Sunbird/Lightning status update (Mar 7)

Hi guys,
it’s been a long time since the last status update and I would really like to apologize for that. I finally got my act together and can present you a huge amount of bugfixes, that have gone into Lightning and Sunbird in the last 5 weeks. Therefore we’re pretty happy with regards to the upcoming 0.5 release that I’ve blogged about earlier. So here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 317607:
    For minimonth should be used localization language and not OS language
  • Bug 340406:
    Only include MSVC8 redistributable bits on trunk
  • Bug 349960:
    All day events should be at top on month view event lists
  • Bug 351957:
    omit print dialog closing on Unix, interim fix until Unix printing is fixed
  • Bug 352255:
    Prevent events with same id on multiple calendars from appearing mutiple times in the agenda
  • Bug 353066:
    Fixes scope of ‘tasksInView’ variable
  • Bug 353707:
    Consolidate usage of convertDate to common location
  • Bug 355117:
    Add read/write support for Google Calendar to Sunbird and Lightning
  • Bug 356363:
    Clean up scoping of calIObserver
  • Bug 356833:
    make the event/item dialog modeless
  • Bug 357384:
    Sort tasks with unspecified priority _above_ high priority
  • Bug 358805:
    Clean up uses of radioGroupSelectItem/radioGroupIndexOf
  • Bug 360821:
    Don’t fail when attempting to create an event before showing the calendar view
  • Bug 362745:
    Adds missing accesskey to ‘View > Number of Weeks’ menu.
  • Bug 364580:
    fast traveling freezes the weekview
  • Bug 365034:
    floating all day event of today shown as tomorrow in Agenda
  • Bug 365639:
    Navigation in Multiweek view is faulty if ‘Previous weeks to show’ is not None
  • Bug 365677:
    Opening ics-file breaks export selection
  • Bug 366560:
    Merge calendarUtils.js and calUtils.js
  • Bug 367110:
    Missing Thunderbird integration for copy/paste
  • Bug 367157:
    Reworks XUL so individual migrators can be unchecked in the wizard
  • Bug 367170:
    Adds nsIAuthPrompt2 to calAuthPrompt to fix branch crash
  • Bug 368066:
    basic fixes for rendering tasks
  • Bug 368121 and Bug 321653:
    Update included timezones to contain 2007 US Daylight Savings Time changes, and convert events, tasks and preferences to the new tzids
  • Bug 368490:
    Fix indenting level so ics import recognizes exceptions of recurring events
  • Bug 368558:
    add colors to Lightning calendars tab
  • Bug 368709:
    Adds missing trailing slash to gTzIdPrefix to make comparisons work
  • Bug 368718:
    Don’t remove xpcom_compat.dll when updating via aus
  • Bug 368724:
    Minor cleanup to tzid comparisons
  • Bug 368858:
    Only open http and https URLs (not javascript: ones)
  • Bug 368921:
    Be sure to convert all timezones.
  • Bug 369010:
    Migrate all old tzids in storage to new one
  • Bug 369030:
    mainWindow title has no info about views
  • Bug 369270:
    Add check for latest tzid to GetInTimezone
  • Bug 369543:
    Replaces Australia/Perth’s timezone with one that includes DST
  • Bug 369819:
    Updates schema out-of-date error to include calendar app (Sb/Ln) name, rather than Tb
  • Bug 370390:
    caldatetime.SubtractDate fails with negative numbers
  • Bug 370425:
    Creating repeating event fails, Error ‘calRecurrenceRule is not defined’ is shown
  • Bug 370547:
    error ‘self has no properties’ when opening modeless event/task dialog
  • Bug 370635:
    timezone dialog has been screwed up by tzid changes
  • Bug 370670:
    Fix regression in getSystemTimezone from calUtils unification
  • Bug 370685:
    Fix error when switching between General and Timezone pref tabs
  • Bug 371806:
    it’s not possible to create recurring event and/or task
  • Bug 372366:
    Fix tzid upgrade code
  • Bug 372573:
    Replace invalid error codes with NS_ERROR_NO_INTERFACE.
  • Bug 372617:
    Fix call to get ‘likelyTimezone’ from stringbundle
  • Bug 372814:
    Allow gdata provider to install in Tb2pre builds
  • Bug 372823:
    Minor cleanup to reuse helpers where possible
  • Bug 372837:
    Fix check for tasks to use the passed in item

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters, who have done an incredible job in the last two months. Let’s hope that we can keep this up so that we get a great 0.5 release.


  1. Just to make sure I’m not missing all the fun stuff:
    I’m using version “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.9a3pre) Gecko/20070305 Calendar/0.6a1”. Am I getting all those bug fixes as well, or is there a separate 0.5 branch that I should use instead?

  2. David,
    Sunbird 0.5 will come from the Mozilla 1.8 branch, but all fixes that go in are cross-committed to the trunk, so you aren’t missing anything.

  3. The google bug link you mention leads to this description: “Bug 355177 � the resize animation when switching panels in preference dialog on Mac OS X trunk (with cocoa widgets) is not smooth”, which I think isn’t quite you meant. I hope you meant this one: “Bug 335826 � Support for Google Data API” which isn’t marked as blocking 0.5 which I it was.
    anyway, keep up the good work,

  4. Dror,
    sorry for the typo. The relevant bug was bug 355117, not bug 355177. I’ve corrected this mistake. Thanks for spotting it.

  5. if i download lastest nightly it says is for “3a1”.
    what does it mean? i can’t find any thunderbird with that version.

  6. sorry, i was obviously downoading the wrong file :)

  7. David,
    You may want to download the 0.5pre builds rather that 0.6a1. The latter may contain more unexpected bugs due to the work going on for Fx3/Gecko 1.9.
    This is why we’re releasing 0.5 from the Gecko 1.8 branch.

  8. Should we expect a linux x86_64 release for the lightning extension? I tried a third party build but had it error me like all the x86 xpi’s do (claiming that it wasn’t built for 64 bits).
    Anyway, this is some great work you guys got underway and I’ll be expecting the gCal read/write eagerly as that’s what has been keeping sunbird/lightning out of my life mainly.