May 06

Status update (25 May)

This time our status update is pretty short, mostly due to ongoing discussions regarding the Sunbird/Lightning roadmap and Sunbird 0.3 planning. So just the following bugs were fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 239431: Allow choosing multiple exceptions more easily
  • Bug 329225: Moving views should also move minimonth
  • Bug 333372: Week number for multiweek view is off when Sunday is not the start of the week
  • Bug 334076: Agenda tree only shows the events from the calendars in the composite at startup
  • Bug 338311: remove unneeded files from Add-ons Manager migration
  • Bug 338432: Sunbird doesn’t require xpcom_obsolete

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.

May 06

Status update (15 May)

Last week we finally got Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 out of the door. But that doesn’t mean that all our developers are now going on vacation. Instead we’re hard at work to release Sunbird 0.3 beta and to release it pretty soon, since we don’t want you to wait another six months for a new release. So after the release of Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 the following new features have been implemented:

  • Bug 259131: Ability to have an event repeat at the end of every month
  • Bug 267789: Provide Venkman Javascript debugger for Sunbird
  • Bug 322124: Implement horizontal day/week view

In addition the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Bug 183396: disable ‘new event/task’ when there is no calendars left
  • Bug 280728: calendar names with special chars left url encoded
  • Bug 314291: Optimize unifinder calls
  • Bug 325103: fixes list of possible properties in calIItemBase
  • Bug 326270: fixes calWeekTitleService for leap years
  • Bug 326935: Pressing view toolbar button shifts everything below toolbar a pixel down
  • Bug 331026: Initial state of ‘icons/text/both’ menu is wrong in customize toolbar
  • Bug 331788: CalExt-only files should not be packaged in calendar/resources/jar.mn when Sunbird is built
  • Bug 332414: Make publishing a calendar prompt if no calendar is selected
  • Bug 333686: new task dialog has “not specified” status but its “% completed” textbox is editable
  • Bug 333375: Task tooltip priority displays as string
  • Bug 334070: Views don’t care about mBatchCount
  • Bug 335127: The month view doesn’t remove events when calendars are deleted/unchecked
  • Bug 336045: Undeclared variables endDate, testDate in calDateTimeFormatter.formatInterval
  • Bug 336167: Make it easier for extensions to add new providers
  • Bug 336678: events sometimes pasted on the wrong day
  • Bug 336941: fix warning for undefined this.mCalendar
  • Makes Next and Previous menu items more descriptive

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.

May 06

Sunbird 0.3a2 Officially Released

We’re pleased to announce the official release of Sunbird 0.3a2. This release builds upon Lightning 0.1’s goal of preserving all locally created data. However, there are still a number of serious known problems which can occur when handling ICS data from other sources. In addition, this release contains several major improvements over Sunbird 0.3a1 including:

  • Ability to edit individual elements of a recurring series
  • Improved alarm support
  • Inline editing of event-titles
  • Drag and drop editing in the day and week views
  • A new, more intuitive event/task dialog

Please read the release notes prior to downloading this release. Then, get Sunbird 0.3a2 for your platform here:

Users who downloaded the third release candidate, announced on 7 May 2006 do not need to re-download this version, as that candidate has become the official release.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who made this release possible.

May 06

A New Candidate

A lot of folks were brave enough to test our last sunbird release candidate. They quickly noted that it was very crashy, so the build was not good enough for a release.
But the crash is fixed now, so we have a new release candidate:

So fire away, test it, and let us know if it passes your basic functionality test. (But remember, this is still an alpha. We know there are features missing)

May 06

Sunbird 0.3a2 Release Candidate 2

A new release candidate for Sunbird 0.3a2 is now available. The previous release candidate identified several problems releated to timezones and events not being displayed at the correct time. Since we figured that most people probably wouldn’t upgrade if the program didn’t display times correctly, we decided to fix it and have another release candidate. The best solution that we found for this was to finally include a functional timezone picker. You should choose your timezone in the Preferences window prior to using this new version. After doing this, the times of your events should be properly displayed, allowing you to play around with the other improvements since 0.3a1.

Due to ongoing work on Mozilla’s toolkit, you’ll also notice a brand-new extention/theme management system in 0.3a2. This is the new Add-ons manager that is being developed for future versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, so consider this a sneak preview. Special thanks to Rob Strong for his work on this!

You’ll also notice that, unlike the last release candidate, these builds will identify themselves as 0.3a2, in the hopes that this truly can become the actual 0.3a2 release.

Please test these new candidates and report any problems you may find.

UPDATE: We are aware of the crashing in these candidates. Thanks to everyone for reporting it. This was caused by a checkin outside the calendar codebase, and a fix for the crash is currently in the review process. We hope to have a new set of release-candidates soon.

May 06

Status update (03 May)

Sorry for the long delay since the last status update. Everyone has been pretty busy to get Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 into a decent shape. We’re hoping to release Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 real soon now (this week or next week), so stay tuned. Additionally, the following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update.

  • change sunbird version number to 0.3a2
  • Fix ICS calendar regression from WebDAV interface change
  • Bug 237148: hide menuitems for as-yet unsupported features
  • Bug 304541: make the tiemzone picker work
  • Bug 308567: Allow CalDAV provider to use prompt service to request username and password
  • Bug 311268: calDAV provider often uses urls with two slashes
  • Bug 323795: Height of Lightning minimonth/agenda sidebar should persist
  • Bug 328911: Current date indicator doesn’t change until part the way through the day
  • Bug 330386: Clicking on day on calendar pane brings always to month view instead of last view
  • Bug 333449: Update credits.xhtml
  • Bug 333626: add trademarked sunbird branding items to /mozilla/other-licenses/branding
  • Bug 333693: Updated Sunbird release-notes URL
  • Bug 333717: don’t convert to utc when reading an ics entry
  • Bug 333771: removes css selector that makes text flush right
  • Bug 334069: Improve task list to use batching and not always rebuild itself
  • Bug 334423: URL-decode the X-MOZ-LOCATIONPATH to help ensure that we set it correctly and fix leakage of username/password information into the actual events
  • Bug 334506: Import cannot read exported ics file containing email alarms
  • Bug 334704: calIDuration.addDuration doesn’t work with negative durations
  • Bug 334724: remove weeks, not add, when browsing the monthview
  • Bug 334996: remove old eventboxes after switching to a new day
  • Bug 335169: turn of grid re-use, because of al lthe regressions
  • Bug 335183: Sunbird’s view controller doesn’t handle recurring events properly
  • Bug 335618: Extension/Theme Manager changes
  • Bug 335753: Sunbird (default) theme not shown in new Add-ons Manager
  • Bug 335959: thins pinstripe image to fit in new Add-ons/Extension Manager
  • Bug 335982: Default theme left behind in Sunbird’s profile directory

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.