Windows tinderbox is back

As of a few hours ago, we were informed that the Windows tinderbox (solaria) had finally come back online. As of the writing of this entry, it had successfully built and dropped a fresh copy of Sunbird with all of the changes mentioned in the previous Status Update, and a few others that have landed since then. Expect a Lightning build to drop soon as well. Huge thanks go out to everyone who put in time on this!

Given that we’ve had a smaller number of eyes on the builds lately, I’d like to ask everyone to test these Windows builds a bit more thoroughly than usual and to please file good bugs if you notice any problems.

Now for the bad news: The Mac tinderbox (hilo) is now on fire and needs to be upgraded. :-(


  1. Nice to see the progress (again) of the great work you’re all doing!

  2. When will been updated with the latest Windows binary release? (The4 version that’s there now appears to have the same ugly UI that it’s had for the last several weeks.)

  3. Serrin Shamandar

    Not to be rude, I’m sure this probably is NOT the correct place to post this – but why is Sunbird trying to connect to via port 443?
    Also, where would be the correct forum to ask such questions?

  4. @Serrin Shamandar:
    Sunbird has the same update mechanism like Firefox and Thunderbird.
    To disable it put user_pref(“app.update.enabled”, false);
    user_pref(“extensions.update.enabled”, false); into your user.js file. Sunbird support forum can be found at MozillaZine

  5. Serrin Shamandar

    Thanks for the intel – just seemed like a strage address to be checking.
    Thanks also for the MZ linky, didn’t realize that Sunbird was there with my other fav’s!