Announcing the first *Calendar Community Test Day*!

The 0.3 Sunbird/Lightning Release is just around the corner, and it’s
time to kick testing into high gear. Join us for a Calendar Test Day on
August 22nd. There will be prizes for the two bug wranglers that
complete the most tests and find the best bugs.
The Day is open to everyone. Calendar testing gurus will be on hand to
answer questions, help you run tests, and file bugs. The more testing we
get done on the 22nd, the higher the quality of 0.3 will be.
So, on August 22nd, stop by #calendar-qa and lend a hand.
For detailed information and complete instructions, please see:


  1. i’ll help

  2. [Translate->JP] Calendar Weblog: 第1回 Calenderテストデイのお知らせ。

    This is the Calender Weblog entry translated into Japanese. Sunbird/Lightningのバージョン0.3のリリースがもうすぐそこに迫ってきました。テストを加速するのにちょうど良い時期です。8月22日に実施される…

  3. It’s great to see some progress with 0.3. I’ll definitely join in on the 22nd. Is there anything we can do before the day to prepare? Do we have to have a bug tracker account or something like that?

  4. Are there localized builds available of Ligtning?

  5. Carl, in order to prepare, getting a bugzilla account would be a great idea. Also, you could read up on the bugzilla how-to pages if you’re not familiar with it: and

  6. I should have answered this as well with my last post. Miles, at this time, there are not localized nightly builds of Lightning or Sunbird. It is possible to download the builds yourself and build them localized, but not all the strings may have been translated at this point.

  7. What time GMT will this commence?

  8. Yeah, testing was fun, especially testing with litmus.
    I did nearly all Sunbird testcases for WinXP (91% and 79%), edited the unclear cases afterwards and helped on #calendar-qa. Also did some verifiing and added ideas to bugzilla.
    I hope this project once gets all the 300 enhancements done ;-), then it will be great.
    Anyway, got to go now, the test day is not quite in european time.
    Have fun,