Calendar Views and User Interaction Test Day on January 16

In light of all the recent fixes, we will be having a calendar test day on January 16. We will be focusing on calendar views testing and user interaction. Several calendar developers will be present to hear your views on ways that the user interface (UI) might be improved or extended, so feel free to drop by and give us your two cents. All the UI feedback will be presented in the weekly status meeting following the Test Day.

The Test Day will be twelve full hours of Views testing and UI feedback bliss, starting at 13:00UTC on January 16 to 01:00UTC on January 17. You can find more information at

We are proud to announce that we will offer rewards again as we get closer to releasing 0.5. We will start with fun rewards first and progress to serious ones as the release nears.

So, whether you log in to give feedback on something or you run a test, we hope to see you in #calendar-qa on January 16.


  1. Where can I find a road map for Lighting? I’d like to know when/if Exchange Server support will be added. Keep up the great work guys/gals.

  2. Grover Blue,
    Our roadmap is here:
    We do not currently plan to support Exchange Servers directly for 1.0, because of time and resource contraints. However, we would welcome a calendar provider patch that implemented this.

  3. Reminder: Test Day is TOMORROW!
    Be sure to join us for the test day and the user interface discussion on January 16 in #calendar-qa. It will start at 13:00 UTC. You can find more information here: