May 07

0.5 RC 1 HAS LANDED!!!

At long last, the 0.5 RC’s are ready! We have the Sunbird RC’s for all our supported locales as well as the Lightning RC’s for all our supported locales AND a Lightning Universal Mac build.

We are truly happy to have this finally done. But, now is where we need your help. We’ve been in total lockdown for some time on this release, so we think the actual code bits are OK. But, this is the first time that the localizers (and anyone) has seen the localized Lightning builds.

We need your help to verify the localizations

We are holding a Localization test day on Friday, June 1 from 1200 UTC to 0100 UTC. Please drop into the #calendar-qa channel to help us test the localized builds and ensure that we can quickly ship the 0.5 that we have all been waiting for.

Here’s where to get your hands on the RC:

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this release. And, an even bigger thank you to everyone who has waited for us to release it. Thanks!

Happy 0.5!

May 07

Lightning & Sunbird 0.5 release candidate approaching

Hi everyone,
we (the Calendar developers) think that the time for the 0.5 release of Lightning and Sunbird is near. We will probably release a first release candidate (RC) between Wednesday and Friday. If no serious issues arise, this RC will become 0.5.

We have fixed the following bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 372287:
    Sunbird crashes on open in Mac OS 10.3, works in Mac OS 10.4
  • Bug 375873:
    L10n issues regarding Sunbird/Lightning 0.5 release
  • Bug 377641:
    Outlook 2003 does not read iTIP/iMIP invitation because of missing UID in VEVENT
  • Bug 379462:
    changing timezone of event in various timezones isn’t possible
  • Bug 379876:
    shifted imip labels
  • Bug 381885:
    Need to write release notes for the 0.5 Calendar Release
  • bug 382155:
    Incomplete SUNBIRD_0_5_RELEASE tagging of l10n files
  • bug 382225:
    Add new locales to shipped-locales

Stay tuned!

May 07

Awesome Test Day

The test day on Tuesday was absolutely incredible. The response was awesome.

  • 30 people took part
  • 332 tests were run

  • 90% coverage in litmus on all tier 1 platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac Intel, Mac PPC)
  • 9 non-duplicate bugs found.

First place and the prize of the test day went to ssitter with over a hundred tests run in addition to serving as a moderator on the channel. Ray swept in with a close second at 59 tests and several good bugs. Andreas was on his heels with 54 tests. While these guys may have been in the lead, everyone’s contribution helped us achieve 90% test coverage, and that’s what I’m so excited about.

Several good bugs were found, but none of them were serious enough to block the release. We are still testing, of course, but so far everything looks good. The team is currently in the process of cutting the release builds which will include a localized Lightning and a universal Mac build of Lightning. No code changes are going in, so once we have the release build built, we will do a localization and functional test day. If we don’t find any blockers, we’ll release that as 0.5.

We are getting down to the wire, so keep an eye on this blog, the newsgroup, and Mozilla Zine for the announcement about the next test day. I’m going to try to have it on Tuesday, but it entirely depends on when the release is built.

I’m not sure what a virtual round of applause sounds like, but we should give ourselves a hand. This was a magnificent feat! Thanks to everyone that joined the test day effort and helped out. Thanks also to our moderators who in put in long hours to stay awake and available through the day. We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Testing!

May 07

0.5 RC Test Day TOMORROW

I’m not sure what happened to this post, but I think there was a glitch between my computer and my chair last week. I distinctly remember writing a post about the test day tomorrow. But, it isn’t posted, and wasn’t deleted. Sounds like “somebody” forgot to click “Publish”, or worse, I wrote it in a dream. ;-S

All questions about my sanity aside, we need a test day. The last of the 0.5 blocking bugs was fixed by Mr. Goold (thanks very much!). We are going to try to spin up a real release (including locales and everything) for both Lightning and Sunbird. But, even if that doesn’t happen by tomorrow, we still need to test the code since these current branch nightlies are going to be the RC.

There will be rewards for this test day! I will announce the winner in this forum after they are announced at the Thursday Calendar QA Chat on May 17.

I know the project has been slipping a bit due to the hectic schedules of the core team, but we are trying very hard to keep it moving forward. The best way for you to help us is to participate in the test days. The regression testing is the last thing we need to do before we release 0.5, so the sooner it’s finished the sooner we release. And that’s exactly why we need your help tomorrow.

Thanks very much. Happy Testing and Good Luck!

May 07

0.5 release – status update

Hi everyone,
sorry for being so quiet in the last 2-3 weeks. I know many of you are anxiously awaiting the upcoming 0.5 release. Some of you are probably even annoyed because of the utter lack of information regarding the upcoming release.

So what is the current status?

Basically, we’re pretty much done. All the remaining blockers have been fixed and all but two locales (Macedonian and Slovenian) are ready for take-off. There are some small things to perform, before we can release Lightning and Sunbird 0.5, though:

  • We need to write the release notes
  • We need to rename the builds, so that they identify themselves as 0.5
  • We need to package the Lightning builds with all locales for the release candidate, so that localizers can test them before the actual release
  • We need to put those builds on the mozilla.org FTP server

All these tasks are not huge, but real life has put some obstacles into our path:

  • Matthew Willis (lilmatt) is very busy at his current day job at the moment. Since he is currently the only one, who knows all the magic to package the Lightning builds with all locales, we’re a little bit stuck there.
  • Clint is busy at his new employer (Mozilla Corporation) and cannot devote as much time to Calendar-work as he used to.
  • Daniel, our new and shiny project lead, went to the Calendar Interop conference last week and could therefore not coordinate all the efforts needed for a release.

So, we haven’t forgotten you guys out there. Believe me, when I say that we want to get this thing out to you, as soon as humanly possible. I hope you bear with us until 0.5 comes out.

Please also excuse me, when I do not announce a new and definitive release date here. The old open source mantra “Expect it when you see it” seems much safer to me, now that we have slipped by our original release schedule by more than a month.

I seriously hope that we have a release candidate ready at the end of the coming week or the beginning of the week after that. But that is all my crystal bowl allows me to see right now :-))

May 07

Project leadership changes

As you might know, I have been involved in the calendar project for quite a while. I have played the role of ‘module owner’ or ‘project lead’ lately. But, it turned out, that I wasn’t really happy with way I could play that role. That is mainly due to time limits. Having a full-time job really takes a lot of your time, it seems.
So, we (as the calendar project) have looked for a solution to this. We have found Daniel Boelzle to be willing to take over my role. He also has a full time job, but at least his is related to working on calendar. He is in a much better position to manage the calendar project.
I would like to say a big thanks to Daniel for taking over the leadership! I’m sure he will do a good job managing calendar. I also would like to thank you all for working with me the last time. It was a fun ride!
(note: this does not mean that I am totally leaving the project. I will try to do some coding now and then, in a way that is easier to combine with a day-time job)