Apr 07

Spring into Testing Tomorrow

Spring is officially here, and we’re going to do some spring cleaning at Calendar QA. We’ll start with a Test Day Tomorrow on May 1st. On Thursday, we’ll hold a QA Work Session to resolve the growing number of “QA Discussion Needed” and “QA Wanted” bugs.

The QA Work Session will take place at 14:00 UTC time in the #calendar-qa IRC channel. The Test Day tomorrow will start at the usual 13:00 UTC, you can always find more information on the test day at our Test Day Wiki.

Every test we run and every bug we verify brings us that much closer to our 0.5 release. Thank you very much for your help. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow in #calendar-qa.

Happy Testing.

Apr 07

0.5 release status update

We know, that all of you are waiting anxiously for the new release and since we’re a little bit behind schedule, I thought I would give you an update on this.

At the moment we have two outstanding blocker bugs, which hinder the release of our first release candidate (RC1). Those bugs are:

  • Bug 377641 – Outlook does not read iTIP/iMIP invitation because of missing UID
  • Bug 372287 – Sunbird crashes on open in Mac OS X 10.3

Right now, we know what went wrong with bug 377641 and hope to have a fix for this today. The status of bug 372287 is still unclear to us, since we are still trying to build Sunbird from a Mac OS X 10.3 box, which would allow us to diagnose the problem. Therefore we have decided two things:

  1. We will release RC1 for Linux and Windows once bug 377641 has been fixed. That will give most of you the chance to pound on those builds and identify potential last-minute blockers, while we are trying to fix the Mac OS X 10.3 bug.
  2. If no other blockers arise from RC1, we will release 0.5 once bug 377641 gets fixed. If new blockers rise, we will likely release a 2nd release candidate (RC2).

Apr 07

Great increase in download numbers in the last week

Hi guys,
I’m sitting here in Hamburg on the Calendar developers face-to-face meeting together with Clint, Matthew, Philipp, Daniel, Mickey, Christian, Ulf, Andreas, Stephan, Thomas and Berend and while we discussed our plans for the upcoming releases, we noticed that we had a great increase in download numbers in the last week:

Lightning download numbers:

  • total: 248406 (since the creation of the extension on March 15, 2006)
  • last week: 47102

So we got nearly 20% of all downloads in the last week. These numbers come from addons.mozilla.org only, so they do not include all the downloads from people downloading Lightning directly from the Lightning project page.

Philipp Kewisch also mentioned, that the download numbers for his Google Calendar Provider extension also increased considerably.

Google Calendar Provider download numbers:

  • total: 21567 (since the creation of the extension on March 26, 2007)
  • last week: 12317

So the Google Calendar Provider extension is really taking off. We attribute this increase mainly to an article describing a sync functionality of Lightning via Google Calendar. This article was mentioned on Slashdot and Digg.

Apr 07

Sunbird/Lightning status update (April 11)

Hi guys,
we’re coming closer to the 0.5 every day and are just a handful of blocker bugs away from the release. The most notable fix in the last weeks was the fix for bug 368982 (visual enhancements to the event boxes – screenshots are in the bug). With this patch our views look much better and modern, where before they were pretty dull. With all the new stuff going in, it would be great if you could help us test all the new features on the upcoming testday. But finally here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 307685 and Bug 346427:
    remove unused files
  • Bug 324198:
    fold ics lines before adding a newline
  • Bug 348479:
    ‘this.bgbox has no properties’ error when switching ‘workweek days only’
  • Bug 351380:
    Wrong day selected using day name in datetextpicker
  • Bug 351860:
    Month grid adds extra month to output when first day of week is Monday
  • Bug 353070:
    drag and drop for tasks does not work if due date is not set
  • Bug 355360:
    Fix Unifinder min-height so scrollbar is drawn correctly
  • Bug 355755:
    Don’t dismiss alarms when quitting the app
  • Bug 357112:
    DnD of multiday event doesn’t land where the shadow is
  • Bug 357329:
    Switch getContrastingColor() to use YUV rather than HSL
  • Bug 358110:
    Missing Makefile line to package ICS icon
  • Bug 359712:
    bad handling of attendees (entry corruption)
  • Bug 362698:
    Add etag checking support to CalDAV provider
  • Bug 362922:
    event dialog – ‘attendees’ dialog missing in menu
  • Bug 366299:
    Fix navigation, etc. when hiding non-workweek days
  • Bug 368558:
    add colors to Lightning calendars tab
  • Bug 368607:
    Prevent attendees with a CN in double-quotes from being escaped and having extra double-quotes added by libical
  • Bug 368982:
    Beautify event boxes
  • Bug 369262:
    und/redo stack needs to be in a component
  • Bug 371367:
    Use entered title in print output
  • Bug 371806:
    Use createRecurrenceRule helper
  • Bug 372839:
    Gives events dragged over DST boundaries the correct time
  • Bug 372855:
    getOccurrencesBetween() in calTodo.js fails on tasks without entryDate or dueDate
  • Bug 372879:
    Stop forcing task sort by priority on each restart
  • Bug 373209:
    Lightning preferences selected tab should persist
  • Bug 373341:
    Make pipe have ‘infinite-length’ to prevent truncating print output
  • Bug 373437:
    Windows installer should remove some trunk-only files when upgrading from Sb 0.3.1 to 0.5 (branch)
  • Bug 373742:
    week view changes after reload
  • Bug 374078:
    Fix datepicker in Lightning sidebar.
  • Bug 374084:
    Add Punjabi translation to all-locales, but not shipped-locales
  • Bug 374121:
    Fix js strict warnings
  • Bug 374446:
    Ensure CalDAV calendar collection URLs end in a trailing slash
  • Bug 374757:
    Allow disabling of sending iTIP invitations
  • Bug 374772:
    Length of all day events
  • Bug 374936:
    moving event from one calendar to another fails in calTransactionManager
  • Bug 375201:
    typo in attribute
  • Bug 375383:
    wcap event with category lost all data after view refresh
  • Bug 376544:
    checkbox for sending invitations by email with ICS provider calendar

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!

Apr 07

Calendar Test Day TOMORROW – April 10

I apologize for the late notice, but the Calendar-QA effort needs to get its test day schedule back on track. With only blocking defects going into the code base, now is the time to turn a critical eye toward these recent builds. We need to alert developers to any critical “stop ship” defects we find. And to find them, we need your help at the test day.

Drop by #Calendar-QA and join the bug hunt tomorrow. If you can’t make it tomorrow, we hope to see you at some point before the end of the week (Drop in for our QA Chat).

For tomorrow’s test day we are going to drive it based on the testing recommendations at our Calendar Todo List. I will put together the standard test day wiki page later today. Thanks for your help.

Happy Testing!

Apr 07

0.5 Progress Report

We’re continuing our march towards the 0.5 release. We’re a little behind the previously posted schedule, as we’ve still got some blockers left to resolve. However, we’re still in a code and string freeze state, except for the remaining blockers. Any checkins unrelated to those blockers need to be approved by myself or mvl before landing.
Once we have these last few bugs squashed, we’ll post an updated schedule for performing fully functional tests (FFTs) and for testing release candidates (RCs).
Thank you for your continued patience, support, testing and bug reporting. With your help 0.5 can be our most solid release yet.