Status update (10 April)

We’re making good progress on our way to the Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 release. As of yesterday, the last remaining release blockers have been fixed, so we should see a release pretty soon.
Additionally, the following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update.

  • Bug 306157: (Sunbird) add extra filter to prevent that all day events show up on two days.
  • Bug 309293: (Sunbird) adding tri-licensed logos for Calendar.
  • Bug 321545: (Both) Move base views style css to skin (make skin/theme possible)
  • Bug 325477: (Sunbird) fix remaining issues in Sunbird’s undo/redo system by getting the returned item
  • Bug 327760: (Both) initial cut. Make new views look more like previous Sunbird versions.
  • Bug 330522: (Both) Use some header defined constants to decide how many of various sorts of recurrence rules should be allowed; this fixes the problem of only 7 BYDAY rules being allowed
  • Bug 332492: (Sunbird) Errors in multiweek view if ‘First Day Of The Week’ is not Sunday.
  • Bug 332595: (Both) Changing calendar in Edit Event dialog has no effect
  • Bug 332720: (Sunbird) (Mac only) disables inappropriate commands when no window is visible.
  • Bug 332738: (Sunbird) show the right end-date in the unifinder, and display all-day for allday events.
  • Bug 332772: (Both) Drag’n’Drop on the edges of an event in Week Views messes up the event
  • Bug 333001: (Lightning) Deleting all occurrences deletes only a single one.
  • Bug 333033: (Both) Use same PRODID for created and exported ics data

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.


  1. Is it me only or the scroll bar on Lightning’s day view went berzerk? Now my day begins at 8 and ends at 4, no happy hours! I’m using TB 1.5, Lightning 2006041009 on XP pro.

  2. Keep up the good work!