A note of thanks

For those of you who didn’t already know, I was hired this summer as a full-time intern at Mozilla Corp. While I did a bit of Firefox 2 work, I was fortunate to be able to spend most of my time on Calendar bugs. Since tomorrow is my last day in Mountain View before heading off to law school, I wanted to express a few words of thanks.

If there’s one thing this summer has taught me, it’s the importance of working with the right group of people. Mozilla has done a fantastic job of assembling a group of incredibly brilliant people who are each passionate about what they’re doing. Because of this, there was never a dull day around the office. I’d like to thank everyone in Mountain View for that.

Being able to spend so much time on the Calendar project has also given me great insight into just how big of an effort this is. There is much more to this project besides writing code and fixing bugs. This summer I’ve found myself doing everything from roadmapping to meeting planning to QA to release driving to community building. For helping me along with these tasks, I’d like to explictly thank Dan Mosedale, Mike Connor, Mike Shaver, and Mike Beltzner.

Seeing the true scale of the Calendar project helped me realize more than anything just how important the community we have is. The phenomenal responses we received to the QA days is just the most visible sign of this. Less obvious, but just as crucial are the daily bug-filers, testers, and forum posters who help make Sunbird and Lightning better. So, in closing, I’d like to thank everyone who’s involved in this project, or even shown interest in it, for the little (and not so little) bits you’ve contributed.

Rest assured that this is not the end of my work with the Calendar project. I’m more convinced than ever that there are extremely interesting problems to be solved in this space and I want to be involved in finding those solutions. Until I have a better handle on what sort of time commitments law school will require of me, however, I can’t make any promises of time.

For now, though, thanks to everyone for everything. It has been a fantastic summer.


  1. Good luck, safe travels, and may you realize your true calling…
    …back in Mountain View. ;)

  2. thanks for your help

  3. Good luck, joey :)

  4. Good luck,
    May Law school be as interesting as the calendar project. :-)

  5. Cheers for the work you have done. It is nearly getting towards “the secretary can use it” status… :-)

  6. Thanks for all the hard work, Joey! I’m sure you’ll find lots of exciting new challenges in law school…

  7. Thanks for all your hard work this summer. Definetly looking forward to it.

  8. Best wishes for your future!

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