Jul 06

Status update (31 July)

Here’s a new update for everyone waiting to hear more from the Sunbird/Lightning developers. We are making progress on the road to 0.3, which will hopefully be the release to which everyone, even the users still using Sunbird 0.2 can safely upgrade.

The following bugs were fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 307501: Fixes for strict warning (js doesn’t trust us)
  • Bug 320266: Moves javascript bits that don’t implement nsIModule out of components directory
  • Bug 327912: Clean up Sunbird context menu
  • Bug 341522: Attendees attribute does not work for proxied items
  • Bug 343836: Day/Week View: All day events shown on wrong day or twice
  • Bug 343968: Events disappeared from unifinder when sort by start date
  • Bug 344442: openWalletPasswordDialog and checkWallet are not used
  • Bug 345444: Includes missing js file in windows builds
  • Bug 344452: Don’t add universal style rules for calendars and categories
  • Bug 344561: Day/Week view: Header boxes are misaligned if scrollbars are shown
  • Bug 344602: Moves Lightning strings to /m/cal/locales
  • Bug 345348: Tasks appear in calendar view when progress is modified
  • Bug 345490: Wires up Page Setup menu
  • Bug 345491: Editing recurring event shows ‘All’ vs. ‘This occurrence’ dialog twice
  • Bug 345593: Can not modify existing event
  • Bug 345606: Print dialog broken [Error: getCompositeCalendar is not defined]

As always a huge thanks goes to all testers, developers, reviewers and everyone who gives us feedback.

Jul 06

Status update (20 July)

Sorry for the late update. Everyone was pretty busy (Toronto meeting), so the status update somehow fell from the cliff, for which I apologize. Because this update covers the last three weeks, it’s pretty big as you can see. But with all these fixes going in, we believe that Sunbird 0.3 and Lightning 0.3 will be great releases, which are worth waiting for.

The following bugs were fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 254893: daylight savings applied incorrectly, timezone fixes
  • Bug 309293: build Sunbird using non-trademarked branding (Calendar) by default
  • Bug 312736: Cannot move an Event or Item in month view using drag & drop
  • Bug 323093: Only make scrollbars appear along the scrollable area of the calendar
  • Bug 324271: Week View should show non working days in a different color.
  • Bug 326586: width of eventboxes in monthview is wrong
  • Bug 331232: Cannot delete an all day Event from Day or Week View
  • Bug 332457: move old xpi icons to xpi folder
  • Bug 335106: Ability to reach Categories manager while creating/editing an event
  • Bug 336048: Undefined property warning in calStorageCalendar.getItems
  • Bug 336845: removes unused pref alerts.height
  • Bug 337454: Adds support for building Sunbird as a XulRunner ‘client’ app
  • Bug 337346: proxy.setRecurrenceId is not a function
  • Bug 337941: unify some common elements of view switching/control code
  • Bug 339714: l10n repackaging for the NSIS installer
  • Bug 340949: WCAP provider contribution
  • Bug 342051: stop packaging our own xmlextras and use the one included with Tbird
  • Bug 342150: Task dates don’t always update when changed
  • Bug 342341: hooks preference to list and handles changes
  • Bug 342556: opens preferences as a modal window on non-instantApply platforms
  • Bug 342569: makes weekstart changes not require restart
  • Bug 343024: Calendar installer locale repackaging
  • Bug 343027: changes to bring trunk in sync with branch
  • Bug 343173: Audit calendar code for places to use preference/string helpers
  • Bug 343184: Drag and Drop of new All Day event opens Edit Event dialog
  • Bug 343187: Drop shadow for events spanning multiple days is not correct
  • Bug 343194: Error if event is dragged out of displayed calendar date range
  • Bug 343238: JavaScript error for zero length tasks
  • Bug 343247: adds missing entity
  • Bug 343581: Uninstaller removed required system folder ‘C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktop’
  • Bug 343601: removes old xpfe-based preferences
  • Bug 343640: stops making xpi
  • Bug 343641: Wrong ‘Xth {day of week} of the month’ option offered in recurrence dialog
  • Bug 343646: fixes typo in css selector
  • Bug 343667: removes unused xpinstall installer bits
  • Bug 343990: removes lots of xpfe_xpi-only files
  • Bug 344490: Implement silent and unattended installation for NSIS installer
  • Bug 344838: Some locales have different strings for Help in Windows vs. Gnome
  • Bug 344987: removes lots of unused outdated crap
  • Bug 345119: Set up and use architecture for helper functions in components

A huge thanks goes to all testers, developers, reviewers and everyone who gives us feedback.

Jul 06

Toronto meeting

For those of you who don’t know, the calendar developers recently had a conference in Toronto to discuss the long term direction for the Sunbird and Lightning projects. We were fortunate that the majority of major contributors were able to attend. The meeting’s agenda included defining the set of users that we are explicitly targeting as well as brainstorming about the types of calendar-related tasks that likely are relevant to those users. Based off of this task list, we came up with a list of development areas that we feel are important to have in the 1.0 versions of these projects. You can find all of these documents linked from the original agenda for the conference. Your feedback on these documents would be greatly appreciated as well.

Jul 06

Sunbird generic branding now on by default

Starting with today’s nightly builds of Sunbird, we will be taking an approach much more similar to Firefox and Thunderbird’s nightly releases. That is, nightly builds of Sunbird will not carry with them the Sunbird name or icon, just as BonEcho does not carry Firefox’s name or icon. Instead, they will be called ‘Calendar’ and use a more generic icon. Prior to official releases, we will flip the switch that again renames the builds to their official name.
Please file bugs on any places in the application where you still see ‘Sunbird’ showing up after today.

Jul 06

Windows nightlies now include an installer

Thanks to the hard work of lilmatt and Rob Strong, nightly windows builds of Sunbird now include an installer by default. This means it will be much easier for us to ship installers for release builds, a very common request from users. There are still a few rough edges, but go ahead and test them out. Thanks again to Rob and Matt!

Jul 06

DOM Inspector for Sunbird

Hi everyone,
today I built the DOM Inspector extension for Sunbird. Everyone interested in it, can download it from my website at

This extension should work for today’s and future nightly builds until Sunbird 0.3 is released. It should ease the pain for everyone interested in finding out more about the Sunbird front-end end, theme developers or other interested parties.

Please try it out and report back here, if you encounter any problems.