DOM Inspector for Sunbird

Hi everyone,
today I built the DOM Inspector extension for Sunbird. Everyone interested in it, can download it from my website at

This extension should work for today’s and future nightly builds until Sunbird 0.3 is released. It should ease the pain for everyone interested in finding out more about the Sunbird front-end end, theme developers or other interested parties.

Please try it out and report back here, if you encounter any problems.


  1. the link is dead
    404 – You’re Lost!
    “The page you are looking for does not exist! If you have reached this page via a link from a page on MozillaZine or elsewhere, please email the webmaster and tell him the page’s URL that got you here, along with the URL of this page.”

  2. @matt,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve fixed the link.

  3. Currently my projects include a site for a person that wants to setup appointments via his website and have the resulting appointment automatically download and appear on his PDA.
    Are there plans in place for Sunbird to allow such interfacing with PDA devices? What is the ETA for a full release?
    Love Thunderbird and Firefox. looking forward to the next step.

  4. Two things, first you should not use 0.3a1+ for a max version the + can make the program crash because it can not work out what the max version is (there is not max version when you do that).
    Also what program did you use to compress that xpi file it has much better compression that any program I have can do.