Jun 09

[June 22, 2009] Lightning/Sunbird Status Update

It’s time for another status update again. We’re hard at work to finally get our next release (1.0 beta) out of the door for Lightning and Sunbird. Over the last three weeks we have fixed 31 bugs, which are listed below.

  • Bug 273279: no visual status mark on tentative or cancelled events/tasks
  • Bug 387014: While reloading remote calendars, Thunderbird windows are unresponsive
  • Bug 389088: Use default alarms defined in Google Calendar
  • Bug 395281: Attendee icons in Free Busy Pane need tooltips to be understandable
  • Bug 404902: View calendar while refreshing remote calendar
  • Bug 410050: description is taken from wrong e-mail message
  • Bug 433847: Update w.m.o build guide
  • Bug 448291: Optionally disable scroll through calendar months
  • Bug 449197: ‘Calendar -> Publish’ menu item is always disabled
  • Bug 453067: Eventboxes with and without icons have different height
  • Bug 453122: Newlines not trimmed from description when converting from email
  • Bug 453145: Using ctrl+s or ‘Save’ while editing a occurrence changes whole series
  • Bug 456385: Thunderbird3: Integrate Calendar and Task mode menu items into new menu
  • Bug 459018: ‘self.stopEditing is not a function’ while creating an event
  • Bug 462824: clean up calendar/test/homegrown
  • Bug 466170: Extra separator in View menu
  • Bug 480266: Switching mail and tasks tabs duplicates the account list
  • Bug 485891: Bottom Border under Column Day Labels is missing.
  • Bug 489773: Invitation dialog has flaws
  • Bug 491326: Non-ascii calendar names are displayed wrong after restart
  • Bug 491868: print card/contact is completely unstyled and hard to read
  • Bug 492723: Error “favoriteFolderMenu is null” opening the Edit menu from Lightning
  • Bug 494160: Event dialog: Add accesskeys for menuitems in menu “Options – Status”
  • Bug 495859: Lightning notification bar appears at the bottom of the message pane.
  • Bug 496413: faulty PROPFIND will not declare the request as complete
  • Bug 498158: Context edit menu (undo/cut/copy/paste) has got no icons
  • Bug 498700: imip bar is not displayed, error “GetLoadedMessage is not defined”
  • Bug 498779: Outdated information in /calendar/lightning/nightly/README.html
  • Bug 499500: Error “GetFirstSelectedMessage is not defined”
  • Bug 499540: Multiweek View: changing Number of Weeks via View menu fails
  • Bug 499588: TB3 integration: Fix accesskeys for File -> New menu items

As always, our thanks go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that have made this possible.

PS: We’ve read and noticed the repeated requests for a more high-level plan of our future goals (some call it a “roadmap”). Philipp is currently working on a blog post, that will hopefully satisfy those of you, who were kind enough to get in contact with us and ask us for such a high-level plan. Stay tuned!

Jun 09

String freeze for the upcoming Lightning/Sunbird 1.0beta release on June 23 [UPDATE]

I’m sorry, but I totally forgot to tell, that we currently expect to have the 1.0 beta release ready in about four (4) weeks from now. So that should hopefully give every localizer enough time, who have not been following our checkins on a daily or weekly basis.
I’ll inform you as soon as I know about a definitive code freeze and release date.

Jun 09

String freeze for the upcoming Lightning/Sunbird 1.0beta release on June 23

It’s been a long time, but it seems that we’re finally getting near to a new release. Yay!

Philipp tells me, that we now have only five open bugs on the blocking list that are needed for the 1.0 beta release. All of those bugs have no localization impact, which means that we are ready for a string freeze.

We will therefore freeze all application strings by tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23 at 23:59 PST. That means that all strings will then be entirely frozen until we release Lightning and Sunbird 1.0beta. I will open up a separate opt-in thread for localizers in the mozilla.dev.l10n newsgroup soon.

One additional note to localizers:
Please take a close look at the status of your tinderbox (at http://tinderbox.mozilla.org/showbuilds.cgi?tree=Mozilla-l10n-locale where “locale” must be replaced with your locale code (e.g. es-ES or de). I’ve seen some locales having a red Windows tinderbox (and therefore broken Windows builds), because those locales didn’t follow this change to our installer strings. Please check if this applies to you and make the necessary changes.

Jun 09

Our Menu has Changed…

In an effort to better integrate into Thunderbird and also to clean up some very evil workarounds we have reworked the Menu Structure of Lightning. Work on this was completed yesterday in bug 456385.

Previously, we switched the contents of the whole menu bar when changing from mail mode to calendar or task mode. Aside from the fact that this forced us to use very heavy workarounds for certain platform-specific bugs, this only made sense for 0.9, since the modes were very dedicated. I believe this was also a nightmare with regard to accessibility.

To fit better with the new tabbing mechanism available in the Thunderbird 3 betas, we changed this mode switching logic to show each mode in a tab. It looked a bit awkward that the menus change, just because you switched to a different tab.

Therefore we aimed at an integrated solution that has a fixed menu for manipulating events and tasks, and sorted our other menu items into the existing menus. Aside from that, the idea is to provide buttons and other actionable controls right in context – the user shouldn’t have to travel far to do what he wants to do.

Please take a look at our latest nightlies together with Thunderbird 3 beta 2 or later to get a feel for the new menus and to find out if there are any missing pieces.

Jun 09

Nightly builds now available from a slightly different place

Our regular nightly build testers may already have noticed. If you haven’t here’s a heads-up for you.

Bug 481685 was just fixed. The aim of that bug was to align the nightly build directory structure on the mozilla.org ftp server of Thunderbird, Sunbird and Lightning. Here’s a n overview of the changes:


Application (Gecko version) Old Location New Location
Sunbird 1.0pre (1.9.1) latest-comm-central-sunbird latest-comm-1.9.1
Sunbird 1.0pre (1.9.1) localized latest-comm-central-sunbird-l10n latest-comm-1.9.1-l10n
Sunbird 0.6pre (1.9.0) localized latest-trunk-l10n-cvs Deleted
Directory latest-trunk Deleted


Application (Gecko version) Old Location New Location
Lightning 1.0pre (1.9.1) latest-comm-central-calendar latest-comm-1.9.1
Directory latest-comm-central Deleted
Directory latest-trunk Deleted