Windows nightlies now include an installer

Thanks to the hard work of lilmatt and Rob Strong, nightly windows builds of Sunbird now include an installer by default. This means it will be much easier for us to ship installers for release builds, a very common request from users. There are still a few rough edges, but go ahead and test them out. Thanks again to Rob and Matt!


  1. sweet thanks. you guys are awesome. only thing I wish there would be is updates for the nightlies as firefox “minefield” and “Bon Echo” have.

  2. Oooh, this is great! Thanks alot you guys.

  3. Will there be automated builds for other languages, too? Have Lightning localization files also landed in the CVS?

  4. matt:
    I am also interested in making Sunbird nightlies available via aus (like Bon Echo and Minefield).
    However, this requires some significant work from the MoCo build folks who are really really busy getting Bon Echo ready.
    If you’d like to track the progress of this, watch bug 341971.

  5. miles:
    The Lightning files are NOT yet in the /l10n localization repository. I just last night (with the help of Clint Talbert) was able to successfully make Lightning’s localization work with /calendar/locales.
    It’s not ready to be checked in yet, but I’m getting there. I’m considering it an 0.3 blocker.

  6. i am itching to use the latest sunbird, but i can’t do without the snooze feature. please add that back in, so i can upgrade from sunbird 0.2

  7. When can we expect 0.3 to be released? This calendaring application is going to be great. I’m already enjoying 0.1.

  8. David, we’re aiming for a release date in late August or early September, but this may slip a few weeks, if serious regressions come up.

  9. This works great- acts just like iCal on a mac.
    Only thing is cannot add attendees. Is address book linkage coming or already in place?

  10. I have a couple of suggestions that hopefully could be implemented easily. Currently when two events overlap, they share space side to side. But when you have events later in the day, but no conflicts, they are still limited to half-width. Could you make it so the unconflicted events aren’t half-width?
    Also, if you have a multi-day event, each day lists the start time of the first day, even though the event correctly fills in the whole day for the whole event. If you could make it so just the start time on the first day and the end time on the last day show, that’d be great.
    Thanks for the work!

  11. I forgot to mention one thing: the side by side occurs on the weekly and daily schedule, while the multi-day thing happens on the month schedule.
    I hope I found the right place to place Sunbird feedback…