Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (March 19)

We’re getting nearer and nearer to the final 0.8 release. We’ve fixed 19 bugs in the last 13 days, are now down to zero (0) blocking bugs and will release a second release candidate (RC2) within the next days.

Here’s the list of bugs fixed within the last 13 days:

  • Bug 347192: Entries in agenda should appear in the same way again when starting Lightning again
  • Bug 404976: calendar.autorefresh.timeout limit to max 3-digit numbers in options
  • Bug 411958: Use tinderboxen to build gdata-provider nightlies
  • Bug 415742: Alarms on occurrences cannot be dismissed
  • Bug 418854: Undo is not possible for task/event modification
  • Bug 419817: iMip/iTip invitation mail -> No ‘Accept’/’Decline’ button if WCAP calendar exists
  • Bug 420695: Disable attendees by default
  • Bug 420749: CalDAV calendars must refresh twice to display server-side changes
  • Bug 420844: Only show suppress icon on events if popup alarms are supported
  • Bug 421301: getItem() doesn’t include exceptions in recurring events
  • Bug 421376: New Event button in Agenda needs padding
  • Bug 421574: Get Sunbird building on BEOS
  • Bug 421616: Editing event to change calendar fails, event disappears from database
  • Bug 422233: Use METHOD:PUBLISH when publishing ics calendar files
  • Bug 422412: Accepting a iMip/iTip invitation into a WCAP calendar doesn’t work
  • Bug 422898: Creation of new local calendar not possible
  • Bug 422928: Task mode, WCAP calendar: Cannot set completed Status
  • Bug 423395: onEventSweepMouseMove handler stays around after drop
  • Bug 423667: Enable multi-language (gdata) nightlies

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible.


  1. If you have time to fix the bug in Sunbird 0.7 where the repeat function does not repeat when exporting to html, that would be fantastic. I use Sunbird here at work and to publicize our shows. It would save me a lot of time if I didn’t have to enter each show individually before exporting to html :)

  2. Hi,
    Would it be possible in the options menu to specify a default category for new events ? Now the standard events show up as ‘free time’ since there isn’t a default category for new events.
    Thanks in advance