Great increase in download numbers in the last week

Hi guys,
I’m sitting here in Hamburg on the Calendar developers face-to-face meeting together with Clint, Matthew, Philipp, Daniel, Mickey, Christian, Ulf, Andreas, Stephan, Thomas and Berend and while we discussed our plans for the upcoming releases, we noticed that we had a great increase in download numbers in the last week:

Lightning download numbers:

  • total: 248406 (since the creation of the extension on March 15, 2006)
  • last week: 47102

So we got nearly 20% of all downloads in the last week. These numbers come from only, so they do not include all the downloads from people downloading Lightning directly from the Lightning project page.

Philipp Kewisch also mentioned, that the download numbers for his Google Calendar Provider extension also increased considerably.

Google Calendar Provider download numbers:

  • total: 21567 (since the creation of the extension on March 26, 2007)
  • last week: 12317

So the Google Calendar Provider extension is really taking off. We attribute this increase mainly to an article describing a sync functionality of Lightning via Google Calendar. This article was mentioned on Slashdot and Digg.


  1. I’d say you were right!
    Certainly I have Lightning installed now that it works with Google Calendar.
    Lightning is now working for my calendar in the same way that Thunderbird works for my IMAP email. It’s excellent.

  2. great :-) Once 0.5 will be out the downloads will rocket skyhigh I’m sure… Have a good and inspiring meeting with lots of fun there…

  3. excuse me if this has been asnwered efore, but..
    why not inegrate full support for GCal in standard Sunbird/lightning?

  4. @jm_one:
    It’s being worked on, see the Provider for Google Calendar extension.