  • Bug 490526: Win2k3 c-c sunbird l10n is orange
  • Bug 491051: Holiday Calendar for Guyana
  • Bug 491207: Icon files for event/task dialog windows
  • Bug 491226: reference to undefined property unifinderObserver.prototype
  • Bug 491270: Holiday file for Iceland
  • Bug 492192: Opening local ics files breaks views
  • Bug 492640: Fix misc js warnings
  • Bug 493250: Greek Holidays file (1978-2045)
  • Bug 493812: Some css file have selectors related to classesrules that don’t exist
  • Bug 493998: Attendee in iTIP REQUEST always have role REQ-PARTICIPANT
  • Bug 494312: Remove the locale from updater.ini
  • Bug 494476: In month/multiweek views, event boxes are misplaced by 1px

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.