Status update (3 April)

This week has been another busy week for the Calendar Squad. In addition to the general calendar meeting this week (notes here), we also had a separate meeting for Sunbird 0.3a2 release planning. The end result of this meeting was the identification of 3 specific goals for the upcoming release:

  • Sunbird 0.3a2 should have no internal dataloss
  • Sunbird 0.3a2 should fully utilize the new-views code.
  • Sunbird 0.3a2 should have no major regressions from 0.3a1.

As a result of these goals, we did a bit of re-triaging of blockers for 0.3a2, and this current list should be pretty close to final.

Additionally, the following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update.

  • Bug 325477: (Both) Begin implementing an undo/redo system for Lightning, fix places where Sunbird’s undo/redo system should be used, but isn’t
  • Bug 331887: (Both) Make the ‘Choose Calendar’ dialog for import/export resizable
  • Bug 330385: (Lightning) ‘My Timezone’ preference isn’t selected when the prefpane loads
  • Bug 329669: (Both) Views don’t update after changing timezone setting – restart required
  • Bug 327856: (Both) Views don’t display 0-length events
  • Bug 266241: (Lightning) Regression fix for previous checkin in this bug.
  • Bug 331814: (Both) Convert event dialog’s task percent complete from menulist to textbox with error handling.
  • Bug 332037: (Both) Make Sunbird built with MOZ_DEBUG=1 be more obvious.
  • Bug 331997: (Both) Edit Task dialog does not update task completed status correctly.
  • Bug 326813: (Both) Day/week view: left click on event does should select day too
  • Bug 332311: (Lightning) Also apply new winstripe higher contrast buttons to lightning
  • Bug 323288: (Sunbird) (Mac only) Makes Sunbird not use Camino’s creator code.
  • Bug 325650: (Lightning) Performance fix for tree-refreshing when editing/adding/deleting calendars
  • Bug 329737: (Both) Invalid alarms should just report an error, but not stop parsing
  • Bug 301748: (Both) calIFileType isn’t l10n friendly
  • Bug 329571: (Both) Error when setting composite calendar’s default calendar with usePref==true
  • Bug 332268: (Both) Editing start date of all day events adds extra day to end date
  • Bug 332270: (Both) Fixes for js-strict warnings
  • Bug 326562: (Both) No ‘Visit URL’ button in the new event dialog
  • Bug 322768: (Sunbird) Remove dateUtils.js in favor of calIDateTimeFormatter
  • Bug 332265: (Sunbird) ‘All’ vs. ‘This occurrence’ selection ignored when deleting recurring event via keyboard.
  • Bug 331796: (Both) The recurrence dialog should use (reduce l10n workload
  • Bug 332443: (Both) In weekview, dragging an item to a different day and different time ends up at the wrong time

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.

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  1. It looks great and it works perfectly on Windows Vista Beta 2 build 5342.