Mar 08

Mac nightly builds are now available (again)

Thanks to Mozilla IT and our build engineer ause, Mac builds for Sunbird and Lightning are now available again. Here are some links for our mac friends:

Expect the release of our second release candidate (RC2) shortly…

Mar 08

Lightning download statistics publicly available

Now that the new release of AMO has gone live, a much improved statistics solution is also available. I’ve marked our download statistics page as public, so everyone can take a look at it. Here’s the link:

Public Lightning download statistics

A good explanation of the possibilities of the new statistics dashboard can be found on Justin Scott’s blog.

Mar 08

0.8 RC2 unstuck again

Good news, guys!

The Camino guys have been helping us out with a spare machine of theirs. The machine is up and running and if everything works out, we’ll hopefully push out the 0.8 RC2 on Friday.

Please join me, when I say a big “Thank you!” to the Camino developers. We love you guys!

Mar 08

0.8 RC2 is stuck

I have some bad news:

Yesterday the Apple Xserve machine producing the Mac OS X builds of Sunbird and Lightning went down and it hasn’t come up since. According to Mozilla’s IT department, it’s a hardware failure and the machine needs to be sent to Apple for repairs, which will take a while. You can find the gory details in bug 423816 (Please don’t comment in the bug unless you have something really useful to add. We don’t want to piss off Mozilla IT. These guys are great!)

For us this means, that the RC2 is stuck, since we can’t release without one of our major platforms. But you can still help us by testing the current nightly builds (just pretend that they are the RC2) on Linux and Windows. This will help us to shorten the time from the RC2 release (once it’s out) to the final release.

Here are the links:

Thanks for staying with us!

Mar 08

4 million downloads for Sunbird and Lightning

Somewhere on Sunday evening, we passed the 4-million-downloads barrier for Sunbird and Lightning downloads in total, three and a half months after we reached the 3 million downloads mark.

At the moment we have 2,215,000 unique Sunbird downloads and 1,814,000 unique Lightning downloads. These numbers do not incorporate the downloads of people who updated Lightning via addons.mozilla.org or via the automatic update service in Sunbird.

Some additional information:

  • Sunbird 0.3 is still the second most popular release with 598,000 downloads
  • Sunbird 0.3.1 is third with 498,000 downloads
  • Sunbird 0.5 comes last with 490,000 total downloads
  • Sunbird 0.7 is the most popular release with 602,000 downloads

Furthermore 218,000 installations of Sunbird 0.5 have been updated to 0.7, so the total numbers of Sunbird 0.7 downloads is at 820,000 at the moment.

We currently do not have any information about the number of different Lightning releases in the wild.

Let me use the opportunity to say “Thank you” to all our users and supporters. We couldn’t have done this without you. We hope to bring you a great 0.8 release soon (hopefully with even more downloads).

Mar 08

Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (March 19)

We’re getting nearer and nearer to the final 0.8 release. We’ve fixed 19 bugs in the last 13 days, are now down to zero (0) blocking bugs and will release a second release candidate (RC2) within the next days.

Here’s the list of bugs fixed within the last 13 days:

  • Bug 347192: Entries in agenda should appear in the same way again when starting Lightning again
  • Bug 404976: calendar.autorefresh.timeout limit to max 3-digit numbers in options
  • Bug 411958: Use tinderboxen to build gdata-provider nightlies
  • Bug 415742: Alarms on occurrences cannot be dismissed
  • Bug 418854: Undo is not possible for task/event modification
  • Bug 419817: iMip/iTip invitation mail -> No ‘Accept’/’Decline’ button if WCAP calendar exists
  • Bug 420695: Disable attendees by default
  • Bug 420749: CalDAV calendars must refresh twice to display server-side changes
  • Bug 420844: Only show suppress icon on events if popup alarms are supported
  • Bug 421301: getItem() doesn’t include exceptions in recurring events
  • Bug 421376: New Event button in Agenda needs padding
  • Bug 421574: Get Sunbird building on BEOS
  • Bug 421616: Editing event to change calendar fails, event disappears from database
  • Bug 422233: Use METHOD:PUBLISH when publishing ics calendar files
  • Bug 422412: Accepting a iMip/iTip invitation into a WCAP calendar doesn’t work
  • Bug 422898: Creation of new local calendar not possible
  • Bug 422928: Task mode, WCAP calendar: Cannot set completed Status
  • Bug 423395: onEventSweepMouseMove handler stays around after drop
  • Bug 423667: Enable multi-language (gdata) nightlies

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible.

Mar 08

Calendar Community Testday On Thursday, March 20

Our next test day will be on Thursday, March 20th. We will be testing nightly builds before creating a second release candidate for Lightning and Sunbird 0.8, there may even be a RC2 ready for the testday. Please help us find any stop-ship bugs that might still be hiding in both products. There is a ton of stuff to do:
You should have a look at our test plan for the release. If you are a localizer, try the recent builds and check your localized builds of Lightning and Sunbird. Your feedback by editing the table in our test plan is appreciated. We also need help to re-test localized builds with known (but now hopefully fixed) bugs.
We want to test migration from previous releases 0.3, 0.3.1/0.5 and 0.7 to 0.8. For these tests ask in #calendar-qa how to proceed. To ensure basic functionality for the release, general testing with Litmus and ad-hoc methods on all OS’s must be performed.
As usual there are also some fixed bugs left that need to be verified. You simply add a comment to the bug report stating what product, version and operating system you used while verifying the bug was fixed.
Join us in the #calendar-qa IRC channel on Thursday. All the information on the test day is on our usual test day wiki page, and on the test plan.
Happy Testing!

Mar 08

0.8 RC1 Available – We Need You!

The 0.8 RC1 is available! I know you’ve been waiting a long time for it, so grab your self a build. Here are the links:

We really need your help to complete the rest of the L10N Checks and the Update testing, as you can see from our Test Plan.

The Update Testing is of special concern to us, because historically this has always been where we have found critical issues in our release candidate builds. So, please take a look. Feel free to update the test plan wiki or leave a comment on this post with what you tested, so we can track what has been done versus what is still remaining to do.

The test day today has been a great success, but we need to keep up the intensity and keep pounding on this build. It’d be great if we can make our next RC the final build, but we can only do that if we’re sure we found all the issues with this RC.

If you have problems or questions, please drop by #calendar-qa on IRC.

Happy Testing!

Mar 08

Lightning/Sunbird 0.8 status update

We’re getting nearer and nearer to the final 0.8 release. We’ve fixed 26 bugs in the last 11 days and we’ll probably push out a first release candidate in the next few days.

The RC1 will come with two blocker bugs unfixed, which we will fix until the final release:

  • Bug 418854: Undo is not possible for task/event modification
  • Bug 419817: iMip/iTip invitation mail -> No ‘Accept’/’Decline’ button if WCAP calendar exists

We know, that releasing a release candidate with known blockers unfixed does not fit perfectly into the definition of a “release candidate”, but we feel that it is the right thing to do, to get our code out to more testers, which hopefully will not find more blocker bugs.

On the positive side are, as mentioned above, 26 bug fixes within the last 11 days. A lot of the fixes were in the area of .csv file import and export, which should be greatly improved over what we had in 0.7. Here’s the list of bugs fixed within the last 11 days in alphabetical order:

  • Bug 336175: Export calendar to CSV format fails if a task exists in calendar
  • Bug 337377: Fails to import Outlook CSV files that have fewer than 13 fields
  • Bug 361635: Make update invitations work by working around outlook issues
  • Bug 379198: Lightning doesn’t send iTIP messages on event updates
  • Bug 394634: Double Quotes in Description not handled correctly when exported to .CSV files
  • Bug 398426: Priority icon not visible if task is selected due to row background color
  • Bug 402534: Provide a default set of categories
  • Bug 403808: Missing license header (minimonth.css & minimonth.xml)
  • Bug 407933: Initial width of the Done column too small
  • Bug 413296: Remove observers on shutdown or window close
  • Bug 418115: Wrong start & end time for new events (new event button on today pane)
  • Bug 418542: CalDAV provider forces calendar visibility on startup, refresh
  • Bug 418805: Fix modifyItem for offline calendars
  • Bug 419349: After landing of Bug 379198 decline button on imip-bar stopped working
  • Bug 419351: Redundant view refresh if tasks are not shown in view
  • Bug 419414: CSV files without CRLF line endings not importable
  • Bug 419462: CSV files contain bogus data
  • Bug 419601: Decouple calendar manager schema version from storage calendar
  • Bug 419817: iMip/iTip invitation mail -> No ‘Accept’/’Decline’ button if CalDAV calendar exists
  • Bug 419860: Unifinder ‘All Future Events’ shows past events
  • Bug 420228: Cannot dismiss alarms on CalDAV calendars
  • Bug 420326: The CalDAV provider does not refresh modified events from server
  • Bug 420364: Update to meeting requests fail with “showError is not defined”
  • Bug 420586: Move packaging of updater.ini
  • Bug 420840: Push version to 0.8
  • Bug 420854: Cannot modify events on CalDAV calendar

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible.

Mar 08

Multi-Language Lightning builds are now available

I believe our localization community and our non-English speaking users may be happy about the fact, that since yesterday Lightning nightly builds now contain the strings for all the currently available 30 languages.

So localizers can now test their changes nearly immediately by downloading a tinderbox test build. And many of our users from abroad can now start testing Lightning nightly builds in their native language.