4 million downloads for Sunbird and Lightning

Somewhere on Sunday evening, we passed the 4-million-downloads barrier for Sunbird and Lightning downloads in total, three and a half months after we reached the 3 million downloads mark.

At the moment we have 2,215,000 unique Sunbird downloads and 1,814,000 unique Lightning downloads. These numbers do not incorporate the downloads of people who updated Lightning via addons.mozilla.org or via the automatic update service in Sunbird.

Some additional information:

  • Sunbird 0.3 is still the second most popular release with 598,000 downloads
  • Sunbird 0.3.1 is third with 498,000 downloads
  • Sunbird 0.5 comes last with 490,000 total downloads
  • Sunbird 0.7 is the most popular release with 602,000 downloads

Furthermore 218,000 installations of Sunbird 0.5 have been updated to 0.7, so the total numbers of Sunbird 0.7 downloads is at 820,000 at the moment.

We currently do not have any information about the number of different Lightning releases in the wild.

Let me use the opportunity to say “Thank you” to all our users and supporters. We couldn’t have done this without you. We hope to bring you a great 0.8 release soon (hopefully with even more downloads).


  1. Thank YOU guys for all the great work!

  2. Thank You from me also. I am really looking forward to the .8 release.

  3. Gratulor !
    Are there any statistics, how often Sunbird and Lightning are downloaded sortet by the OS-version, ie: Windows, Linux, Mac?

  4. Emil, we currently have no information regarding the download numbers per platform. We will get those Lightning, after addons.mozilla.org gets updated – see http://blog.fligtar.com/2008/02/16/amo-statistics-dashboard/