Nov 09

Getting a Database Error in your Nightly?

This post is directed towards those of you who are regularly using nightly builds.

Due to some problems in the upgrader code for the local storage calendar, some of you might be getting an error like:

Error updating timezones: Error: mozIStorageStatement::step() returned
an error
DB Error no such column: recurrence_id_tz

To be more specific, this should affect all nightly users that have used a build after 2009-11-07. Fortunately, we have fixed this issue in bug 529853, but this won’t save nightly users that already have a broken profile. Luckily, its quite easy to fix the problem manually.

I have created an extension that can be used detect if your profile is broken and also to repair it. For more information, please see bug 529853.

Update:The first version of the extension didn’t properly update the cached calendar. If you are still experiencing problems, try the new version, I’ve updated the above link

Nov 09

[November 24, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

Finally another status update. We’re down to zero (0) blockers for our upcoming beta release. It’s taken us some time to prepare all the necessary release bits for various reasons:

  • We’ve decided to pull bug 529326 into this release, because we hope that it will significantly improve the performance for all our users, that use the local (storage) calendar. That bug was fixed today.
  • We’ve started our outreach into the localizer community to get everyone onboard
  • Our lead developer Philipp basically has to learn all the stuff that’s needed for a release from the release engineering side on-the-fly. In the past we always had a dedicated release engineer who did this for us.

So please be patient and bear with us. The release is coming :-)

Since the last status update seven weeks ago, a number of bugs were fixed. Here’s the list of the 35 bugs that were fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 298097: Rename calIRecurrenceRule endDate to untilDate
  • Bug 350845: Implement relevant parameter methods (enumerate, exists, set)
  • Bug 367359: Attendees Dialog: Zoom buttons don’t work
  • Bug 392194: Incorrect time and shadow is shown when draging an event in week/day view
  • Bug 392734: Event dialog: start/end time get lost if ‘all day event’ is ticked/de-ticked once
  • Bug 411540: No dialog asking to save event if mouse is used to quit Calendar
  • Bug 413799: Thailand Holidays 2009-2011
  • Bug 413847: Timezone preference changes require restart to take effect
  • Bug 466938: Strange dump statements
  • Bug 468846: Recurring all day event -> duplicate event created after editing a single all day event
  • Bug 470430: Upgrade 0.3.1 to 0.9/1.0pre fails
  • Bug 484089: Google Calendar fails in Shredder 3.0b3pre if a master password is set
  • Bug 493304: Scrolling more than necessary to bottom needs hidden upscroll until pane scrolls again
  • Bug 494140: Multiple reminders,relations,attachments created by modifying repeating event
  • Bug 504029: installer has to consider new mozjs.dll for mozilla-central
  • Bug 512436: Unconditional removal of ‘disabled’ state
  • Bug 517700: Lightning Categories Pref pane not showing any categories
  • Bug 517757: Small calendar-statusbar.js cleanup
  • Bug 517805: Move printDialog to calendar/base/content
  • Bug 517979: Links for contributed Lightning 0.9 builds are broken
  • Bug 518865: Calendar Properties item missing from the SeaMonkey Edit menu
  • Bug 521815: Fix a few provider warnings
  • Bug 522125: List all tabs dropdown is empty with Lightning installed
  • Bug 523621: Update internal timezone database to version 2009p
  • Bug 523943: Timezones Definitions needs SeaMonkey minimum correcting
  • Bug 523987: Dismissing alarms doesn’t work with Provider for Google Calendar
  • Bug 526172: Rename communicator-overlay-preferences.xul
  • Bug 526264: ‘No timezones found’ error during startup, calendars not visible
  • Bug 527057: Port bug 519357 – Only load known binary components from app directory to comm-central
  • Bug 527065: Create Lightning build servers for comm-central/mozilla-central repo
  • Bug 528506: In SeaMonkey Account Central pane, the “create new calendar” icon is misaligned
  • Bug 528540: Adjust version numbers to distinguish builds from comm-1.9.1/comm-central
  • Bug 528788: Feed the crowds, fix Calendar breadcrumbs
  • Bug 529326: Create indexes for the local calendar cache
  • Bug 529945: Build problems on Linux and W32

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.

Nov 09

1.0 beta 1 is One Step Closer!

Finally! Since July, we have been working on bug 470430. After lots of testing, reviewing and frustration, we have finally checked in the bug’s patch. This bug is of quite central importance since we want to make sure that calendar data is not broken on an upgrade between versions, which was sometimes the case.

I would appreciate if everyone could take a look at the current nightlys to see if anything fails. Especially if you have an old profile (i.e from Sunbird/Lightning 0.8 or earlier) around, it would be nice to find out if upgrading from
that profile works flawlessly.

If you have ever used Sunbird, please also check if you have the following directory:

  • Windows Vista: C:Users<your username>AppDataRoamingMozillaExtensions{718e30fb-e89b-41dd-9da7-e25a45638b28}calendar-timezones@mozilla.org
  • Windows XP or earlier: C:Documents and Settings<your username>Application DataMozillaExtensions{718e30fb-e89b-41dd-9da7-e25a45638b28}calendar-timezones@mozilla.org
  • Linux: ~/.mozilla/extensions/{718e30fb-e89b-41dd-9da7-e25a45638b28}/calendar-timezones@mozilla.org
  • MacOS: ~/Library/Mozilla/Extensions/{718e30fb-e89b-41dd-9da7-e25a45638b28}/calendar-timezones@mozilla.org

If you do have this directory and it is empty, please report on bug 470430. Having it causes the upgrade process to fail, since the timezones files can not be found. My hopes are that this directory was created in error due to something in the development build process.

Now all we have left for our beta release is bug 494140, which will hopefully make it into the tree a bit sooner. Also, some locales need a few more strings. When all that is taken care of, then we can finally bring out release candidates for this beta release!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you and am excited that the beta is now one giant step closer.

UPDATE: We had a small regression, bug 526264. Upgrading from an older profile should work again after tomorrow’s nightlys.