Sep 07

[Release Update] Lightning & Sunbird 0.7 release branch

I want to inform you that the release branch has been created, from which Lightning and Sunbird 0.7 will be released. The name of this branch is SUNBIRD_0_7_BRANCH.

Please note that code checkins on this branch are restricted. You
will need the approval from our lead developer, Daniel Boelzle, before you commit changes
to that branch. Localizers do not need approval for checkins on this branch.

Developers and localizers should however make sure, that all changes are committed to the trunk, the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and the SUNBIRD_0_7_BRANCH in parallel. This is to avoid inconsistencies as we do parallel development on the trunk and the branches.

Sep 07

Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (September 26)

Thanks for bearing with us as we missed the initially proposed release date for our first release candidate (RC1), which was originally scheduled to be mid-september. This will hopefully be the last status update before the RC1.

The current plan (as of yesterday evening) is to create a release branch today, create the RC1 release builds, do a short smoketest and release those builds as the official 0.7 RC1 within this week.

As you can see from the list below, we have taken some fixes pretty late in the game to give you a better and more stable user experience once 0.7 is released. Our localizers have also been pretty busy and we are proud to report that we’ll have 24 non-English languages for the RC1 (3 more than for 0.5) and hopefully 1 or 2 more (Argentinian Spanish and Mongolian) for the final release.

Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 356056:
    Snooze dialog needs to be more flexible
  • Bug 359443:
    Deleting item from Agenda deletes an email instead
  • Bug 370148:
    API enhancement: Providing free-busy information
  • Bug 379894:
    ‘Show completed tasks’ checkbox has no effect on CalDav calendar
  • Bug 386480:
    View mode is not remembered after Thunderbird restart
  • Bug 388414:
    [Today Pane] Implement ‘MiniDay’ Pane
  • Bug 390147:
    Export calendar is not wired up correctly
  • Bug 390842:
    Error: redeclaration of var Cc in console, kills Lightning
  • Bug 393388:
    Go back to calendar view via mode toolbar -> ‘Day starts at’ is not recognized, view start at 0:00
  • Bug 395781:
    Event Dialog: Hyperlinks don’t provide visual feedback (focus rectangle) if selected with tab key
  • Bug 395883:
    Readonly dialog says ‘Repeat: Occurs ???’ for yearly and monthly recurring items
  • Bug 396223:
    Only set calendar preferences if they have changed
  • Bug 396297:
    Event/Task description is not saved when exiting by closing the new edit window
  • Bug 396667:
    Task dialog: clicking the timezone link doesn’t bring up the timezone picker
  • Bug 396865:
    workaround alarm without DUE
  • Bug 396873:
    Event dialog is messed up if being subscribed to old Sunbird calendar
  • Bug 396877:
    Agenda update fails after deleting a task from tasklist
  • Bug 396888:
    Event dialog: Timezone links are not displayed correctly for all-day events
  • Bug 396931:
    Toolbar buttons for switching calendar views shift when depressed
  • Bug 396949:
    Strict warnings in agenda-tree.js, messenger-overlay-sidebar, messenger-overly-toolbar
  • Bug 397029:
    Add msimg32 to Makefile.in
  • Bug 397255:
    Various windows: Labels are not properly associated with the controls they’re labelling
  • Bug 397359:
    Today pane may be raised in calendar mode
  • Bug 397542:
    Enable es-AR (Espanol Argentina) localization

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!

Sep 07

Test day Tomorrow!!

We are in code freeze, and our first Release Candidate (RC1) will be ready soon. We need YOU to find every problem which can stop a release. There also is a long list of bugs fixed since the release of 0.5, that have to be verified fixed on different operating systems. At last almost all l10n teams finished their localizations of Lightning and Sunbird. Now we – but especially native speakers – have to check these language versions for completeness and correctness.

We need your help to deliver a good quality release.

So, join us in #calendar-qa on Tuesday. All the information on the test day is in our usual Test Day Wiki Page.

Happy Testing!

Sep 07

Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (September 18)

Another status update as we’re coming ever closer to the first release candidate (RC1) of the upcoming 0.7 release. The most notable fix is probably the fix to bug 393387 which will hopefully take care of all the disappearing events issues, that some users have experienced in the 0.5 release.

The RC1 will also be the first chance for localizers to get their hands on a fully localized build of Lightning, so that the localization quality can be estimated (and maybe improved) for the final 0.7 release. To achieve this we have worked hard behind the scenes with many localizers and as of today 20 localizations other than English are ready for the RC1 (Catalan, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Basque, French, Gaelic, Georgian, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Europe), Russian, Slovak, Swedish and (for the first time) Chinese).

Were still missing localized strings from the Hungarian, Mongolian, Portuguese (Brazil), Punjabi and Slovenian localizers, but hopefully we’ll be able to get localized builds for these languages as well, so that all users of the 0.5 release can update to 0.7 once it comes out.

Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 351084:
    Can’t set alarm for new task, existing or default alarm throws error (add-on patch)
  • Bug 356569:
    wcap subscription auto registration by explicit pref only for now
  • Bug 357079:
    Agenda tab doesn’t update today’s date after hibernating
  • Bug 359443:
    Deleting item from Agenda deletes an email instead
  • Bug 367159:
    [Mac] Date picker disappears after it is clicked on, before user selects a date, POOR MANs FIX
  • Bug 377403:
    Event dialog: iTIP invitations not sent
  • Bug 374235:
    Breakpad should replace Talkback in future versions of Sunbird
  • Bug 386479:
    Switch to Calendar mode don’t work properly using buttons, Calendar menu or keyboard shortcut
  • Bug 386636:
    mail-mode should be visible after clicking the tray-icon of an incoming mail (addon-patch)
  • Bug 388418:
    Can’t create ‘Last day of the month’ recurrence rule
  • Bug 388985:
    Calendar color not applied in views: events are translucent
  • Bug 393366:
    Calendar List check boxes are not XP/Vista platform conform
  • Bug 393387:
    week view is blank
  • Bug 393412:
    calPeriod code improvements
  • Bug 394149:
    Event dialog: Status field (tentative, confirmed, canceled) is missing
  • Bug 395288:
    Event dialog: Wrong reminder entry shown for odd durations
  • Bug 395658:
    Colliding event boxes in rotated view
  • Bug 395777:
    changing default for non-owned calendar to readOnly
  • Bug 396093:
    Menu View -> Task List is broken, Task List is always visible
  • Bug 396206:
    Make it easier to overlay the calendar properties dialog
  • Bug 396269:
    Add zh-CN (Simplified Chinese) to shipped-locales
  • Bug 396277:
    fixing view update after timezone, tasks in view change
  • Bug 396580:
    Fix guessSystemTimezone if no TZNAME is set

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!

Sep 07

Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (September 13)

I’m sorry for not posting a status update in nearly two weeks, but everyone has been pretty busy lately, especially with fixing bugs for the first release candidate (RC1) of the 0.7 release. We hope to have the RC1 ready sometime next week.

As you can see below, we have added a few features and fixed a lot of bugs lately. Some items are especially noteworthy, as they introduce new features or fix longstanding bugs that have plagued our users for months or even years:

  • Bug 212792:
    opening a .ics attachment launches calendar window but fails to import calendar event from attachment
  • Bug 244459:
    Drag and drop ical (.ics) attachments from mail onto calendar
  • Bug 304741:
    non-colliding events too narrow on days with colliding events aka War-On-Boxes
  • Bug 361977:
    Implementation of event summary dialog
  • Bug 387559:
    Event creation/change fails if server requires authentication for write but not for read

We’re really happy to get those features and bugfixes into the hands of our users. Those items, in addition to other fixes that have already been incorporated into our codebase, will definitely make 0.7 our best release ever.

Here’s the list of bugs that were also fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 278139:
    Attendee dialog: title wrong – Edit item
  • Bug 351084:
    Can’t set alarm for new task, existing or default alarm throws error
  • Bug 354194:
    Disabling alarm of a snoozed task/events causes an error, menu items are disabled
  • Bug 356569:
    No ability to view other people’s calendars (i.e. calendars I have subscribed to)
  • Bug 360216:
    Deleting multiple tasks in todo tab deletes email due to focus issue
  • Bug 368075:
    Remove em:updateURL from Lightnings install.rdf and let addons.mozilla.org handle all updates
  • Bug 370435:
    Review prototype event dialog
  • Bug 372830:
    Integrate unifinder todo into lightning as it is in sunbird
  • Bug 378557:
    Custom command line handlers can’t prevent Sunbird from opening its window
  • Bug 379005:
    Create Stub Extension that allows tags in Sunbird/Lightning Extensions.
  • Bug 385183:
    Closing the event calls alert ‘Do you want to save changes’
  • Bug 385916:
    exceptions occuring when accessing a calendar prevent any other calendar from appearing
  • Bug 386636:
    mail-mode should be visible after clicking the tray-icon of an incoming mail
  • Bug 387232:
    Collapsed folder pane disappears after restart
  • Bug 387386:
    ‘Customize toolbar dialog’-overlay not correctly initialized
  • Bug 388094:
    Alarm time exported incorrectly to iCalendar format (.ics) when time is greater than 7 days (or the equivalent in hours or minutes)
  • Bug 388206:
    Lightning 0.7pre breaks toolbar customization
  • Bug 388418:
    [Proto] can not create ‘Last day of the month’ rule with new edit dialog
  • Bug 388954:
    Shared toolbar buttons behave faulty when customizing toolbars
  • Bug 389535:
    Consolidate implementations for minimonth control
  • Bug 389848:
    Today Pane: Yesterdays all-day recurring events are in Today
  • Bug 390300:
    Open new event dialog from the today pane -> wrong default event length
  • Bug 391082:
    Use ‘customize toolbar’-dialog from toolkit for event dialog
  • Bug 392584:
    Calendar Mode Menu cleanup needed
  • Bug 393202:
    Categories in event dialog are hardcoded
  • Bug 393362:
    Can’t remove last attendee
  • Bug 393387:
    week view is blank
  • Bug 393608:
    Event dialog and task dialog have no accesskeys
  • Bug 393698:
    Sunbird installer includes everything under the optional directory
  • Bug 393838:
    ORGANIZER Property is lost
  • Bug 393844:
    Update en-US short abbreviations for weekdays
  • Bug 393969:
    View layout screwed up in some cases
  • Bug 394025:
    “Removing last or selected calendar from list causes exception “Could not convert JavaScript argument”.”
  • Bug 394169:
    Unable to save attendee window after adding email address
  • Bug 394174:
    Attendee list is blank in event summary dialog
  • Bug 394183:
    Task creation via double click in Task List is broken
  • Bug 394191:
    Title of recurrence dialog is ‘Edit Item’
  • Bug 395002:
    Add pt-PT builds of calendar to the tinderbox
  • Bug 395437:
    ‘Dismiss All’ doesn’t dismiss all alarms (skips every second)
  • Bug 395639:
    Events with same UID’s overlap

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!

Sep 07

Publishing Events Bug Fixed!

In today’s nightly build for Sunbird and Lightning, the fix for the “Publishing Events Bug” has landed. This bug has plagued people in 0.5, and we wanted to address it in 0.7. However, fixing it was complicated by how many different ways the bug can manifest itself.

We’d like to ask everyone that’s seen this issue to retest their configurations with the latest nightly. This way we can determine if the patch fixed all the issues.

Technical Details

More information is of course available in bugzilla. These are the main bugs we are following that track different manifestations of the problem.

Thanks for your help in checking out this issue. If you find a problem, please add a comment to bug 387559. If you find other crazy behavior, please file a new bug. If you have any questions please ask them in #calendar or #calendar-qa on IRC and we’ll try to help.

Thanks again for your help and happy Testing!

Sep 07

Over one million downloads!

On today’s developer confcall Philipp (developer of the Google Calendar Provider extension) mentioned that his extension has been downloaded over 120.000 times.

That prompted me to look at the current download stats for Lightning and Sunbird and the results blew me away:

  • As of today we have 1.030.000 downloads of Lightning through our website and through addons.mozilla.org. That’s over 780.000 downloads in the last six months. Not much compared to Thunderbird or Firefox, but very much for such a small project as ours.
  • As of today we have nearly 1.400.000 downloads of Sunbird through our website. That’s really awesome! Sunbird has been around longer than Lightning, so the lead is to be expected.

Let me use the opportunity to say “Thank you” to all our users and supporters. We couldn’t have done this without you. We hope to bring you a great 0.7 release soon (hopefully with even more downloads).

Sep 07

Scotch or Beer — What will it Be?

In our status call on Wednesday, our resident skeptic, Simon, and our optimistic project lead, Daniel, got into a discussion about the 0.7 release date. The date is currently October 15, with an RC1 due on September 17. Simon said that there is no way we are going to make those dates. He cited lots of reasons for that and advocated cutting some features. Daniel remained optimistic, and agreed that some features should perhaps be cut, but we should look closer at it next week. Daniel feels confident that most of the issues will be addressed, and the dates can still be made.

They agreed to check in next week and make a decision, and the following wager was made.

  • If Simon is right, Daniel must buy him a bottle of Single Malt Scotch
  • If Daniel is right, Simon must buy him a case of his favorite German beer

The QA team has been watching the state of the project closely, keeping track of blockers and proposed blocking bugs as they are filed. This Tuesday, the QA team is doing intensive testing to gather data on the quality of Lightning and Sunbird. This information will enable the calendar team to make the crucial decision on Wednesday about the 0.7 release.

No one wants to slip the date. That said, we also want to release the highest quality product we can for 0.7, so if we have to take a week or two to ensure that, we will. We need your eyes to help us scrutinize Lightning and Sunbird on Tuesday, September 11. We need your help to ascertain the quality level of both products.

We’ll take all the data we generate — bugs, feelings, observations, etc — and post them here in a Test Day Findings post. That information will be used in the Wednesday Status call to figure out whether Simon will be drinking Scotch, or Daniel will be drinking beer.

So, join us in #calendar-qa on Tuesday. All the information on the test day is in our usual Test Day Wiki Page. Let’s figure out where we’re at, and when we’re going to release 0.7.

Happy Testing!