Apr 06

Sunbird/Lightning/Calendar extension website reorganized

The project website at http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar has been a little bit neglected for some time. For example we never had a section for Lightning, the Calendar extension was still advertised as our flagship product and there was also some outdated content there.

As of the last weekend this has changed. Here’s a list of the changes made:

  • All the shared content (about page, call for help, bug triaging guide, developers guide) has been consolidated into one section
  • All our three products (Sunbird, Lightning, Calendar extension) have their own section now with information about the project, download locations, build guides, etc.)
  • Outdated content has either been redirected (developer guide) or removed (calendar extension roadmap requirements document, calendar extension translations overview)
  • The status of the Calendar extension has been clarified

It would be great, if you guys could test the new project site for broken links, further outdated content, etc. and/or give feedback about the reorganization and the website content in general.

Simon – Calendar Project webmaster

Apr 06

New Sunbird release really close

The next Sunbird release, named Sunbird 0.3a2, is really close. The list of blocker bugs is empty. That means that all that’s still needed now is some last minute testing. We need your help for this!

Check out the release notes, download a build (windows, linux, mac), and do some testing. Use it, see if it works. The builds won’t identify as 0.3a2 yet, but they should be really close.

Thanks everybody for making the next sunbird happen! That includes the developers, the testers and everybody else who helped.

Apr 06

Status update (10 April)

We’re making good progress on our way to the Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 release. As of yesterday, the last remaining release blockers have been fixed, so we should see a release pretty soon.
Additionally, the following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update.

  • Bug 306157: (Sunbird) add extra filter to prevent that all day events show up on two days.
  • Bug 309293: (Sunbird) adding tri-licensed logos for Calendar.
  • Bug 321545: (Both) Move base views style css to skin (make skin/theme possible)
  • Bug 325477: (Sunbird) fix remaining issues in Sunbird’s undo/redo system by getting the returned item
  • Bug 327760: (Both) initial cut. Make new views look more like previous Sunbird versions.
  • Bug 330522: (Both) Use some header defined constants to decide how many of various sorts of recurrence rules should be allowed; this fixes the problem of only 7 BYDAY rules being allowed
  • Bug 332492: (Sunbird) Errors in multiweek view if ‘First Day Of The Week’ is not Sunday.
  • Bug 332595: (Both) Changing calendar in Edit Event dialog has no effect
  • Bug 332720: (Sunbird) (Mac only) disables inappropriate commands when no window is visible.
  • Bug 332738: (Sunbird) show the right end-date in the unifinder, and display all-day for allday events.
  • Bug 332772: (Both) Drag’n’Drop on the edges of an event in Week Views messes up the event
  • Bug 333001: (Lightning) Deleting all occurrences deletes only a single one.
  • Bug 333033: (Both) Use same PRODID for created and exported ics data

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.

Apr 06

Status update (3 April)

This week has been another busy week for the Calendar Squad. In addition to the general calendar meeting this week (notes here), we also had a separate meeting for Sunbird 0.3a2 release planning. The end result of this meeting was the identification of 3 specific goals for the upcoming release:

  • Sunbird 0.3a2 should have no internal dataloss
  • Sunbird 0.3a2 should fully utilize the new-views code.
  • Sunbird 0.3a2 should have no major regressions from 0.3a1.

As a result of these goals, we did a bit of re-triaging of blockers for 0.3a2, and this current list should be pretty close to final.

Additionally, the following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update.

  • Bug 325477: (Both) Begin implementing an undo/redo system for Lightning, fix places where Sunbird’s undo/redo system should be used, but isn’t
  • Bug 331887: (Both) Make the ‘Choose Calendar’ dialog for import/export resizable
  • Bug 330385: (Lightning) ‘My Timezone’ preference isn’t selected when the prefpane loads
  • Bug 329669: (Both) Views don’t update after changing timezone setting – restart required
  • Bug 327856: (Both) Views don’t display 0-length events
  • Bug 266241: (Lightning) Regression fix for previous checkin in this bug.
  • Bug 331814: (Both) Convert event dialog’s task percent complete from menulist to textbox with error handling.
  • Bug 332037: (Both) Make Sunbird built with MOZ_DEBUG=1 be more obvious.
  • Bug 331997: (Both) Edit Task dialog does not update task completed status correctly.
  • Bug 326813: (Both) Day/week view: left click on event does should select day too
  • Bug 332311: (Lightning) Also apply new winstripe higher contrast buttons to lightning
  • Bug 323288: (Sunbird) (Mac only) Makes Sunbird not use Camino’s creator code.
  • Bug 325650: (Lightning) Performance fix for tree-refreshing when editing/adding/deleting calendars
  • Bug 329737: (Both) Invalid alarms should just report an error, but not stop parsing
  • Bug 301748: (Both) calIFileType isn’t l10n friendly
  • Bug 329571: (Both) Error when setting composite calendar’s default calendar with usePref==true
  • Bug 332268: (Both) Editing start date of all day events adds extra day to end date
  • Bug 332270: (Both) Fixes for js-strict warnings
  • Bug 326562: (Both) No ‘Visit URL’ button in the new event dialog
  • Bug 322768: (Sunbird) Remove dateUtils.js in favor of calIDateTimeFormatter
  • Bug 332265: (Sunbird) ‘All’ vs. ‘This occurrence’ selection ignored when deleting recurring event via keyboard.
  • Bug 331796: (Both) The recurrence dialog should use dateFormat.properties (reduce l10n workload
  • Bug 332443: (Both) In weekview, dragging an item to a different day and different time ends up at the wrong time

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.