May 10

[Reminder] Localization sign-off deadline for Lightning 1.0 beta2 is on May 24

As announced nine days ago, the sign-off deadline for Lightning 1.0 beta2, the Lightning release that will accompany Thunderbird 3.1 is on May 24th at 23:59 pacific time.

Right now the picture looks like this:

  • 22 locales have already signed-off
  • 7 locales are green on the dashboard but have not yet signed off for their locale
  • 1 locale is orange on the dashboard indicating that some obsolete strings still need to be removed or commented out
  • Of the remaining 14 locales, many have only a limited amount of missing strings to catch-up. So it would be great if those locales could still join us

I will contact every locale that has not yet signed off their locale individually as well, so that everyone is aware of the current status.

May 10

@Localizers: Please sign-in for Lightning 1.0 beta2

As announced by Philipp two days ago the strings for the next Lightning release (1.0 beta2) have been frozen and you can now start to sign-in for this release.

We will be accepting sign-in requests until May 24 @ 23:59 pacific day time, so you have a little less than two weeks time to get your
locale in shape.

Lightning 1.0 beta2 localizations will be taken from the l10n-1.9.2 repositories, so please work from there.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the mozilla l10n newsgroup or send me an e-mail.

May 10

String Freeze for Lightning 1.0b2 Release Today

I want to make those of you, who are actively translating Lightning aware, that we are now ready to freeze our strings for the approaching 1.0b2 release.

After the string freeze we are currently planning for two and a half additional weeks before we try to release our first release candidate on May 25th. We would really appreciate it if you could have your locales in shape for the first RC, as I do hope we will only need one release candidate. Please also note that we have to stay in sync with the Thunderbird schedule, so we might have to prepone our rc1 release to an earlier date.

That gives you 2-3 weeks to get your localizations in shape.

The 1.0b2 release will come from the comm-1.9.2 release branch, which means you should commit your work to the l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 repositories. If any of you will not be able to keep his or her locale updated for the 1.0b2 release, please let me know beforehand.

I am aware that we still don’t have bug 346278 fixed, I am really sorry this is still the case. If rc1 is released and you notice any localization problems, please do let me know as quickly as possible so I can coordinate a second release candidate. I do hope to fix this bug in the next two weeks though!

Please let Simon Paquet or me know if any of you wants to join us for 1.0b2.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask them here


Update: It seems the calendar10x dashboard is not correctly updated. Please use the latest version of the dashboard to find out how many strings are missing!