Nightly builds now available from a slightly different place

Our regular nightly build testers may already have noticed. If you haven’t here’s a heads-up for you.

Bug 481685 was just fixed. The aim of that bug was to align the nightly build directory structure on the ftp server of Thunderbird, Sunbird and Lightning. Here’s a n overview of the changes:


Application (Gecko version) Old Location New Location
Sunbird 1.0pre (1.9.1) latest-comm-central-sunbird latest-comm-1.9.1
Sunbird 1.0pre (1.9.1) localized latest-comm-central-sunbird-l10n latest-comm-1.9.1-l10n
Sunbird 0.6pre (1.9.0) localized latest-trunk-l10n-cvs Deleted
Directory latest-trunk Deleted


Application (Gecko version) Old Location New Location
Lightning 1.0pre (1.9.1) latest-comm-central-calendar latest-comm-1.9.1
Directory latest-comm-central Deleted
Directory latest-trunk Deleted


  1. Will there be a new Updater addon?

  2. The author of the Lightning nightly updater addon was informed of this change. I guess we will see an update of his extension shortly.

  3. Stefan Sitter still points to the old latest-comm-central-calendar folder.

  4. Any idea of when we’ll be able to have localized lightning builds?

  5. Yeah, I’d like to test a localized version, too. Any news about the translations? Especially the German one is important for me.