0.3.1 RC2 — Final Testing Needed

Thank you to everyone who helped with our Localization test day last week. We were so excited to see the amazing response from the community. From February 9th to the 12, we ran over 500 litmus test cases on the 0.3.1 RC1 builds. Over 30 people logged on to #calendar-qa and helped out. And most importantly, we found one show-stopper bug and four localization related bugs.

Now, those bugs are fixed, and we have spun the release candidate 2 (RC2) build. This will be the 0.3.1 release build if it passes our final round of testing. So, one more time, we need your help to run through the localization matrix, timezone tests, and the regression testing on the 0.3.1 RC2 build. You can see what needs to be tested on our 0.3.1 RC2 test tracking wiki page. As you run tests, please feel free to update that page with your findings.

Thank you very much. Let’s get 0.3.1 out the door!


  1. Bas van den Bosch

    the RC2-dirs of lightning are empty…

  2. still no RC2-dirs for lightning …
    any info ?

  3. Yes, the Lightning localized builds are not automatically generated and so take a bit longer to complete.
    We hope to have the Lightning builds available today for testing.
    In the meantime, I encourage everyone to help out with the Sunbird side of the matrix.
    Thanks again for your help. I’ll post a comment to this thread when the Lightning builds are available.

  4. Good news! Lightning 0.3.1 RC2 builds are uploading now! Let the Lightning testing begin!
    Now == 15:50 UTC February 15.