Aug 10

Resignation from the Calendar Project

Hi everyone,
it’s really hard for me, but I’ve decided to resign from my different roles in The Calendar Project (mainly as webmaster and l10n contact) as of today (Monday).
Within the last six months it has become clear to me, that I’m not able to do the job adequately anymore, as my time has been more and more occupied with matters related to my private life and my day job. Therefore I’ve not been able to dedicate as much volunteer
time to this role as I would have liked or hoped.
I don’t want to fill a role any longer, where I’m not satisfied with my performance and where a motivated person with more time on his/her hands could really make the difference, that I can’t make anymore.
I’m currently working with Philipp, our lead developer, on a transition plan. Once a new person takes over, I’ll make sure to be available and help him/her with ramping up in the new role. If anybody is interested in picking up some or all of this work, we (meaning Philipp or me) would love to talk to you.
I’ve written up a list of things, that I’ve performed regularly in this role to give people an impression of what’s involved. The list is available here.
In my eyes, the Calendar Project is a project, where one person can really make a difference, unlike in large projects as Firefox, where the impact of one person is often just a drop in the sea. So please get in touch!
It’s been a real pleasure working with all of you
PS: I will also resign from my role as Thunderbird l10n contact. Please see this blog post for more information.