Status update (15 May)

Last week we finally got Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 out of the door. But that doesn’t mean that all our developers are now going on vacation. Instead we’re hard at work to release Sunbird 0.3 beta and to release it pretty soon, since we don’t want you to wait another six months for a new release. So after the release of Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 the following new features have been implemented:

  • Bug 259131: Ability to have an event repeat at the end of every month
  • Bug 267789: Provide Venkman Javascript debugger for Sunbird
  • Bug 322124: Implement horizontal day/week view

In addition the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Bug 183396: disable ‘new event/task’ when there is no calendars left
  • Bug 280728: calendar names with special chars left url encoded
  • Bug 314291: Optimize unifinder calls
  • Bug 325103: fixes list of possible properties in calIItemBase
  • Bug 326270: fixes calWeekTitleService for leap years
  • Bug 326935: Pressing view toolbar button shifts everything below toolbar a pixel down
  • Bug 331026: Initial state of ‘icons/text/both’ menu is wrong in customize toolbar
  • Bug 331788: CalExt-only files should not be packaged in calendar/resources/ when Sunbird is built
  • Bug 332414: Make publishing a calendar prompt if no calendar is selected
  • Bug 333686: new task dialog has “not specified” status but its “% completed” textbox is editable
  • Bug 333375: Task tooltip priority displays as string
  • Bug 334070: Views don’t care about mBatchCount
  • Bug 335127: The month view doesn’t remove events when calendars are deleted/unchecked
  • Bug 336045: Undeclared variables endDate, testDate in calDateTimeFormatter.formatInterval
  • Bug 336167: Make it easier for extensions to add new providers
  • Bug 336678: events sometimes pasted on the wrong day
  • Bug 336941: fix warning for undefined this.mCalendar
  • Makes Next and Previous menu items more descriptive

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.


  1. I just want to ensure that somebody is looking at my buglist from here.

  2. You should file these bugs into the Bugzilla database at to get them handled in a trackable way. This system asks you for the necessary information to localize the bug and to avoid duplicate bugs that cause overhead. It only takes less than 2 minutes to file a bug and is a very important feedback to the developers.

  3. Can’t wait for 0.3 Final, I must admit you guys really have done a tremendous amount of work. Lightning 0.2 after this I guess? Good work.

  4. Great to see the evolution from 0.2 to 0.3 and the never ending great work of the developpers!

  5. Any shot somebody can put together an installer? Otherwise, how does one go about testing the new build?

  6. Michael, simply unzip the build and double-click the sunbird.exe icon. No installer necessary. :-)

  7. Fredrik Stax�ng

    I spent two hours this morning looking at Sunbird, and I am
    impressed. Nice looking UI, the functionality is obvious, and I could
    start entering right away. I had no crashes or data lossage.
    I found the following small things:
    – When you double click in the calendar on empty space, it should open
    a new appointment at that time.
    – When you right click and choose New Event, the new appointment should be set
    to that time.
    – In the Options box, Calendar tab. Select a line in Categories, klick remove.
    Then the next one shouldbe selected, so that you can just keep klicking
    on the remove button. Enable multiselect in that list.
    – Categories is really part of calendar data, not user preferences.
    – In th new event box, when you drop down the the box and click on an hour,
    the time should be updated immediately in the field.
    – When I use the day view, the weekday strip on top of the window get
    confused. Probalbly because I set the starting day or the week to
    – When you have pasted an appt, that appt should be selected, so that
    C-X applies to that (and not the original)
    Then I discovered the showstopper, no printing. I want to
    print views like the ones I see on the screen. So sunbird at present
    is not for me.
    But since it impressed me so much I decided to spend fiften minutes to write
    this and paste it into this website. I hope it gets to the attention
    of the developers, and wish you good luck.

  8. Fredrik,
    You may be interested to know that I’ve just released a testing version of an extension to offer more printing options. More information is available here:

  9. Thanks Joey. Good to have those printing options available.
    And, as always, thank you to all the developers, testers, hackers, and reviewers.

  10. Ross Finlayson

    Thank you for making this latest release available. One question, though: Are we likely to see alarms working properly anytime soon? The current version of Sunbird (on Windows, at least) still has *major* problems with alarms: They sometimes don’t pop up until hours after they are supposed to – and alarms on recurring events don’t work at all. I find alarms to be a very important feature of calendar applications like this.

  11. Thank you for a great product!
    One thing I would like to be fixed: If you in options choose “Date text format” “short” in my Swedish pc the date is shown ok, for example 2006-05-22. But in the week view the date is presented 5/22. But in a Swedish pc it should be presented 22/5. Could you fix that, please?

  12. Hi
    I had the earlier version on Sunbird uninstalled for the reason that if Sunbird is not open, I miss alarms. I downloaded the nightly from today 5/23. Is it enough to click on the sunbird.exe to install, or should I have an earlier version installed for it to work? Also has the bug I mentioned above rectified? I use XP and Seamonkey 1.01. Newb here, thanks.

  13. Marcel Berteler

    Sesha, the ‘bug’ you mentioned is not fixed yet (it actually is a feature request). You still have to have sunbird running to get the alarms. As mentioned by Joey Minta, you have to unzip all files to a location and just run sunbird.exe. There is no installation process other than manually unzipping the files.

  14. Hi Marcel, thanks. I would like to try it just for kicks. I really liked Sunbird, but missing alarms was a no-no. Thanks again.