Sunbird/Lightning merchandising (T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.)

We’ve been thinking about setting up a shop for Sunbird/Lightning merchandising stuff (t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.), to give people the chance to show their appreciation for our products.

But before we do that, there’s the question, whether anybody would be interested in buying such stuff.

We would probably go for a cafepress shop, because they have pretty decent shipping costs for US and international customers and a bigger variety of non-T-shirt stuff we could offer.

So do you think that this is a good idea? Would you buy a cool Sunbird t-shirt or a blazing Lightning coffee mug?

If yes, would you mind, if we try to make some small money from it or do you want the shop to be non-profit? That money could be used for a whole lot of stuff, like

  • buying a present for the most active tester on a QA testday
  • bug bounties
  • travel expenses for developers
  • free beer on the yearly developer face-to-face meeting :-))
  • hiring a developer full-time (in case we make a lot of money)

We would be really interested in hearing your thoughts.


  1. As long as the software is free, and is not given afway only in case I buy the t-shirt

  2. I’ll buy the shirt

  3. Frederik,
    Sunbird and Lightning will stay free either way. We will never force you to buy any of our merchandise.

  4. Doesn’t mozilla already have a store?

  5. There is the Mozilla Store, but it only offers a limited array of products and these are offered only for the major brands “Firefox” and “Thunderbird”.
    I do not think, that we can tap in there.

  6. Maybe Sunbird oughta be working harder to get there!

  7. I’d support it, it’s fine as long as the money goes in some way back into the Calendar project, that includes all things listed by you and more.

  8. Of course it would mean quite some publicity if it can tap into the firefox/thunderbird store… But regardless of the store, I would bug some stuff..

  9. Robin Edrenius

    I would totally buy a Sunbird/Lightning coffee mug! ( and force my friends to buy something and split the shipping cost to Sweden ;-) )

  10. Is there a design for the Lightning logo yet? Seems kind of hard to make a shirt without a logo…

  11. That’s right, Acidfire – Lightning doesn’t have an official logo yet. Also, the future of both products still isn’t totally clear – will both products evolve or will someday only Lightning surivive – also connected into OOo – as was announced at the last OOo conference in Lyon? So, those thing would help before deciding to make merchandise.
    What would also help both projects would be to demand from Mozilla chiefs to (at least) mention both or one product at the and Currently I can only see a trace of Sunbird on

  12. I’ll take a T-shirt/coffee mug(s). We need new mugs for the office anyway!
    Maybe our site can help with publicity for new merchandise (once logo for Lightning agreed)?
    Definite fans of all things Mozilla, and happy to spread the word :)

  13. simon: the mozilla store has more than just Firefox and Thunderbird products – we do carry a Bugzilla tshirt. we can certainly have a dialog about carrying sunbird merchandise.

  14. i’d feel better buying from the moz store – cafepress takes a large chunk of the money for themselves…

  15. I would like to buy a Coffe MUG with the sloagan:
    Sunbird – It’s about Coffee-Time!

  16. Sunbird is should be a major brand of mozilla foundation
    and i see the developer team of sunbird and lightening as an official mozilla foundation development team :)
    well mozilla merchandise products should be available on the mozilla store.
    mozilla store is already well known. otherway you might need strong administrative work to make the store for sunbird and lightening merchandise products known.
    would be a full time job. i mean if you create merchandise you might be willing to get something for the production of them.
    i think to communicate with the marketing manager of mozilla foundation or coorporation would be not wrong.
    would be benefit for all :)

  17. Right now i wouldn�t be able to buy any merchandise, but i see no reason not to make a ‘profit’ that the only function is to help the software :)

  18. Right now i wouldn�t be able to buy any merchandise, but i see no reason not to make a ‘profit’ that the only function is to help the software :)

  19. Try Mozilla Store first,
    else try via

  20. I will willingly give a couple more pounds more to support Mozilla as long as I can choose how much I want to gibe. The way I see it is that you folks put so much effort into creating first class products for free that everyone should spare a little change.

  21. I’d support it as well if the money goes into development (as you noted).

  22. I was a little harsh in my last comment and it wasn’t meant that way.
    In better words, I’d definitelly support you guys as I’ll surelly end up using sunbird/lightning now that google calendar integration is around the corner.
    So, as I’ve already done with Mozilla in the past, I’ll definitelly donate to your efforts. Don’t forget to add a Paypal “Donate” link unless you want us to use Mozilla’s one. Sometimes it’s the best way to support a project if we don’t decide on anything to buy at the store or if it’s above one’s budget.