Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (September 26)

Thanks for bearing with us as we missed the initially proposed release date for our first release candidate (RC1), which was originally scheduled to be mid-september. This will hopefully be the last status update before the RC1.

The current plan (as of yesterday evening) is to create a release branch today, create the RC1 release builds, do a short smoketest and release those builds as the official 0.7 RC1 within this week.

As you can see from the list below, we have taken some fixes pretty late in the game to give you a better and more stable user experience once 0.7 is released. Our localizers have also been pretty busy and we are proud to report that we’ll have 24 non-English languages for the RC1 (3 more than for 0.5) and hopefully 1 or 2 more (Argentinian Spanish and Mongolian) for the final release.

Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 356056:
    Snooze dialog needs to be more flexible
  • Bug 359443:
    Deleting item from Agenda deletes an email instead
  • Bug 370148:
    API enhancement: Providing free-busy information
  • Bug 379894:
    ‘Show completed tasks’ checkbox has no effect on CalDav calendar
  • Bug 386480:
    View mode is not remembered after Thunderbird restart
  • Bug 388414:
    [Today Pane] Implement ‘MiniDay’ Pane
  • Bug 390147:
    Export calendar is not wired up correctly
  • Bug 390842:
    Error: redeclaration of var Cc in console, kills Lightning
  • Bug 393388:
    Go back to calendar view via mode toolbar -> ‘Day starts at’ is not recognized, view start at 0:00
  • Bug 395781:
    Event Dialog: Hyperlinks don’t provide visual feedback (focus rectangle) if selected with tab key
  • Bug 395883:
    Readonly dialog says ‘Repeat: Occurs ???’ for yearly and monthly recurring items
  • Bug 396223:
    Only set calendar preferences if they have changed
  • Bug 396297:
    Event/Task description is not saved when exiting by closing the new edit window
  • Bug 396667:
    Task dialog: clicking the timezone link doesn’t bring up the timezone picker
  • Bug 396865:
    workaround alarm without DUE
  • Bug 396873:
    Event dialog is messed up if being subscribed to old Sunbird calendar
  • Bug 396877:
    Agenda update fails after deleting a task from tasklist
  • Bug 396888:
    Event dialog: Timezone links are not displayed correctly for all-day events
  • Bug 396931:
    Toolbar buttons for switching calendar views shift when depressed
  • Bug 396949:
    Strict warnings in agenda-tree.js, messenger-overlay-sidebar, messenger-overly-toolbar
  • Bug 397029:
    Add msimg32 to
  • Bug 397255:
    Various windows: Labels are not properly associated with the controls they’re labelling
  • Bug 397359:
    Today pane may be raised in calendar mode
  • Bug 397542:
    Enable es-AR (Espanol Argentina) localization

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!


  1. 0.7 looks great, but there are still alot of problems with calendar sharing that have been around for ages…any idea when bug 329570 will be addressed?
    (We can’t afford/don’t want to implement an Exchange server).
    Congrats and great effort to all involved!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for great work. I have a question regarding the Today pane. It doesn’t show today’s task when the date is set to today but if you go a day before it will list all today’s task in Tomorrow’s task. For e.g. If today is 26 Sep and I set date as 26 Sep then it will not show the tasks. But if I set the date to 25 Sep it shows the tasks. Is it a bug?

  3. Today Pane is simply beautiful,

  4. After upgrading my google calendars are no longer visible and I am unable to re-add them. I reverted back to 0.5 and have the same issue. Anyone else seeing this behaviour and/or have a solution.

  5. joel, you have to go to and download the lastest nightlies (dated 20070925)

  6. I was using a nightly build from late september. Tried the latest with no luck. I had to revert back to 2.1 of the google provider and 0.5 of thunderbird to get my calendars to show up. It would appear to me that the latest nightly build og TB is not compatible with either the 2.1 or nightlies of the provider. Need to play around with it some more to confirm though.

  7. Now that the ES-AR localization is available, a question arises.
    Is it possible to upgrade from ES-ES 0.5 to ES-AR 0.7 without losing my DB and/or settings? What are the chances of my Sunbird tumbling down after this conversion?

  8. @Joel: I have the 20070926 nightly of Lightning and the 20070925 nightly of the gdata provider, and this combination is working fine.
    Be careful, LTG nightlies before 0922 require the August nightly of the provider !

  9. Baka toroi,
    switching from an es-ES Sunbird to an es-AR one shouldn’t affect your calendar data and settings.
    Please note however that the es-AR localization is not yet functional and will only be incorporated into the final 0.7 release if it’s ready.

  10. Joel,
    I have tested the combination of the latest nightlies from both Lightning and Gdata provider this morning, and it seemed to fail (no google calendars showed in TB). However, the reason behind this failure was that the Google Calendar had been (temporarily) unavailable! I tried that an hour later and everything is running smoothly now.

  11. Upgraded to latest nightlies of both again this morning and everything is now working fine. Not sure what the problem was – looking like it might have been an issue with the chair – keyboard interface. Although I was seeing tons of “calListenerBag not defined” errors in the error log.