First Calendar Test Day A Smashing Success!

Last week, the calendar QA team held their first ever Test Day. It went very very well. Together we ran 661 tests in Litmus, found 16 bugs, and of those, managed to discover 3 new Blocking Defects. Everyone got involved, marcia took care of our prizes; LisaH did our publicity; Johannes and xFallenAngel sorted out Litmus testcases, Sebo set up a public CalDav server for testing; dmose, jminta, lilmatt, and ssitter moderated the calendar-qa channel.
Thanks also to everyone else who got involved: adreas, atrogu, cpm, demo-n, mschroder, rogerk, SirBlackheart, Vali_Systm, VenomousGecko, Vamplr3, Taleisin, LonelyBob, karnesky, ahz, jeizer_a, tbodner, excessory, Damian, bbbrowning, torusturtle, and celina63. We couldn’t have done it without you.
And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for……our winners!
* Karneskey takes prize #1 for most tests run with a whopping 278 tests run in Litmus!
* Sebo takes prize #2 for best defects found with his three defects, and tireless work to confirm two of our blockers!
Congratulations to everyone!
Our next test day will be an informal one, on Tuesday, September 5th. We are currently planning our next big Calendar Test Day, stop by our weekly QA Chat for more information (Thursdays, 16:30 UTC, in #calendar-qa).
Thanks again for all your hard work,


  1. There are a lot of people involved. That’s great :)

  2. May it be the first of many.

  3. Really great project! Good job! Keep up good work!
    So, when 1.0? :)