Aug 06

First Calendar Test Day A Smashing Success!

Last week, the calendar QA team held their first ever Test Day. It went very very well. Together we ran 661 tests in Litmus, found 16 bugs, and of those, managed to discover 3 new Blocking Defects. Everyone got involved, marcia took care of our prizes; LisaH did our publicity; Johannes and xFallenAngel sorted out Litmus testcases, Sebo set up a public CalDav server for testing; dmose, jminta, lilmatt, and ssitter moderated the calendar-qa channel.
Thanks also to everyone else who got involved: adreas, atrogu, cpm, demo-n, mschroder, rogerk, SirBlackheart, Vali_Systm, VenomousGecko, Vamplr3, Taleisin, LonelyBob, karnesky, ahz, jeizer_a, tbodner, excessory, Damian, bbbrowning, torusturtle, and celina63. We couldn’t have done it without you.
And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for……our winners!
* Karneskey takes prize #1 for most tests run with a whopping 278 tests run in Litmus!
* Sebo takes prize #2 for best defects found with his three defects, and tireless work to confirm two of our blockers!
Congratulations to everyone!
Our next test day will be an informal one, on Tuesday, September 5th. We are currently planning our next big Calendar Test Day, stop by our weekly QA Chat for more information (Thursdays, 16:30 UTC, in #calendar-qa).
Thanks again for all your hard work,

Aug 06

A note of thanks

For those of you who didn’t already know, I was hired this summer as a full-time intern at Mozilla Corp. While I did a bit of Firefox 2 work, I was fortunate to be able to spend most of my time on Calendar bugs. Since tomorrow is my last day in Mountain View before heading off to law school, I wanted to express a few words of thanks.

If there’s one thing this summer has taught me, it’s the importance of working with the right group of people. Mozilla has done a fantastic job of assembling a group of incredibly brilliant people who are each passionate about what they’re doing. Because of this, there was never a dull day around the office. I’d like to thank everyone in Mountain View for that.

Being able to spend so much time on the Calendar project has also given me great insight into just how big of an effort this is. There is much more to this project besides writing code and fixing bugs. This summer I’ve found myself doing everything from roadmapping to meeting planning to QA to release driving to community building. For helping me along with these tasks, I’d like to explictly thank Dan Mosedale, Mike Connor, Mike Shaver, and Mike Beltzner.

Seeing the true scale of the Calendar project helped me realize more than anything just how important the community we have is. The phenomenal responses we received to the QA days is just the most visible sign of this. Less obvious, but just as crucial are the daily bug-filers, testers, and forum posters who help make Sunbird and Lightning better. So, in closing, I’d like to thank everyone who’s involved in this project, or even shown interest in it, for the little (and not so little) bits you’ve contributed.

Rest assured that this is not the end of my work with the Calendar project. I’m more convinced than ever that there are extremely interesting problems to be solved in this space and I want to be involved in finding those solutions. Until I have a better handle on what sort of time commitments law school will require of me, however, I can’t make any promises of time.

For now, though, thanks to everyone for everything. It has been a fantastic summer.

Aug 06

Announcing the first *Calendar Community Test Day*!

The 0.3 Sunbird/Lightning Release is just around the corner, and it’s
time to kick testing into high gear. Join us for a Calendar Test Day on
August 22nd. There will be prizes for the two bug wranglers that
complete the most tests and find the best bugs.
The Day is open to everyone. Calendar testing gurus will be on hand to
answer questions, help you run tests, and file bugs. The more testing we
get done on the 22nd, the higher the quality of 0.3 will be.
So, on August 22nd, stop by #calendar-qa and lend a hand.
For detailed information and complete instructions, please see:

Aug 06

Calendar Status Update (14 Aug)

We’re closing in on 0.3, and lots of good fixes are landing. Thanks to everyone who’s filed bugs, submitted patches, and done QA or reviews. The following bugs have had patches checked in since the last update:

  • Bug 329985: (Both) Alarms on recurring items don’t really work
  • Bug 324666: (Both) Double clicking in day/week view should create an event at that time, not just on that day
  • Bug 259478: (Both) Focus box next to Due/Date boxes loks weird
  • Bug 346912: (Both*) Don’t override Toolit’s print() function
  • Bug 279165: (Sunbird) Fix building error on BeOS
  • Bug 345848: (Both) Drag’n’Drop of tasks in the views is not possible
  • Bug 335159: (Both*) Multiline descriptions are not printed properly
  • Bug 347383: (Both*) Fix wrong printing label
  • Bug 347216: (Both) Selecting ‘Workdays only’ hides the last day of the week, no matter what
  • Bug 347677: (Both) Remove superfluous debug spew
  • Bug 346890: (Sunbird) Package PrintPDE.plugin with Sunbird on Mac
  • Bug 347380: (Both*) (regression) Error when printing ‘Events in current view’
  • Bug 337935: (Both) Weekly recurrence with sunday hides occurrences on other weekdays
  • Bug 347113: (Both) Unsubscribing from a calendar throws an error
  • Bug 346110: (Lightning) Preference to switch between different event-dialogs
  • Bug 347813: (Sunbird) Add accesskeys to preferences
  • Bug 343246: (Both) Quickly fired alarms don’t always appear in the same window
  • Bug 344919: (Both) ICS tasks with alarms set to the end of the event cause errors
  • Bug 345348: (Both) Tasks appear in views when modified, even if ‘Tasks in View’ is turned off
  • Bug 346318: (Both) (regression) Datepicker doesn’t work on Mac
  • Bug 347087: (Sunbird) Remove relocated components during upgrade/uninstall
  • Bug 322827: (Both) X-Components created in other applications are lost during roundtrip
  • Bug 340949: (Both) Enable WCAP preference
  • Bug 347113: (Lightning) Deleting a calendar should select a different calendar. (Sunbird version coming soon)
  • Bug 326332: (Both) Event creation in ICS calendars can sometimes fail due to problems in the data-backup system
  • Bug 348347: (Both) Package new-category dialog in Lightning
  • Bug 347790: (Both*) ‘When printing, title is always “HTMLTitle”
  • Bug 346169: (Both) ‘Tasks in view’ should not be the default
  • Bug 348500: (Both) (regression) error when press cancel in dialog ‘Editing a repeating item’ for recurrence event

*Note: Printing in Lightning hasn’t been turned on yet, but these fixes will also apply to it, once that is done.

Aug 06

Calendar Test Writing Day–SUCCESS!

Thanks to everyone that helped out with the test writing day! Many
thanks to our moderators jminta, lilmatt, and dmose. Thanks to marcia for
the prizes, and to lisaH for our publicity. Special thanks to QA lead ctalbert
for all of the organizational work behind this day.

And most of all, a huge thank you to all the people that came through
the #calendar-qa channel and helped out. We never could have done it
without you.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for….we have 91 new
testcases for the calendar project! Tbodner takes first place with 23
test cases. xFallenAngel takes second right behind him with 19.

We would also like to thank all our other top testers: LonelyBob,
Excessory, Darkhack, Celina63, Sishgupta, TorusTurtle, Pcpgomes, Ehwaz,
and Taliesin.

All results and full stats will be available at the wiki page

Thanks again to everyone involved for making this event an incredible
success. I hope to see you all back for our upcoming Calendar Community
Test Day on the 22nd. Watch this blog for more details about that.

Aug 06

Today is… Calendar Testcase Writing Day!

We’re off to a great start, with some awesome contributors already writing lots of great testcases. So, if you haven’t already done so, head over to the wiki page for all the details. Help us make the Lightning/Sunbird Quality Assurance story as solid as it can be!

Update: Due to the overwhelming response (you guys rock!), we’re extending the testcase-writing day for another 24hrs. Note that because the lead developers do need to sleep, there may not always be someone in #calendar-qa immediately ready to answer your questions, but we’ll be as responsive as possible.

Aug 06

Calendar Test-Writing Day – next Tuesday!

Thanks in large part to intern-extraordinaire Zach, Mozilla has this great testing tool called Litmus. Up until now, it has served as a testing vehicle for Firefox and Thunderbird nightly bulds. We’re now ready to leverage this tool for Sunbird and Lightning as well. First, we need a solid set of testcases that people can run to ensure that the programs are running as they should. This is where you come in!

We want all interested members of our community to help out by writing testcases. No experience is necessary to write testcases, and Clint has done a fantastic job of setting up a wiki-page with everything you need to know to get started contributing Calendar’s Litmus area. This Tuesday, we’re going to have test-writing day where we’re going to have people available to help with any problems, and to get tests that you write into Litmus right away. We also promise to have a small prize for the person who writes the most testcases that day.

For more info on how to get involved, read the wiki-page

See also Clint’s newsgroup post.

Please post questions or feedback here, as comments to this post.

Aug 06

Sunbird/Lightning 0.3 Release planning

We’re moving into “crunch time” for the Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 release schedules. This means that it’s more important than ever for the community to get involved, helping us to ship a high-quality release on time. The details of the release process are being tracked on the Calendar wiki. There, you’ll find an overview of what we’re planning for this release, a release schedule, and fairly up-to-date status reports on different development areas.

As I said, we want the community to get involved here, and there are a variety of ways you can help:

  • Test nightly builds – Download the latest nightly build of either Sunbird or Lightning from the links on the right. Play around with it. Report bugs you find (after searching for duplicates) in Bugzilla. Note: We’re going to be doing a major push for more testing coverage in the coming days. Keep your eyes open for future announcements.
  • Nominate blocking bugs – The 0.3 release drivers are doing their best to get full coverage of Calendar bugs to find bugs important for this release. If you think such a bug has been overlooked, nominate it for blocking by setting the “blocking0.3” to ‘?’. (See also lilmatt’s description of blocking flags)
  • Write patches – There are still quite a few bugs that block the release that are assigned to nobody@mozilla.org. We need people to step up and fix these. Fixing even one bug makes a huge difference!

We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming release as we are! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.