Jan 07

Sunbird/Lightning status update (Jan 26)

Hi guys, we have seen enough changes in the last two weeks to warrant a new status update. So here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 364420:
    Left-align events on month printout
  • Bug 177109:
    use resolveURI instead of newURI when processing command line args
  • Bug 360111:
    dying js context
  • Bug 361654:
    remove unused string configAutoconfigText
  • Bug 361195:
    Remove obsolete strings from calendar.properties
  • Bug 365616:
    Make CalDAV use passwords stored in the passwordmanager if they exist
  • Bug 327602:
    Move VTIMEZONEs to the beginning of a VCALENDAR to make CGPro happier
  • Bug 364571:
    error while opening ‘invite attendees’ dialog
  • Bug 364841:
    Unify ics provider serialization and parsing with the ics import/export code
  • Bug 362507:
    Give an event the default length, if switching from all-day
  • Bug 361211:
    Unselect items if the user clicks elsewhere in the view
  • Bug 353698:
    Make sure to announce the fact that a selected event was deleted
  • Bug 366145:
    Make printed font color dependent on background color for the calendar

A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

Jan 07

Calling All Testers: Test Day January 30!

We have been exceptionally busy on the calendar-QA team this week. Working together, we have brought our number of non-enhancement, unconfirmed bugs down to 87! Additionally, we are gearing up for a powerful week of testing. In order to address the upcoming United States daylight savings time changes, the calendar team is releasing a patch for 0.3. The team is moving as fast as possible to get this release out so that it does not impact the 0.5 release schedule.

And that is why we need you. We have to do testing on Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1, and we have to continue our testing on Sunbird and Lightning 0.5 as well. So, we are having two test days next week. Our primary test day will be on January 30th, and a secondary test day will be held on February 1st. Click here for more information on those dates.

To underscore the importance of the January 30th test day, I’m happy to announce that we WILL have a reward for the hard working winner of the test day. It will be a Mozilla Store gift certificate. We will announce the winner of the test day at our QA Chat on February 1st.

If you’ve been wanting to try out a Mozilla test day, if you’ve been waiting to get involved, this is the perfect time to jump in. We will need all hands on deck as we release 0.3.1 and move quickly toward 0.5.

Thank you very much for your help. We hope to see you either on January 30th or February 1st, or both!

Jan 07

January 16 Test Day Results

We had an AWESOME test day on the 16th. Thanks to everyone who helped out: jminta, bbbrowning, archaeopteryx, fopper, andreas, matthaeus123, beltzner, chris-j, denis, dmose, johnst, ulf, xfallenangel, mc, ssitter, lamer1, paulivanov, thorn, and drjones.


  • 18 new bugs logged!
  • 208 Litmus cases passed
  • 19 failed
  • 30 marked unclear
  • Reported your UI feedback to the Calendar Status meeting.

Join us on #calendar-qa as we announce the winner of the test day at tomorrow’s Calendar QA Chat.

Thanks for the help yesterday. Let’s keep this momentum as we get closer to the 0.5 release. Mark your calendars for the next test day: January 30. We hope to see you there.

Jan 07

Calendar Sneak Preview Part 1 – The event dialog

As you all know, the guys from Sun have been
the Calendar Project
for some time now. Most of the stuff that they’ve been working on, has been work on the backend (e.g. the WCAP Provider) and general bug-fixing work.

But they’ve also begun to work on the Lightning user interface and while their work has not been publically released just yet, we’d really like to give you a sneak preview of what is to come. We’ve decided to present you the new stuff in bits and pieces over the coming weeks and to concentrate on one element per blog post.

Please be aware, that these new features have not been fully implemented yet and have also not undergone a complete code review by the Calendar developers. Therefore the features and screenshots described may be subject to change.

We would also like you to give us and the Sun guys extensive feedback about what you think about these new UI features. Please use the comments section for this.

In the first installment of this series, we’ll talk about the new advanced Event Dialog and its features. Here’s a screenshot of the new dialog.

Event Dialog Screenshot

The design goal of the new event dialog were:

  • A seamless integration into the Thunderbird UI. The user should not get the feeling that he is in a different application, when he is using the calendar part.
  • Evolution and Outlook users should also feel at home
  • The new dialog should be more powerful in terms of features, while still presenting a simple and lean UI

The following new features were developed for the new dialog:

  • Integrated timezone support
  • Integrated display of recurrence patterns, reminders and attendees
  • Custom Recurrences
  • Custom Reminders
  • Clear separation between tasks and events
  • Free/ Busy support
  • Show time as Free/Busy

Here are two more screenshots of the event dialog with some more of the new features visible and of the new attendee dialog:

Event Dialog Screenshot 2
Attendee dialog Screenshot

The new event dialog can be used with or without using the WCAP provider, but free/busy-support is only available for WCAP calendars at the moment, because the other providers (e.g. ICS or CalDAV) have not implemented this feature yet.

Further information regarding the attendee dialog is available at
http://wiki.mozilla.org/Image:Enterprise-attendee-dlg.png and

Jan 07

Calendar Views and User Interaction Test Day on January 16

In light of all the recent fixes, we will be having a calendar test day on January 16. We will be focusing on calendar views testing and user interaction. Several calendar developers will be present to hear your views on ways that the user interface (UI) might be improved or extended, so feel free to drop by and give us your two cents. All the UI feedback will be presented in the weekly status meeting following the Test Day.

The Test Day will be twelve full hours of Views testing and UI feedback bliss, starting at 13:00UTC on January 16 to 01:00UTC on January 17. You can find more information at http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:QA_TestDay:2007-01-16

We are proud to announce that we will offer rewards again as we get closer to releasing 0.5. We will start with fun rewards first and progress to serious ones as the release nears.

So, whether you log in to give feedback on something or you run a test, we hope to see you in #calendar-qa on January 16.

Jan 07

Sunbird/Lightning status update (Jan 10)

Hi guys, welcome and a happy new year 2007. Here’s the (rather short) status update for the first few days in the new year with the list of fixed bugs since the last status update.

  • Bug 336287:
    Multiweek view has inconsistent/faulty navigation
  • Bug 343190:
    DnD month view: Drag and Drop stops working if event is dropped out of calendar view
  • Bug 366083:
    Remove listeners on destruction of datepicker
  • Bug 360479:
    Remove obsolete “NonWorkDay” methods
  • Bug 360659:
    Fixes ‘NS_ERROR_FILE_UNRECOGNIZED_PATH’ error in migrator
  • Bug 361565:
    Weekly layout: Every second week is not printed and wrong week numbering
  • Bug 365765:
    Update calendar copyright dates to 2007
  • Bug 365785:
    (Mac) Remove extra UTF-16 to UTF-8 conversion of InfoPlist.strings.in
  • Bug 366141:
    Fix javascript strict warnings

As always a big ‘Thank you’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

Jan 07

January 2nd Test Day Results

  • 5 new people!
  • 6 new bugs!
  • 31 Remote calendar Litmus tests ran (2 failed, 1 unclear)

Congratulations to our top two testers: Jallison and Archaeopteryx! This was their first calendar test day and they did an excellent job! We had a lively test day with lots of contributors. Thanks to everyone involved: jayelix, ulf, ssitter, mschroeder, maarten, xFallenAngel, dror, bbbrowning, jminta, lilmatt, archaeopteryx, jallison, sipaq, mvl, setr, fopper, mechtilde, and damian.
Come join us for our next test day on January 16.