Status update (28 June)

Sorry for the late update. We had our hands pretty full with some major fixes (preferences rewrite, installer, etc.), so this update is a bit bigger than the last one. With all these fixes going in, we believe that Sunbird 0.3 and Lightning 0.3 will be great releases, which are worth waiting for.

The following bugs were fixed since the last status update:

  1. Bug 157274: Tasks should be displayed in day/week views too
  2. Bug 248795: Menu item ‘Refresh Remote Calendars’ should be disabled when there are no remote calendars
  3. Bug 268621: Page Up and Page Down scroll the main view even if focus is not there
  4. Bug 278117: Add accesskey for Lightning extension
  5. Bug 291220: Redo should use the returned event, not the original event
  6. Bug 306079: Create a proper prefs file, rather than initializing prefs from .properties
  7. Bug 314927: Make install does not put default.xpm into $(DESTDIR)$(mozappdir)/chrome/icons/default
  8. Bug 328197: Calculate the duration of todos correctly
  9. Bug 329642: Remove global delete listener to make cancel dialog always work
  10. Bug 330391: Add tooltips to Lightning
  11. Bug 330573: Added TZID information to EXDATE attribute
  12. Bug 331026: Start with correct setting in customize toolbar menulist
  13. Bug 333923: Converts Sunbird preferences from xpfe to toolkit
  14. Bug 335793: Don’t keep 100% complete when changing task status
  15. Bug 338475: Updates paths in installer
  16. Bug 338957: Paste doesn’t work when in the day/week views
  17. Bug 339083: Copy/Paste meeting-request stopped working
  18. Bug 339260: ns_not_implemented should be ns_error_not_implemented
  19. Bug 339321: Disables preprocessing for PNGs
  20. Bug 339639: Renames poorly named css selectors
  21. Bug 339714: Add setup.exe target to Sunbird’s NSIS installer makefile
  22. Bug 339986: Update Sunbird to use toolkit’s for Universal Binary support
  23. Bug 340414: Add ‘View workdays only’ and ‘View tasks in view’ toggles to Lightning
  24. Bug 340559: Moves sunbird configure’s default build options into
  25. Bug 340723: Encapsulates ifdefs in comments to make a valid dtd
  26. Bug 340831: Switching views leaves phantom all-day events
  27. Bug 340971: Cleans up makefiles, etc. to allow for building langpacks
  28. Bug 340984: Strict warnings in calItemBase.js and calAlarmService.js
  29. Bug 341154: Added calIIcalProperty::icalString attribute
  30. Bug 341403: Make error if build with –enable-installer on Windows
  31. Bug 341518: View navigation buttons move when changing views
  32. Bug 341580: Errors when adding/modifying/deleting tasks
  33. Bug 341688: Tasks without due dates mess up month view
  34. Bug 342098: Refactor startup in extensions.js so that showView will only ever be called once (Sunbird pref patch)
  35. Bug 342165: Removes css from winstripe
  36. Bug 342407: Freshen installer to new NSIS code
  37. Bug 342568: Removes ‘today’ attribute when reusing day boxes in week view

A huge thanks goes to all testers, developers, reviewers and everyone who gives us feedback.


  1. That’s an impressive list.
    I am now using lightning for my personal calendar ( with remote calendar on a ftp ) and it works great..
    multiple thunderbirds ( at home and at work ) use the same calendar and it keeps getting better.
    1 thing though which I couldn’t find a bug about in bugzilla.
    if I click on a calendar it opens the week-view, is there a setting so it opens the month-view ??

  2. Wow, sounds like a lot of work!
    Thanks a lot for your efforts! I’m looking forward to 0.3!

  3. I am using lightning on linux,
    builds approx. before Jun 7 are ok, but with newer builds rss news do not update.(?? but i get new mail) a really weird bug.

  4. I started seeing this bug today also.. Hope to see it fixed soon

  5. Ah I see we still have the date format being m/d on the headings in the week view :( And just double-clicking rather than draggin int he week voew makes a new event with a start time of 9 pm for me. Ek and the 24 hour time picker (with no option for a 12 hour one with am and pm). I am a complainer.

  6. Where can I report a bug ?
    Removing one of existing Calendar does not work.
    Any way, great idea!
    Thank you for any help.

  7. Hi! I’m having some problems with lightning. It’s really better than “mozilla calendar”? Cause I’ve found that I can’t configure Lightning Plug in, I can`t see other view than the month view. Also I can`t add tasks, just events, and I find it very poor, comparing it with “Calendar”, wich have much more preferences. I hope you can tell me if this I describe it’s a bug (“lightning” last version) on my downloaded extension.

  8. @Pablo
    Remember that Lightning is still at version 0.1 and much work has to be done.
    To configure Lightning open Thunderbird preferences dialog and select the Lightning tab.
    To select another view use the commands in the Calendar menu or one of the optional toolbar buttons.
    To create a new task select File->New->Task, use the optional toolbar button or double click on ToDo pane.

  9. I really hope that the next release includes Palm-syncability. Sunbird is a great alternative to Outlook, but the absence of this feature is preventing it from being viable. Palm-syncability really should be a priority.

  10. I just upgrade lighting and I lost the ability to toggle the calendar on an off with the function key F9. I remember that was kind of add-on. Where it is please?