Feb 07

0.5 status and release plan

The Calendar developers have been discussing their plans for the upcoming Sunbird/Lightning 0.5 release and we would like you to know about our plans for 0.5.

There is a lot of good work already complete, and we all agreed that the value of getting that work out to our users is high. That said, there are still some features and outstanding issues that we’d like to see in 0.5, that aren’t finished yet, but would enhance the experience for our users a lot.

We’ve therefore created a list of blockers (we will not release 0.5 without these features) and a list of nice-to-have items (it would be great if those could make the 0.5 train, but if push comes to shove, we will release without those items).

The items that block 0.5 are:

  • Calendar view “working hours” (Bug 349520 – probably the most requested feature)
  • Event box beautification (Bug 368982 – the calendar views look so much better with this patch)
  • iTIP/iMIP accept and decline (I can’t find the bug right now)
  • Printing integration in Tb (I can’t find the bug right now)
  • Undo/redo integration in Tb (Bug 369084)
  • Copy/paste integration in Tb (Bug 367110 – already fixed)
  • UNIX printing fixes (I can’t find the bug right now)

These are the nice to have items:

We are currently planning to release a first release candidate at the beginning of April and release Sunbird 0.5 and Lightning 0.5 during the first half April. Here’s the planned release schedule:

  • March 12 – string freeze – l10n begins
  • March 24 – code freeze (If it’s not in by now, it’s missing the bus.)
  • March 26 – functional testing by #calendar-qa, localizers check their work using nightlies
  • March 30 – l10n freeze
  • April 02 – first RC
  • April 08 – release date or second RC, in case RC 1 was not good enough
  • April 14 – release date, in case we need an RC 2

I hope you are as excited as we are about the upcoming 0.5 release. Stay with us for more great things to come!

Feb 07

Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1 Released

The Mozilla Calendar Project today released the latest versions of their flagship software, Mozilla Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1. This is a maintenance release containing the recent changes to Daylight Savings Time in various countries around the world, and is recommended for users of all previous Mozilla Calendar software. No additional features were included, although a select number of stability issues were addressed. Work continues on Sunbird and Lightning 0.5, the next planned release.

Download Sunbird and Lightning 0.3.1 from the project’s website.

Feb 07

0.3.1 RC2 — Final Testing Needed

Thank you to everyone who helped with our Localization test day last week. We were so excited to see the amazing response from the community. From February 9th to the 12, we ran over 500 litmus test cases on the 0.3.1 RC1 builds. Over 30 people logged on to #calendar-qa and helped out. And most importantly, we found one show-stopper bug and four localization related bugs.

Now, those bugs are fixed, and we have spun the release candidate 2 (RC2) build. This will be the 0.3.1 release build if it passes our final round of testing. So, one more time, we need your help to run through the localization matrix, timezone tests, and the regression testing on the 0.3.1 RC2 build. You can see what needs to be tested on our 0.3.1 RC2 test tracking wiki page. As you run tests, please feel free to update that page with your findings.

Thank you very much. Let’s get 0.3.1 out the door!

Feb 07

Continuation of Localization Testing on 0.3.1

Today has been an incredible day of testing. Testers, localizers, and hackers came together, joining forces to test 0.3.1 and its localizations. We have finished verifying almost all the Sunbird builds. However, our Lightning localizations were delayed and did not arrive until late in the day.

As a result, we are extending the test day through the weekend. If you have a chance, please take a build and run it through our small suite of Localization tests in Litmus.

I have summarized all the information about where we stand on the test day wiki Using that table, you can determine which builds need to be verified and which have already been done. Localizers, you can use that same table to see if you have any issues you need to fix before we spin release candidate 2. We filed bugs for all the issues we found, and those bugs are listed there.

I am extremely encouraged and excited about your response. Today the #calendar-qa channel broke its own record of 30 people involved during a test day! Please keep it going–we need to get all these localizations tested before we push to the final release.

Thank you very much for your time and energy.

Happy Testing!

Feb 07

Locale and Time Zone Verification Test Day on Friday for 0.3.1

Over the weekend we found bug 369270 in the 0.3.1 release candidate. Due to this and to the large number of locales that need to be verified, we are holding one more test day for 0.3.1. The test day will be on Friday, February 9th. It will begin at 13:00 UTC and last for twelve hours. We will be testing each locale to ensure that nothing is broken in the translation, and we will verify that the timezone fixes in 0.3.1 are working properly.

We are very close to release of 0.3.1. Please join us for this final push. You can find all the information about the test day here: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:Current_QA_TestDay

Thanks for your help.

Feb 07

What a week it has been! QA Test Day Results

Frenzied, determined tenacity is what comes to mind when I try to describe these last few days. It has been quite a week here at calendar-qa. I asked for all the help we could muster, and you responded. Thank you. Take a look at what we accomplished:

  • 2 Test days
  • 29 People Involved
  • 13 Bugs –> 4 stop ship on 0.3.1
  • 341 Tests run! (315 Passed, 22 Failed, 4 Unclear)

This is a massive accomplishment. We also attempted to do some public announcements about the test day, and we owe xFallenAngel and Archaeopteryx thanks for their stellar efforts putting that together. We can thank Damian for the fact that there were only 4 unclear tests on these two test days. Thanks go out to eor who organized the second test day. Thanks to lilmatt and dmose who worked around the clock fixing bugs as fast as we found them. And a huge thank you to all the testers and moderators: andrewaclt, bbbrowning, jminta, beb, maarten, mschroeder, nightrat, skuribay, ssitter, ulf, paulivanov, excessory, matthaeus123, elichak, vanessa, zero_, tiago, frac, tomcat, asztal, mvillalo.

The winner of our test day is pretty new to the calendar-qa project. In addition to some great testing, he has worked to help broaden and build the calendar-qa community. Thank you and congratulations to Archaeopteryx.

As a direct result of all our good work, the February 2nd (tomorrow) build will likely be the 0.3.1 release candidate. So, we are not out of the woods yet. I will be holding a QA Work Session in #calendar-qa on this Sunday and Monday at noon UTC onboth days. Those sessions will go for two or three hours and we will concentrate testing on 0.3.1. Please join me if you have the time. On Monday (Feb.5), we will decide whether or not to hold another Test Day before 0.3.1 is officially released.

Thank you very much for your time and your help. I am happy to see the 0.3.1 release moving as quickly and as smoothly as it has. It couldn’t have happened without your support.

Happy Testing