Mar 07

Additional strings need localization

Hi guys,
in our release planning schedule we communicated, that we would have a string freeze on the 12th of March. Unfortunately we had to break this string freeze to take the fix for a pretty serious bug.

It’s always bad when a string freeze is broken, but this can happen with tight schedules, when patches for serious bugs arrive pretty late. Please take this as an apology from the developers. We would have wished to avoid this, but we hope that you will be able to localize the additional
seven strings.

Mar 07

QA Functional Testing Begins Monday

Test Day Report

We’ve had two test days since my last post: one on March 20 and the other back on March 6. Both of these were great days. We had hundreds of Litmus Cases run, found several new bugs. Skuribay won the test day on March 6 and Thorn won the test day on March 20. Congratulations to you both!

Function Testing Begins!

As you can see on our new project calendar, Functional Testing for the 0.5 release will begin on Monday, March 26. We need folks to start running through the FFT (Full Functional Tests) in Litmus for both Sunbird and Lightning builds. Please help us cover as many OS’s (windows XP, windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux flavors etc) as we can on these tests. It is important for us to find as many bugs as we can before the string freeze as possible, so that the localizers have solid builds to work with.

We will be also holding a “Hard Core QA Session”. This will be from noon UTC to 16:00 UTC on Wednesday March 28. We’ll be working on QA Wanted and QA Discussion Needed bugs, to clear those out. Should we finish that, we’ll work on functional testing of some of the newer components and features that have landed.

This is a great chance for folks to drop by and help with some of the core issues of bug triage and deep testing. We’ll be holding several sessions like this in the coming days. Working with the QA Wanted and difficult defects will give you insight into how best to track and find issues, which will help you win test days and make the calendar code more robust.

It is time to ensure that we release the best possible product we can for 0.5, and that begins right now. We need to amplify the QA on Calendar. So, turn up your favorite music, download a nightly, and see how badly you can break it. If you find an unreported issue, drop us a bug.

I’ll see you in #calendar-qa. Happy Testing.

Mar 07

Status update (15 March)

Hi guys,
we’re coming closer to the 0.5 every day and more and more bugfixes and new features make their way into our codebase. The two most notable items in the last week were support for working hours and the addition of iTIP/iMIP support. With all the new stuff going in, it would be great if you could help us test all the new features on the upcoming testday. But finally here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 325641:
    implement per-calendar id
  • Bug 327930:
    when using getItems() LAST-MODIFIED property should actually represent the last mtime
  • Bug 334423:
    Ensures comparison is done against unescaped URL
  • Bug 334685:
    Add iTIP/iMIP support
  • Bug 343173:
    Use stringbundle helpers for import-export.
  • Bug 349520:
    working hours for calendar-multiday-view
  • Bug 350319:
    Fix js strict warning in getStyleSheet
  • Bug 352667:
    After deleting calendar the last calendar in list is not displayed
  • Bug 353497:
    Tie Lightning’s ‘Options’ button in the add-on manager to its prefpane
  • Bug 355270:
    Cosmo interoperability fixes
  • Bug 358110:
    Register Sunbird to handle .ICS files on Mac
  • Bug 358803:
    integrate lightning’s printing with thunderbird’s print command
  • Bug 369084:
    missing thunderbird integration for undo/redo
  • Bug 369885:
    View fails on repeating events with modified occurrences
  • Bug 369920:
    iMIP bar not displayed in standalone message window
  • Bug 369928:
    Make ‘x items failed to import. The last error was: foo’ localizable
  • Bug 370079:
    better wording of error messages when import fails with a common error
  • Bug 370836:
    Adds more descriptive date to title bar in day view
  • Bug 372014:
    Unify Lightning and Sunbird preference code
  • Bug 372993:
    Fix error when attempt to uncheck proxy settings
  • Bug 373073:
    Make calItipProcessor Stateless
  • Bug 373221:
    Fixes wrong bgcolor for ‘Include these days in workweek’ on Windows
  • Bug 373306:
    Fix alignment of labels when using annual recurrence
  • Bug 373380:
    Adding initial iTIP invitation support
  • Bug 373395:
    Rename ‘General’ pane of preferences to prevent namespace collisions with Fx/Tb
  • Bug 373530:
    Add missing accesskey to General prefs tab
  • Bug 373643:
    Remove references to email.properties

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!

Mar 07

Next release coming closer: Test Day on Tuesday, March 20th

As we come closer to the release of Sunbird and Lightning 0.5, we have to increase our testing to make sure that all features landed since 0.3 work the way we all want them to. After the landing of the Google Calendar Provider two weeks ago, we now have iTIP support in Lightning and working hours (back) in the views. If you’ve got a day or an hour free, join the test day in the #calendar-qa irc channel on irc.mozilla.org. We will need every tester we can get.

For dates, times, and details, please go to our wiki page: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:Current_QA_TestDay

Happy Testing!

— Calendar QA Team

Mar 07

Working hours are back

Thanks to Thomas Benisch from Sun the working hours feature is back and will be shipped in the upcoming 0.5 release. This feature, which was probably the most highly request user interface enhancement, was removed when we moved to the new views back in December 2005, because the old implementation proved too hard to migrate to the new implementation then. Due to a huge feedback from our community we brought it back. So tomorrows builds (Lightning and Sunbird) should incorporate the new UI to set your working hours.

A huge thanks goes out to Thomas for implementing this and to dmose and lilmatt for reviewing the changes.

Mar 07

Project Calendar

To make it easier to keep up with what’s currently happening in the project, we have added a public-readable project calendar to this blog, which you can subscribe to if you want.

This calendar is accessible in two ways:

  • As an iCalendar file (to which you can directly subscribe to from Sunbird or Lightning)
  • As a public readable webcalendar available via Google Calendar

I think that you will concur, that it was long overdue, that our project, which develops open source calendar software, has a public readable project calendar.

Mar 07

Sunbird/Lightning status update (Mar 7)

Hi guys,
it’s been a long time since the last status update and I would really like to apologize for that. I finally got my act together and can present you a huge amount of bugfixes, that have gone into Lightning and Sunbird in the last 5 weeks. Therefore we’re pretty happy with regards to the upcoming 0.5 release that I’ve blogged about earlier. So here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 317607:
    For minimonth should be used localization language and not OS language
  • Bug 340406:
    Only include MSVC8 redistributable bits on trunk
  • Bug 349960:
    All day events should be at top on month view event lists
  • Bug 351957:
    omit print dialog closing on Unix, interim fix until Unix printing is fixed
  • Bug 352255:
    Prevent events with same id on multiple calendars from appearing mutiple times in the agenda
  • Bug 353066:
    Fixes scope of ‘tasksInView’ variable
  • Bug 353707:
    Consolidate usage of convertDate to common location
  • Bug 355117:
    Add read/write support for Google Calendar to Sunbird and Lightning
  • Bug 356363:
    Clean up scoping of calIObserver
  • Bug 356833:
    make the event/item dialog modeless
  • Bug 357384:
    Sort tasks with unspecified priority _above_ high priority
  • Bug 358805:
    Clean up uses of radioGroupSelectItem/radioGroupIndexOf
  • Bug 360821:
    Don’t fail when attempting to create an event before showing the calendar view
  • Bug 362745:
    Adds missing accesskey to ‘View > Number of Weeks’ menu.
  • Bug 364580:
    fast traveling freezes the weekview
  • Bug 365034:
    floating all day event of today shown as tomorrow in Agenda
  • Bug 365639:
    Navigation in Multiweek view is faulty if ‘Previous weeks to show’ is not None
  • Bug 365677:
    Opening ics-file breaks export selection
  • Bug 366560:
    Merge calendarUtils.js and calUtils.js
  • Bug 367110:
    Missing Thunderbird integration for copy/paste
  • Bug 367157:
    Reworks XUL so individual migrators can be unchecked in the wizard
  • Bug 367170:
    Adds nsIAuthPrompt2 to calAuthPrompt to fix branch crash
  • Bug 368066:
    basic fixes for rendering tasks
  • Bug 368121 and Bug 321653:
    Update included timezones to contain 2007 US Daylight Savings Time changes, and convert events, tasks and preferences to the new tzids
  • Bug 368490:
    Fix indenting level so ics import recognizes exceptions of recurring events
  • Bug 368558:
    add colors to Lightning calendars tab
  • Bug 368709:
    Adds missing trailing slash to gTzIdPrefix to make comparisons work
  • Bug 368718:
    Don’t remove xpcom_compat.dll when updating via aus
  • Bug 368724:
    Minor cleanup to tzid comparisons
  • Bug 368858:
    Only open http and https URLs (not javascript: ones)
  • Bug 368921:
    Be sure to convert all timezones.
  • Bug 369010:
    Migrate all old tzids in storage to new one
  • Bug 369030:
    mainWindow title has no info about views
  • Bug 369270:
    Add check for latest tzid to GetInTimezone
  • Bug 369543:
    Replaces Australia/Perth’s timezone with one that includes DST
  • Bug 369819:
    Updates schema out-of-date error to include calendar app (Sb/Ln) name, rather than Tb
  • Bug 370390:
    caldatetime.SubtractDate fails with negative numbers
  • Bug 370425:
    Creating repeating event fails, Error ‘calRecurrenceRule is not defined’ is shown
  • Bug 370547:
    error ‘self has no properties’ when opening modeless event/task dialog
  • Bug 370635:
    timezone dialog has been screwed up by tzid changes
  • Bug 370670:
    Fix regression in getSystemTimezone from calUtils unification
  • Bug 370685:
    Fix error when switching between General and Timezone pref tabs
  • Bug 371806:
    it’s not possible to create recurring event and/or task
  • Bug 372366:
    Fix tzid upgrade code
  • Bug 372573:
    Replace invalid error codes with NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE.
  • Bug 372617:
    Fix call to get ‘likelyTimezone’ from stringbundle
  • Bug 372814:
    Allow gdata provider to install in Tb2pre builds
  • Bug 372823:
    Minor cleanup to reuse helpers where possible
  • Bug 372837:
    Fix check for tasks to use the passed in item

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters, who have done an incredible job in the last two months. Let’s hope that we can keep this up so that we get a great 0.5 release.

Mar 07

Sunbird/Lightning merchandising (T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)

We’ve been thinking about setting up a shop for Sunbird/Lightning merchandising stuff (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.), to give people the chance to show their appreciation for our products.

But before we do that, there’s the question, whether anybody would be interested in buying such stuff.

We would probably go for a cafepress shop, because they have pretty decent shipping costs for US and international customers and a bigger variety of non-T-shirt stuff we could offer.

So do you think that this is a good idea? Would you buy a cool Sunbird t-shirt or a blazing Lightning coffee mug?

If yes, would you mind, if we try to make some small money from it or do you want the shop to be non-profit? That money could be used for a whole lot of stuff, like

  • buying a present for the most active tester on a QA testday
  • bug bounties
  • travel expenses for developers
  • free beer on the yearly developer face-to-face meeting :-))
  • hiring a developer full-time (in case we make a lot of money)

We would be really interested in hearing your thoughts.

Mar 07

Branch Sunbird and the Provider for Google Calendar Test Day March 6th

Yes, you read the title correctly. The Provider for Google Calendar extension has landed! Additionally, our nightly builds are back to normal! So we can now resume testing the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH Sunbird builds. For 0.5, we will be releasing from the same branch codebase that is used for Firefox and Thunderbird 2.0, and we want to be sure that there are no unexpected surprises in those Sunbird builds.

This is going to be a fast release, and the date that we release 0.5 will depend on how fast Calendar-QA can churn through our testing. To keep us organized with the upcoming test days and the release schedule, we have created the first project calendar for Sunbird/Lightning..

The March 6 Test Day marks the beginning of an exciting drive to release. Even more cool features will be landing in the next few days. We will need everyone’s help to ensure that these features land intact, and that they work the way we all want them to. If you’ve got a day or an hour free, stop by the test day, stop by #calendar-qa. Come help us make the most exciting release for Sunbird and Lightning into something truly spectacular. We’ll see you on Tuesday, March 6 at the Test Day.

Happy Testing!